NRA Women: Tips and Tactics

Kim Heath clues us in on a counter supination grip. This grip uses more shoulder and back muscles while relying less on the bicep muscle group.

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  1. 75th, Nobody is expecting your average (for a cross section check the isles of walmart) woman to “go tactical”. Then again, what is tactical? It is about tactics. By exploring various tactics, you find what works best for you. In doing so you try to shave the odds in your favor in the event of social gunplay. People decry IDPA and IPSC shooters for their holds, and say that wouldn’t work in the “real” world. I will not volunteer to go against any of them, who have settled on alternate styles as a result of extensive personal experience. Simply by shooting, in any style, often enough to determine one or two methods that do and one or two methods that do NOT work for them, people will have gained more experience that those who do it “right” one time at the range/ class and think they are ready to take all comers. wow, that turned into a really long post. sorry about that.

  2. Men and women should try as many techniques as they can, and use what works best for them. The grip in the video is fine for the range or target shooting. I remember when i was kid some 50 yrs ago, seeing old timers than use this grip and tuck their support elbow into their side when trying for max accuracy. So this grip is nothing new. But remember, this is not a tactical grip and very problematic in a tactical scenario. Whether ur running an AR or AK or any other long gun, whether semi or full auto, the most stable and effective configuration is pulling the weapon into ur shoulder with your support arm.. This facilitates quicker response and follow up shots. Some use straight support arm, some grip with their thumb over the top of the foregrip. the grip in the video does not allow you to pull the weapon into your shoulder. you also have to support the weapon with your support hand closer to the receiver than you would normally, which results in more muzzle movement. Again, use what works best for you, but learn the proper technique for a given scenario. IMO, if a women cannot support her weapon with her support arm, she may have the wrong weapon. An AR usually weighs in at under 7 pounds with a 30 rd mag, you won’t get much lighter than that in a carbine. If that is too much weight she should look into another more compact weapon platform.

  3. I’d never laugh about a shooting technique AR Shooter. I was watching the video thinking I need to try this. I need some work done on my shoulder that I’m putting off so this could be the next best thing! Take care and keep shooting.

  4. hay guys and gales don’t laugh , being a handicapped shooter I MUST SHOOT FROM A SEATED POSITION . but, my upper body strength is as good as the next guy my age , let me tell you I have tried this hold and IT WORKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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