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MH-60 Helocast by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Matt Daniels

Safety and Training

Throwback Thursday: Combat Shooting vs. Competitive Shooting

Hours of intense training, trigger time, weapons handling, and fundamentals are but a few of the similarities between combat and competitive shooting; it is also where the similarities end. This insightful article, sheds light on how the two types of shooting are similar but very different.

clearing gun malfunctions


Throwback Thursday: What Causes Gun Malfunctions (and How to Fix Them)

What happens when your gun does not go bang? Malfunctions, such as squibs, stovepipes, failures to feed or eject, misfires, hangfires, slamfires, double feeds, and short strokes, will happen. Your first fix for most malfunctions is tap-rack-bang! Learn more about how to identify them and fix them on The Shooter’s Log at

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