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You May be More Prepared than You Think

Don’t consider yourself a prepper? You might just be more prepared than you think. Quite a while ago in’s Survival and Preparedness forum, we started a topic about everyday items that could possibly save your life. I suspect surprise from readers by Survivalist Bear Grylls’ suggestions of typical items found in a women’s purse that could come in handy during an emergency. The following list includes some common items women carry in their purses, including a few extra odds and ends from my own purse that will come in handy during an emergency.



  • Hold and gather water
  • Crude water filter


Mint Tin


  • Signaling

Dental Floss

  • Fishing line
  • String for making shelter or fixing things

Paper Clip

  • Fishing hook
  • Splint for fingers and toes
  • Threading tool


Elastic Hair Tie

  • Sling shot cord
  • Secure and tie things together
  • Tourniquet


  • Patch tires
  • Fish bait

Tea Tree Oil Stick

  • Antiseptic
  • Rub on chest for cough
  • Alleviate bug bites

Can Koozie

  • Splint cushion
  • Wound cover
  • Makeshift glove


String Doll

  • String

Other Miscellaneous Items that will Come in Handy During an Emergency

What do you have in your purse that you can use in a pinch during an emergency?


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