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Patriotic Veterans Day poster


Remember our Veterans

Remember veterans day on November 11th. Celebrate your patriotic brothers and sisters who served in the military.

Glock Gen5 pistol left profile


Glock Announces the New G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 Pistols

Glock’s design has proven its worth—regardless of whether you are a Glock fanboy or a hater. The changes to the design through the various generations are not overtly obvious to eye, which leads some to believe all Glocks are all the same; a one trick pony. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, the basic design has been proven, some would go so far as to say perfected.


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up November 29-December 5, 2015

After the Democrats failed in their “forced vote-a-thon” on universal background checks, no-fly no-buy policy, and others during the Senate’s session on Thursday, all eyes are now on President Obama to see if he will execute executive action. In fact, his plans are our top story this week….Read more for all the news headlines that impact gun owners.


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 22-28, 2015

Will Democrats in Congress finally get their wish? Will Obama use executive action to enact universal background checks? Weigh in after reading the steps Congressmen and women took this week to ban certain groups from owning firearms….who will be next?


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 8-14, 2015

Colt lays out a plan to end bankruptcy filing, Bass Pro has expressed interest in purchasing Cabela’s and House Democrats encourage Obama to use executive action in what they call the “gun violence crisis”—get all these headlines and more from this week’s major gun news.

Cerakote flat dark earth finished Beretta M9A3


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 1-7,2015

This week’s gun news headlines reflect something us gun owners have always known—anti-gun politicians will do everything they can to misrepresent their constituents. As more Americans than ever are purchasing firearms, the more the anti-gun crowd is introducing gun control legislation. And we call these people “Representatives?” Click to read what California, New Mexico and Wisconsin’s gun-control lawmakers did this week…