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NRA Annual Meetings Look-in: NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre

NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre addressed members and their families at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Indianapolis this past weekend. He talked about American citizens’ distrust of government, and he also provided a response to Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million gun-control initiative. Watch this video and share your reactions.


NRA News: “Home Security” with Dom Raso

In “Home Security” former U.S. Navy SEAL takes issue with anyone who thinks they know what’s best for everyone else. Watch this video to learn more from this NRA news commentator.


NRA Women: The Suzie Brewster Story

The month’s Armed & Fabulous Profile “Leading the Pack” features Diana Award-winning Suzie Brewster. In addition to helping introduce the shooting sports to thousands of women through the Washington Women’s Shooting Club, Suzie also serves as Co-Chair of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum.


NRA Women: Tips and Tactics

Kim Heath clues us in on a counter supination grip. This grip uses more shoulder and back muscles while relying less on the bicep muscle group.

Vicki Kawelmacher


NRA Women: “New Energy” with Vicki Kawelmacher

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson is proud to present the latest New Energy profile sponsored by Remington Arms Company on Vicki Kawelmacher. After her daughter was nearly abducted, Vicki opened The Women’s Shooting Academy to “educate, encourage and empower” women. The firearms instructor strongly believes every woman is responsible for her own personal safety, and offers free classes to any woman with a signed protective order.