Competitive Shooting

Cartridge Selection for Long-Range Shooting — What You Need to Know

By definition, long-range shooting is the act of sending bullets from a rifle to some very extreme distances. In this…Read More >

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What’s the Best Gun for Home Defense? It’s not a Handgun, Shotgun, or AR-15…

In today’s world, there are countless firearms available for home defense. You will no doubt find many recommendations, especially for…Read More >

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Throwback Thursday: The 20 Gauge for Defense

If you do not have a problem using the 12 gauge, by all means, feel free to do so. After all with the proper technique, most folks can handle the 12 gauge. However, no matter how good you are, the 12 gauge shotgun kicks and kicks hard with some loads. The question is not whether the 12 gauge is viable for self-defense, but instead an examination of why the 20 gauge may outperform the 12 gauge is a self-defense scenario.

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Personal Defense

Pillow, Gun Safe, or Nightstand — Where Should You Keep Your Home-Ready Handgun?

When you carry a handgun, the choice of carry mode isn’t that difficult. For most, strong side on the hip…Read More >

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