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Rich brown etched leather concealed carry shoulder bag

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Gifts for Gun Totin’ Mamas

From the minute we were conceived, our mothers spend almost every minute of their days—and nights—worrying over and protecting us. Not only from grievous bodily harm, but also from the heartaches and hardships that life so viciously deals out. The mother who takes up arms to protect her children will stop at nothing to secure the future of her children and self.

Picture shows Lena and Kay Miculek discussing firearms.


Proper Pistol Grip and Stance

Competitive shooters Lena and Kay Miculek teach you how to obtain the proper grip and stance while pistol shooting in this video developed by the NSSF and Babes with Bullets.

Galco ankle holster with Ruger LCP inside.


Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Still trying to find the right gun holster? Guest blogger Lori Winstead has an answer. She’s found that the Galco Ankle Lite ankle holster is a great fit for her EDC Ruger LCP. Here is her assessment.

This model is the top seller for Charter Arms


Is it Time to Put Away the Pink?

Women make up half of gun owners in America. Does that mean that they only buy pink firearms? Not at all! It’s about time we stop marketing pink to women and level the playing field. Our own, Suzanne Wiley writes a plea to the firearms industry to stop trying to lure women into the shooting sports with pink pistols and revolvers.

Pink Radians passive shooting earmuffs

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Pretty in Pink: Radians Pink Range Gear

Women who love shooting and gun need gear made sized just for them. These pink Radians shooting glasses and passive earmuffs are comfortable to wear for hours of range time, don’t get in the way of an AR-15 stock and are very affordable to boot! Looking to upgrade your range accessories? Check out this review of Radians women’s shooting glasses and LowSet passive earmuffs.

Glock 42 .380 ACP pistol


Glock 42 Review

Will the new subcompact Glock 42 .380 ACP replace this veteran police officer’s trusty snubnose .38? Read guest blogger Ron Horner’s account of his time with the Glock 42.

Woman sleeping in a silver emergency tent

Camping & Survival

A Woman’s Guide to Bugging-Out

Have you finally been convinced you need to start prepping, but have no idea where to start? Do you realize that after watching survivor type shows, you have nothing to get you through a night where you have to survive out in the field? A woman’s needs and abilities are different from a man’s needs. Follow this guide to building a bug-out bag to help get you started.