U.N. Gun Threat: ATT ‘Will Have A Real Impact’

At the United Nations in New York City this week, the world’s nations began finalizing language for a legally binding global treaty that some believe will strip U.S. gun owners of their 2nd Amendment rights. United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty Meeting through July 27, 193 members of the U.N., along with non-governmental organizations, the NRA, public-interest groups, and firearms and other arms-industry representatives, are convening at the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Purported to prevent the transfer of weapons to armed groups and terrorists, ATT has been in the works since 2006. Supporters of the treaty say it will close loopholes that allow arms dealers to evade the strict laws that already exist in countries like the U.S. and transfer guns through weaker states.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon opened the conference by saying, “Our common goal is clear: a robust and legally binding Arms Trade Treaty that will have a real impact on the lives of those millions of people suffering from the consequences of armed conflict, repression and armed violence. It is ambitious, but it is achievable.” After the conference opened, representatives from the U.K., France, Germany and Sweden issued a statement that the treaty “should cover all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons, all types of munitions, and related technologies.” Language like that troubles Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who said, “Ultimately, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and confiscate firearms owned by private citizens,” Paul said. “So far, the gun-grabbers have successfully kept the exact wording of their new scheme under wraps. But looking at previous versions of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, you and I can get a good idea of what’s likely in the works.” The State Department has issued a series of key U.S. “redlines,” or statements, that the ATT must supposedly address:

  • The Second Amendment to the Constitution must be upheld.
  • There will be no restrictions on civilian possession or trade of firearms otherwise permitted by law or protected by the U.S. Constitution.
  • There will be no dilution or diminishing of sovereign control over issues involving the private acquisition, ownership, or possession of firearms, which must remain matters of domestic law.
  • The U.S. will oppose provisions inconsistent with existing U.S. law or that would unduly interfere with our ability to import, export, or transfer arms in support of our national security and foreign policy interests.
  • The international arms trade is a legitimate commercial activity, and otherwise lawful commercial trade in arms must not be unduly hindered.
  • There will be no requirement for reporting on or marking and tracing of ammunition or explosives.
  • There will be no lowering of current international standards.
  • Existing nonproliferation and export control regimes must not be undermined.
  • The ATT negotiations must have consensus decision making to allow us to protect U.S. equities.
  • There will be no mandate for an international body to enforce an ATT.

Despite the State Department’s so-called redlines, opponents of the treaty—the terms of which have not yet been made public—believe the ATT will eventually:

  • Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally
  • Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms
  • Ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons
  • Create an international gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton has cautioned gun owners to take this initiative seriously, stating that the U.N. “is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.” Because a draft of the treaty hasn’t been and won’t likely be released before the end of the conference, gun advocates are worried that the worst elements of ATT would be concealed so that citizen lobbying against it couldn’t be organized in time to defeat it.

Political analyst Dick Morris has said he believes President Obama will sign the ATT on July 27, setting the stage for U.S. Senate advise and consent hearings during the lame-duck session after this year’s elections. He predicts that during that session, President Obama could enlist two-thirds of the Senate required to approve a treaty and get a resolution of ratification.

If that prediction comes true, then the enforcement arms for ATT in the U.S. would be the Justice Dept. and ATF.


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  1. spasmonaut, the UN General Assembly does not rule the United States of America.
    Indeed, Obama doesn’t ratify treaties, he can only write one and it must be ratified by the Senate or the treaty is null and void.
    Even if the Senate manages to ratify it, it can and would be nullified when it encroached upon the second amendment rights of the citizenry of the nation, for no treaty may overrule or override any part of the constitution.

    As for “Obamacare” being unconstitutional, I saw no provision that is unconstitutional and indeed, as I recall, the SCOTUS stated outright that overall, the law is constitutional.
    Of course, you’re welcome to object to the decisions of the SCOTUS, you can also disagree with the decision in Heller v D.C. Doesn’t matter, as the SCOTUS has made its decision, it is the law of the land.

  2. Wzrd1, hate to say it, but your hopes or assurances that the treaty would flop didn’t last two weeks. I appreciate your thoughts and viewpoints on it, but I never once thought we were immune to it actually seeing the light of day, particularly after Obama didn’t wait more than a day to reinvigorate it after he stole the Presidency for a second run, and then put anti-gunner Kerry in the driver seat to plow straight through the roadblocks that had been there for so many years prior. The hope now is that it will die in the Senate. I hear the claims about it being unconstitutional, but let’s face it, so is ObamaCare, and that’s on its way to going full tilt despite it’s ethical weaknesses. This Administration doesn’t give two $hits about the Constitution and would rather pass illegal taxes and restrictions on the American people and let it fester in the courts to get it reversed rather than ensuring that it’s all legit from the day that it’s drafted and signed. They have no regard for the citizenry. Obama has nothing to fear now that he’s back on parade for another 4 years.

  3. SKSGuide, all that I can say is, FINALLY, someone asks about it, rather than preaches nonsense.
    First, there is no treaty at present, they’re *still* arguing over language, points, etc. It’s been going on for years and the language isn’t all that different today than from three years ago.
    Diplomacy at its finest.
    On my name is the URL to the treaty draft site. It really is in plain language, English being one of the languages it’s available in. It speaks on limiting trade in battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, small arms and light weapons.

    What worries some is “Each State Party shall establish or update, as appropriate, and maintain a national control list that shall include the items that fall within paragraph 1 of this article, as defined on a national basis and, at a minimum, based on relevant United Nations instruments. Each State Party shall publish its control list to the extent permitted by national law.”

    Note the “extend permitted by national law” part. That limits the hell out of it in the US, for while ratified treaties are the law of the land, per the Constitution, no law, act of congress or treaty can override the document that gives them power, the Constitution.
    So, no additional laws are “ordained” by the treaty, it is designed to meld with existing national law and each nation’s Constitution.
    That said, we do need to keep our eyes open for any attempt to legislate away entire classes of firearms. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even slightly concerned with Feinstein’s nonsense, it was doomed due to her ignorance on the subject.

    Prohibited transfers are those to embargoed nations, groups committing genocide and those prohibited via UN sanctions.
    So, one cannot sell tanks to Iran, warships to North Korea or RPG’s to Somalia, as an example. If a diversion of arms is detected to prohibited nations/parties from the US, the US would have to notify those who would be impacted of the diversion of arms.

    Let’s be realistic, what is of concern isn’t tanks and artillery, it’s small arms.
    There already is a registration of small arms, first by the manufacturer, then at the FFL holder. Some states also have registries, such as the New York one, which two counties data was unlawfully released to the press (one can contemplate a legal action against NY over that, as it used federally acquired information and failed to safeguard it under the Privacy Act of 1974). However, first and foremost is national law.
    The US is greatly different from many nations. We have federal law, state law, county law, city/town law. Most nations only have federal law.

    As I said, go to the site and read it for yourself, as well as previous drafts and remember, there still is no treaty to consider. The UN can’t agree on its text.
    Considering the US, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, China being heavily impacted by the treaty in arms exports, I really doubt it’ll ever actually survive to make it to the general assembly. Even if the UN managed to pass it, it would have to be ratified by the US to come into force. Even then, if it runs afoul of federal, state, county or city/town law, it’s ineffective. If it runs afoul of the Constitution, it’s null and void.

  4. As I warned last summer, we should not be diverted from the very real threats of the’brady bunch’ trying to register, ban amd confiscate milions of guns and over a billion hi cap magazines. with newtown tragedy it was inevitable that the anti gunners would expliot that tragedy to advance this UN Treaty. I am unclear about some provisons. the treaty is to only deal with international, not intra national gun sales. Yet there is a provision that some say the us must keep track of all gun sales, ie registration. Can someone explain exactly how the treaty is and is not to be applied in United States? Would this treaty somehow ban the import into the US of the many wonderful surplus weapons other wise legal under US law? I need facts and answers not diatribes and conclusions. with the facts maybe we can all join in a united opposition to this UN proposed treaty as well as universal background checks that are mere sophistry and slogans without any substance.

  5. I find it rather amusing going back through the comments and seeing all of the Obama-supporters stating “Obama has never said he wants to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights”, and, well, here we are with gun bans and “trafficking” bills and the ATT in hot pursuit of threatening our 2nd Amendment rights. I knew that with him winning the election for his first term that we were in trouble, as did many others, but for some reason others were blind to this notion. Now that enough people were blind to that very notion and brought him back for round two, we’re in for the fight of our lives. Who’s up for a nice, piping-hot plate of crow? Anyone?

  6. Joe6pk, I’m a veteran myself. Retired two years ago, over 27.

    Operative for firearms ownership:
    The second amendment.
    The militia act of 1903, for that makes every male citizen between the age 17 and 45 members of the unorganized militia. For prior service types like us, we’re also members, but up to age 65.
    That’s what our draft system is actually based upon, the mobilization of all militias.

    As for foreigners, I’m not certain which ones you’re referring to. I DO agree that corporations have long been destroying this nation, Citizens United only added fuel to the already briskly burning fire. But, when both parties campaigns are paid for by those corporations contributions, we’re SOL in getting it cleaned up.

  7. Well I tell you what wizd1, that kind of threaten shit might work with your buddies, but with this veteran it is just funny. Especially on a site filled with wanna-be bad mf, so you can can that shit. Your partly right on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are separate documents, yes one is an amendment of the other, but when your talking about specific rights you quote the Bill of Rights, because the Constitution did not spell it out well enough for our forefathers to feel comfortable with. And if we keep allowing talking heads to keep us divided we will be in another civil war, with racists starting it again. That is unless the US citizens can join together to go after the corporatist and foreigners that have wreaked our economy with unprofessional, some would say fraudulent deals. While the religious and the ultra right side with our enemies, because they hate the idea a small group of americans in a union can get parity in the work place. Some day we will have to have a meeting of our groups, now might be the last time we have that chance, that’s my two bits.

  8. Joe6pk, the constitution and the Bill of Rights are one and the same. PLEASE, remember that and state that in the future. The Bill of Rights are amendments to the constitution and are in essence, part and parcel of it. 🙂

    As for G.G. Palin, yet another too tightly coiled aluminum foil hat type. :/

    THAT said, I have to consider the TIMING. Right after the Conn school shootings. Capitalizing upon the deaths of children is obscene.
    As in obscene enough to make me want to ram my fighting knife down the throat of the speaker obscene.

    I LOVE being a gentle person. I really do.
    However, I also have a background in SF of over 27 years.
    So, I’m, at times, NOT a very gentle person.

    THAT said…

    Can we get discussion on reasonable and populace/media respecting firearms “control”?
    Perhaps, any weapon with more than a 10 round capacity magazine being under the same controls as a handgun?
    AKA, the sacrificial lamb.
    With a LOT of work, it might even get the SBS and SBR laws relaxed again.
    BUT INSIST on states compliance on the mental defectives database being up to date, for ONCE? :/
    And more teeth on mental defectives being documented and flagged?
    Lest we ALL end up with muzzle loaders or a revolution?

  9. Something makes me think not everyone is a citizen of this country, what with so many acting like students of the dumbed-down mentality on our US Constitution. There is no law above US Constitution inside our borders, the UN, the churches, NATO, none have any legal standing against the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The only problem is right-wing fix-news constantly stoking & fueling arguments between left and right on BS issues. Which interfere with the left and right unifying and striking out at our real homegrown terrorists-corporations [there bosses], monopolies and religions. Who jointly, mind you are trying to get control over us, they already have our government. But they do not have enough money or warm bodies so treasonable they would try to seize the billions of weapons here. That and the assumption that the right and left provoked will join forces and take out the entire system. As old Ben Franklin would say, United we Stand, Divided we Fall, the left would join the right tomorrow to rid this country of these agents who wanna be our new tyrants. Best excuse I can think of to get rid of a cancer on America and get our country back up and running, with all of our people united to guarantee the needs of our citizens have priority over all else. Maybe a little melting of the hostilities between americans would be a good thing.

  10. Can not understand how people involved with killing things could even think about what someone says. GG you need to get a life, communists indeed, where you been the last 20 years? As a veteran when I hear people talking like mental and have guns I want to pick up a phone and send the mental patient collectors to your house. What you should be worrying about are right-wing gun nuts going ballistic and killing your kids in churches, malls or schools. That and stop listening to dumb-down fix-news, rush who got out of the Vietnam war draft because of a boil on his butt know less then a rock! They do their ranting for gun sales, or are you so oblivious you can’t tell that? Really, I was asked why I even bother to come on these sites. It is because their is no challenge to absurdity here, but if I went to a left-wing site you right-wing guys with your issued fix-news memo’s are all other spewing this same garbage. The difference is you get called out, so I am doing you a favor,and confronting this crap as well. You can believe one thing, the FBI, ATF maybe even the CIA are monitoring this site as well as the left because the minute they sense we are joining forces against the corporations both will be attacked and shutdown. So run your line of crap, but remember other american veterans who do not agree will, like you, exercise their right of free speech and counter it, it is what democracy is.

  11. Remember what Bill Ayers, and his comrades said they would do if they obtained power in the United States according to the FBI. Bill Ayers who was recorded by FBI agents saying that they would have to kill over 25 million Americans plus if they would not conform to their Communist Views, and to do so they would have to initiate strict gun control methods first. Mr. Obama, and Mr. Ayers were good friends, Mr. Obama was practically raised by Frank Marshall Davis, who was America’s number 1 Communist. Need I say anything further.

  12. The Arms trade treaty has been working since 2006 with the sole mission to prevent the transfer of weapons to armed groups and terrorists, but it has not been successful due to some major obstacles and legislative bindings. let us hope that it will get successful in its mission one day.

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    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  14. Has anyone read Thomas Jefferson’s writings on the exact subject of the constitution and it’s purpose, especially the 2nd amendment. Unfortunately, our liberal educational system no longer speaks teaches this, I believe, to keep the majority ignorant. He wrote that the main purpose of the citizenry maintaining it’s arms was not to be able to hunt, but only to defend this country from any invaders that would ever try to take over this country, but to also prevent any political entities of this government that would ever go rogue. To paraphrase him, he said that remove any political official “by force”, if necessary, that would no longer obey the will of the majority of this country. Being of native (indigenous) american descent, before the american government could force it’s will upon my ancestors and do with us whatever they pleased, they first had to totally disarm us, now if that does say anything to anyone, then as Mr. Jefferson said, “We deserve the government that we get”. Someone should ask obama if weapons bans are so good for everybody, why is his home state a war zone. If one checks the statistics, any city/state that enforces gun control is safe ONLY for the criminal element. The honest hard-working citizens live in danger and fear. I live in the state of Arizona and here we are allowed, for the moment, to keep and bear arms. Most residents are armed and able to protect their homes against most criminals and do not fear the police actions to protect dangerous criminals rights. In fact, the only victims here are the cowardly liberals who refuse to accept the responsibility of their own protection. It isn’t enough that liberals who ran from the hell holes they made, that are the cities that they voted gun control for, but now they come here and are trying create the same crap hole that they came from. As far as I’m concerned anyone and that includes citizens, political officials, law enforcement and military, who would cooperate with and try to enforce gun control are enemies of the Constitution of this United States of America, are traitors, labeled as such and should be shot for their crimes. The Constitution stands for “WE the People” not we the whinny, cowardly liberals.

  15. My apology, SKSGUIDE. I misread, it was Squid that said those things. Post 107 in particular.
    My error.
    Indeed, it appears we agree with each other.
    It’s a pity others can not learn about our constitution and laws, for no law may ever, ever overrule our constitution. The constitution gives authority to law, law may not remove authority from the constitution. That is law 101.
    Again, I apologize for my error, SKSGUIDE.

  16. As i predicted the fear mongers now cliam victory over the ATT when in fact it was always a non starter. The fear mongers and frauds set up false straw man claims which they then knocked down, typical manipulation of otherwise well intentioned people. now somebody has added lies about what i wrote in order to denounce what i did not write. i never wrote any of the things he babbles on about. just like the fear mongers for the last 2 years , if you say a lie often enough there will be people who will believe it.I stand by what i wrote and only reply to point out what i did not write. i never wrote of illegal aliens, border control, wmds or any other babble by wzrd1. facts are hard to refute.i guess he does not expect people to check all the posts to see if there is any truth in his rambling nonsense. there will be people who will simply say black is white until they are blue in the face.

  17. Glenn makes some points, but misses two critical items.
    First, SKSGUIDE goes on at great length on a non-issue. SKSGUIDE also has never learned US history.
    Let’s start with President Jackson, who was quite guilty of contempt of the Supreme Court. He even said, “If they feel that way, let them come up here and enforce that decision”, then promptly continued stealing Cherokee lands against their decision.
    FDR sent the Army into the coal mines, placing them under federal control. That didn’t last very long, as the Supreme Court said that nationalizing the mines or controlling them federally, even if the strike was during war time, was unconstitutional.
    Presidents have chosen what laws to enforce and not enforce since there have been presidents. The precedents literally go all the way back to President Washington.
    SKSGUIDE then goes off half cocked over illegal aliens, while also complaining about government spending. I guess SKSGUIDE thinks that border control is free, all of those agents that arrest illegal aliens, detention facilities and even transportation is also free in the mind of SKSGUIDE.
    SKSGUIDE then further goes off about illegal aliens bringing WMD’s into the country, buying the DHS line hook, line and sinker. Ignoring our detection equipment that look for various WMD’s (indeed, many complain about government monitoring).
    SKSGUIDE (and others) also forget, the president can sign ANY treaty, it isn’t in effect until CONGRESS RATIFIES IT. Per the constitution, ratified treaties are the law of the land-IF they are constitutional. NO TREATY CAN EVER OVERRULE THE CONSTITUTION.

    I’ll also quite agree with Glenn, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you when hunting. You open fire at the wind!

  18. When all of the hub bub started about this idiottic treaty came to light I predicted that nothing would come of this and guess what nothing did most of you sounded like histerical bthes, if you had behaved this way while under my command you’d all be missing stripes and pay ! read the constitution this treaty was dead on arrival the senate would never of aproved it during this election cycle I’d never want to go hunting with most of you either you shoot before thinking !

  19. OK, there are a few items to consider in this, lest disinformation prevail.
    First, ratified treaties ARE the law of the land, per the US Constitution.
    HOWEVER, NOTHING may overrule, override or even disparage any part of the US Constitution, as the US Constitution gives the ratified treaty power, not the converse. In short, the treaty may NOT limit any guaranteed right. Period. End of story.
    IF some shortsighted legislature were to attempt to comply with the treaty in an unconstitutional manner, said law would be overturned by the courts as unconstitutional. Just as other local and even national laws have been overturned as unconstitutional.
    In short, this is a non-issue. Just as any treaty cannot legislate a religion, lack of religion, free speech, free press or even enslave people. The constitution is King of the land, not any leader or treaty.

  20. SKSGUIDE –

    Where in the Constitution does it say that a President can by fiat, take over one of the largest automobile companies? Where does it say that the President can “ensure” a $585 million loan guarantee to a company that ultimately goes bankrupt a year or two later with the “guarantee” being picked up by the American people? Where in the Constitution does it give the President the power to enforce only laws that he, “HE” deems important. Especially laws that are tied to his oath to defend the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic?” How about the law that acknowledges marriage as between a man and woman, or the laws governing the security of the American borders…while illegals of all stripes enter the country without the security forces even knowing who they might be or what WMD they may be bringing in? These are the recent actions that lead all but the sheep to conclude that any “law” you quote (or the Constitution for that matter) will simply be ignored as in the past. Ask the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court how easy it is to twist logic and the law to “fall in line” with the veiled threats both the president and Senator Leahy leveled at him on the Healthcare issue before the final decision was made – Chief Justice Roberts switched his vote after those threats, remember? No, I wouldn’t put anything past this president.

    This President and the one before him by rote negligence to their duties put the American people at grave risk. And with all the potential terrorists that may have slipped over the border…what better time to disarm the American people, eh?

    Don’t quote some general officer as the quintessential reference for the ATT. As memory serves, Benedict Arnold was a general, too.

    Many of the American people are done letting our “betters” make all the decisions for us – especially when it comes to our freedom. Just look at the last five straight years of $1 trillion deficits. Only a fool would consider that a trajectory for anything but a cataclysmic disaster. Many believe that is an intentional trajectory to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Many believe that the President’s goal is true, but it’s the outcome that no one except the Socialists or the Marxists will embrace.

    I can see by your protestations that you are a “fellow traveler,” a “useful idiot,” or the less harsh, “useful innocent.” No matter, they all mean the same thing. Methinks SKSGUIDE doth protest too much…Perhaps he/she thinks we ought to sign the ATT “so that we can actually find out what is in it.”

    That is just what President Obama intends to do.

  21. haas-rb is either ignorant, misinformed or a liar. reid v covert (1957) makes clear that NO treaty can ever supercede any constitutional right. it is exactly these kinds of lies that have created anger and fear when none is necessary for this proposed treaty. we do have to be attentive to real threats to our rights that will be proposed follwing the tragedy in aurora. please don’t divert our attention from the battles ahead with fear mongering and insults to our intelligence. and if hass-rb is a lawyer, shame on you. you are the one who is, at best, not at all versed in the law.

  22. In case Some of you are not well versed in law. Treaty law supercedes constitutional law. Obama does not have to say he will effect the private citizen, the law will do it for him. It is this type of misunderstanding and lack of knowlegde that put this person in the persidency. tthis type of “IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME” or not in the USA that let the previous bans get put into effect. Obama did not allow us to start owning High Cap. Mags or assult rilfes. The ban expired. No I don’t think the day after the treaty someone is going to knock at my door and take my guns However each time they get by with these tricks they are getting closer to apathetic uniformed citizens handing over there guns and thanking the goverment for taking them.

  23. I earlier posted some refutations of the lies in this so called reuters report. since then several other people have refernced numerous other sources refuting the lies in the so called reuters report. unable to answer the expose of their lies some peole have resorted to name calling and claiming is owned by a mr. soros. that claim can not be proved because it is untrue. he has nothing to do with it and those who own and run it are immune to character assassinatiuons or guilt by association claims. for the truth on the ATT i suggest people look at the affairs and search for the name of retired Maj. Gen. Roger R Blunt for his guest commentary on this treaty. he makes the case for a strong ATT contrary to the paronoid lies being spread. with the events of today it is critical we keep our focus on real threats and stop with the sky is falling nastiness.
    on july 28 these liars and false prophets of doom will claim victory, when there was no threat to begin with.

  24. I see a lot of people Referencing Snoops as a reliable source of information, do you have any idea who owns it? None other than Mr. Socialist himself Soros the king progressive that way he has control on what it says, wither something is right or wrong. I don’t believe anything that is on that website or what the liberal media has to say it’s mostly lies.

  25. Half of America thinks one way, half the other. Noone will ever compromise. Most cities, as well as most countries are broke. People are filled with hatred, and distrust. Does anyone really think somehow everythings gonna be alright? Spock says all things must end, what say you.

  26. Since we are quoting, here’s a doozy:

    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

    John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)

  27. Go to the following link to read quotes from the President, before he realized he had to go “stealth” after his election. Their motto seems to be “Molon Labe.” Google it.

    President Obama wants to kill the Second Amendment so badly, he will never quit until he destroys it. He and Hillary are soul mates on this issue. And totalitarians, too.

    The naysayers on this board are either paid libtard hacks/plants/trolls or some of the most trusting (and incredibly naive) folks I have ever come across.

    Here is more enlightenment on this issue:

    Gunners….get ready for the fight of your life. Write your elected representatives – call them too. Not just once. If we lose this fight, we will be spilling the blood of “patriots and tyrants” as Thomas Jefferson warned us so long ago. I know there are “good old boys” all over this country who will get all riled up if this anti-Constitutional madness continues.

    The UN is nothing but a pack of thieves and liars – everything they touch in the international realm turns quickly to bulconguava. Just look at Egypt, Syria, and Libya and the impact of a Muslim Brotherhood in charge of state power military assets. We’ve had 12 million illegal aliens enter this country since Ronald Reagan was President. How many OTMs – Other than Mexicans (Hamas, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Russia Spetznaz, Hezbollah Terrorists) – were among them? 50,000? 50,000 is only 4% of 12 million. If you’re not nervous about what “can” happen with our totally porous borders, then you’re catatonic. Just remember what terrorist John Muhammad and John Boy Malvo did to the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area a couple months after 9/11. What level of terror do you think 50,000 bad boys could stir up?

    I love this country and all that it stands for. I am still obligated by honor and my oath “to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.”

    And that means against any of our residents who by their lack of commitment to our country place themselves in a disgraced category of “Those who are no longer our countrymen” (TWANLOC). They arrive at this disgraced designation by their lack of respect for all the men and women who have died to preserve our republic and by their complete lack of personal honor and courage. In the American Revolution, I think they went by “loyalists,” “Tories,” and “traitors” to the American cause. The term Leftists seems to work really well today.

    Enough! I’ve got to go to CTD to make some hefty purchases!

    Thanks, CDT for spreading the TRUTH of what skullduggery is afoot.

  28. My constitution gives me the right to bear arms and shall not be infringed by no one person or body. Problem here is it does not protect ammo which my weapons feed on. Any one who has actually read this UN document that since the last days of Bill Clintons efforts to pass goes after ammo,if you reload ammo you become a manufacturer according to the UN. The second ammendment says nothing about how many weapons you can own, but the UN does (even parts of weapons are considered complete weapons) limit how many you own before you are considered an armory. (aka taxs and permits $$$)There is also nothing in the bill of rights to stop them from demanding the registration of weapons ( first step in banning weapons in Australia and 1930s Germany under Hitler). We are a great nation a powerful nation I only hope everyone has their eyes open to what could possibily be in our nations future if only a part of this is invoked.

  29. All the talk about “scare-mongering” for higher profits makes me laugh! all right guys, so what if it is? so you have another gun and some more ammo. great! boy,they really scammed you! guns can’t be used for anything other than fighting tyrants, of course. no practical use like hunting or home defense.
    this, of course, all sarcasm. i truly appreciate both sides of the debate, and the few wise people tempering it in the middle. i, for one, was unaware of this issue before this article. thanks to both sides, i am now much more up to date on possibilities and people’s opinions. i don’t even own many guns myself, and in my state there ARE still bans on “assault weapons”, “high cap magazines” and the like, unfortunately. i see these things as infringment of rights, but people forget that rights also have responsibilities, like teaching gun saftey and morals. but i’ll let some others voice my opinion for me, they say it best:
    “no free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” -Thomas Jefferson
    “the people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” -Abraham Lincoln
    “is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others my take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” -Patrick Henry, Virginia Convention speech, March 23, 1775
    just one more for the whiny folks!
    “if ye love wealth better that liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were out countrymen.” -Samuel Adams, 1776

  30. If the UN is coming to take our weapons, they’d better remember to bring a generous supply of body bags. I believe they will get a war they are not prepared for.

  31. Remember when Obama said that his health care wasn’t a tax? What did it end up being. You people that vote for someone like him what’s wrong with this country. I think charlton Heston said it correctly “only from my cold dead hands”.
    Believe it. It’s happening.

  32. Considering that this will probably not make it through the house and even more so, have no effect on the US since no international treaty can supersede the US Constitution much of the concern about this is just fear-mongering by certain interest groups. For a more detailed write-up on this go here:

    Personally as a gun owner I am not worried and I hate the constant noise going around promoting fear where there should be none.

  33. Well, all I have to say is that if the UN’s ATT overrides the U.S. Constitution, I want to be the first one to wipe my ass with the Constitution because that is all it will be worth as every other right or freedom listed therein is null and void!!

  34. As a 66 year old veteran when I hear people, citizens of my country jumping to conclusions based on the likes of Mr. Bolton I want to throw up on someone. Listen up and wise up, these redneck chants about disarming americans is bullshit and everyone knows that. Why? Because their is not a single piece of truth to it. It is also something that know matter how hard you tried could not become real because veterans [40 million last count] all know the american citizen has more arms, better arms then our entire military. Couple that with the facts: Looting of arsenals through out this country of artillery, mortars, machine guns, and billions of rounds of ammo and you might get your mind wrapped around We the People who trust no one enough to be unarmed will not allow anyone or thing to force us to be unarmed. Last estimation of numbers of just hand guns in California was 15 thousand and that is a conservative number, I am positive.
    The goal here is to get us fighting among ourselves so the internationally ran corporations can divide and conquer us while we are messing with each other, not unlike the confederacy trip started by the southern business folks who would bring down our country, merely for profit. What is dangerous is the idea that outsiders, fat cats, maybe born here but like the terrorists owe their loyalties to something other then our country could convince us to fight each other. Last I did not serve this country to have the likes of PR Karl Roves of the world do my thinking for me, especially about my country and my citizenship, he and the other politicians are not qualified to be our guides, most did not even serve and if push came to shove they will side with whoever has the money. So put your rage back in your brains and listen, read what actually is going on and trust no-one to do your thinking for you, if your an american. If your not nobody cares what you think.

  35. I agree with comment #3 – this bulldhit fearmongering has got to stop. If you actually believe our second amendment rights will be taken away youre an idiot. The only way they’ll get our guns is prying dthem out of our dead hands. Stop watching Fox, use your common sense, and think for yourself. Shame on you CTD I’ll never buy another item from you again. I am not afraid of losing my 2nd amendment right AND YOU WILL NOT SCARE ME INTO HIGHER PROFITS!

  36. Keep the faith Paul, we can’t give up or give in. The lefties have shown there hand and most of us don’t like it and wont stand for it, they think they have the upper hand but I say wish in one hand and shit in the other and see witch one gets full the fastest. The lefties are trying to put 10 pounds of shit in a five pound box and it just wont fit, not now not ever.

  37. When Obama got elected, The Right start with the “Obama’s coming for yer guns.” The result was ammo and gun sales went through the roof and shelves were empty for many months. When the stupidity died down, merchants were able to resstock and gun and ammo companies posted record sales.

    Here we are with another election coming and they’re pulling the same stuff again. People, don’t let these clowns lead you around by the nose. Think for yourselves.

  38. I would certainly hope that the Rights of the armed American citizen shall not be infringed, as stated in the second amendment to the constitution. In my opionion judicial and political activism can scew and place restrictions on ANYTHING based upon their own interpretation. In a free society, the right to keep and bear arms has been the check and balance that many citizens of forgien countries do not enjoy. Maybe the strife that some endure by tyrannical dictators, could be avoided by this freedom that we enjoy. I am by no meens a radical, nor am I an activist. I am however very adamant that I will defend to the death my 2nd amendement right!!!!!!

  39. You hit the nail on the head and I have been screaming about this for 2 years. I just wasn’t as eloquent as your take on it. We have become passive and lazy and wishy-whasy about our government and now we are going to pay. America is split in two and we are stuck in a quagmire of bullshit and lies. Even the bible says that a house divided can not stand, it is so true, something has to give. Either the country is going by way of the socialistic values or we regain control and stand for something for once and become more finite in what we want and what we will allow in our society. Or we go down burning and crashing to the leftist’s hell hole of insanity.
    It will be the crazy progressive/leftist’s utopia of an unimaginable world full of God know’s what. WE ARE IN TROUBLE AND NO ONE WANTS TO STAND AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I keep trying to keep faith, but everyday I am reading about another liberty taken from us or of another law passed to satisfy the perverted perps of the left and the faggots.
    When, I was 18 years old I didn’t even know what a fag was, now I can’t watch tv with-out seeing their lifestyle paraded and the attempt to normalize it.
    Where does it stop, hell I thought years ago that “oh they won’t let that get passed” and the next thing I know they did, they gave in or the left had more representation in house or the senate or what I really think is, the right sold out and just gave in. I really believe that is what happened.
    Where do we go from here, all I can see is another civil war. If we can’t stop them with the vote then what do we do.

  40. In response to Leo:
    You are absolutely right about the UN. I found that it is well described by a rodeo analogy. One of the most famous events is the bull ride. There are two places to be during that event (not counting the stands). One is on the bull, the other is in the dirt after being thrown off the bull. While it is unpleasent to be on a bucking bull, it is far better to be there than in the dirt staring one in the face. While on the bull, you can’t really control it, and you are tossed around in a bone jarring fashion. HOWEVER, while on that bull, it can’t gore you and it can’t trample you which it can, will (and does) happen at many a rodeo. While the UN is here, we are riding that bull. Once we pull out, there is nothing we can do to stop it from turning on us, and I don’t know of very many “rodeo clowns” at that level.

  41. Your right let’s drop everything into the paper shreader.
    Why worry? Every thing is fine.
    Good night folks!

  42. I do not trust the government. I trust the UN even less. While agree that this is “much ado about nothing” right now, it is something that it would be wise to keep an eye on. I agree that some may be spinning this up to gain sales. Fine, in this economy, who wouldn’t want more business. However, be wary of “death by degrees.” A person can take 1 inch steps and still cross continents given enough time. By the time anyone notices it may be too late. Let’s see what the UN clowns come up with and then drop it into the paper shreader.

  43. Those who have never voted, please, never register to vote, nor actualy vote. Please do not vote!
    Americans don’t need you. We will set things right without you.

  44. Handgun with the bent Barrel, Is that in front of the UN? If so just, thank of all the People they could have helped in the world, with what it cost.

  45. I found some interesting points here. I was unaware that Obama received an F rating from the Brady commision. I still beleive that the constituition forbids this speculated gun control attempt and for cetain the people of the US will not stand for it should ther be an attempt to sneak it in. As we have proven several times before we the people dont have to abide by the treaties laid out by others including the UN..

  46. I would love to see the UN just pack it up and get the hell out of here, but as I’m sure most of us have heard our fathers say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer and I think most of us know exactly who the enemies are.

  47. They’ve been spinning this BS for years now. Nothing the UN does will have any impact on U.S. gunowner rights. Dick Morris is a political hack who is out to make a name for himself. He’s been doing it for years. He’s a Ruch Limbaugh wanta-be. Fox Not-News features him regularly where he looks at the camera and lies to the American public.

    Do not buy into this krap!

  48. For those of you who see the paranoia over the ATT as over-blown worry inspired by “right wing” propaganda, please rethink. First, no one who understands how this kind of thing works is suggesting that on July 27th, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, swarms of SEALS will descend on every gun-owning house in America to disarm us. That’s not how it works. It begins incrementally with registration requirements, licensing, tax stamps, regulatory decisions, all designed to restrict who owns the guns and to know who they are. The goal being to make sure only the “right” people have access to certain classes of weaponry. I’ll grant that, to some degree, the concern over this treaty is paranoia inspired by mistrust of the current administration. But when did we last have an administration so closely tied in with leftist revolutionaries (and Weathermen bombers)? These were the people who were/are our President’s closest friends back in Chicago. Is it so unreasonable to be a little paranoid because the people who once got their jollies blithely talking about wiping out your and yours in their “revolution” now have one of their own as the sitting U.S. President? (No, it doesn’t mean he’s down with their old program, but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t either.) I once had a Jewish professor, whose family was mocked and insulted for their paranoia in fleeing Europe as soon as Hitler gained power. When the professor returned as a young U.S. soldier to his former home, all these “reasonable folk” had been disappeared permanently in the death camps. Though we want to deny it, evil like that is a reality in the world, and it will grow and it will come after us unless we take steps to stop it. That’s just life in the real world, especially when your country still represents freedom and human rights. The ATT as it now stands is a large step in the direction of ceding our rights to internationalists who have no respect for what we stand for, but it need not happen this way. Civilian arms can be removed from the treaty, and everyone can go on happily with their lives. If this isn’t done, we have a right to know why and, more importantly, an obligation to keep it out of our country.

  49. “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.” by Noah Webster from “An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution” published in 1787.

  50. In regard to civilian-owned arms, the goal of the ATT is an incremental set of gun controls culminating in a ban that evades the will of the people. Internationalist left-wingers have worked for years in several different areas — guns, gay rights, euthanasia, genetic engineering, etc. — to find ways to evade the collective will of democratic societies. For a long time, they have focused on using the unelected judiciary to impose many of these policies. A treaty, for those who may not understand its impact, becomes effectively part of our constitution if the President signs it and the Senate approves it by 2/3rds majority. Once done, it’s all but impossible to undo. It becomes, in Thomas Jefferson’s words “forever irrevocable except by by joint consent.” Try getting that in Washington, D.C., these days. Now, the Senate is unlikely to approve it THIS year. But that treaty, once signed by Obama, can sit out there gathering dust on a shelf until for whatever reason we have a Senate that IS willing to approve it. Then, with a stroke of a pen, the 2nd amendment is effectively destroyed. Why destroyed? Because the courts will be the ones to determine if we are meeting our international commitments. The gun control policies implemented to fulfill the treaty will be designed by unelected judges. Think about that for a minute. And remember that any protection advanced by the 2nd amendment can be just as easily taken away if a future, left-leaning court decides to reinterpret the amendment. Without the treaty, such reinterpretation will cast gun-control back into the political arena where it was prior to the Heller decision. WITH the treaty, it’s a totally different ball-game. And when it happens, all the politicians who should have been accountable will simply look around at each other and deny responsibility. THAT’s why this particular tactic works so well — no one has to own up to a decision and no one knows which politician to punish. “We didn’t know it would work this way!” and “The court did it!” will be the excuses. Wake up, folks. The world that many of our ancestors fled in order to come to the freedom we have in this country is now rapidly closing in on us, and this time there’s no place to run. We either wake up, get educated on what our enemies are doing, and learn how to take the battle back to them, or we lose what cost us so dearly to gain. The old evils — the caste systems, elitisms, government oppression, etc. — that our forebears fled never went away, they just got set back a couple hundred years until they could slink back for another crack at us.

  51. All you left wing nuts just do not get the agenda here. BHO wants His subjects unarmed and will stop aqt nothing to get his way. Same for Ms Clinton. Just look at thier history.

  52. Comment to Jeremy F. Brother, about 100 million gun owners in this country will be criminals if they do make our guns illegal. Who are they gonna get to confiscate ’em?

  53. William Pitt: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” (Nov. 18, 1783)

  54. Especially toward the beginning of this thread many of the debunking comments had a lot of phrasing in common. So much so I suspect they were written by the same hand under different names. This is a bankrupt tactic and, while you may fool some of the people some of the time, you won’t fool all of us.

    This venue has a responsibility to provide material of interest to the gun owning community. Faulting CHD for doing so is counterproductive.

    Saying that the UN is unable to physically enforce this treaty on US soil is true. The huge BUT here is the UN’s overweening hubris. They believe, like the Blues Brothers, that they have half a pack of Luckies and are on a mission from God.

    Thinking that your government will protect you is a falacy, they won’t because they are so stalled in partisan politics they can’t see anything but their domestic enemy. Obama passed ObamaCare by fraud and bribery. He writes his own law without any thought of the Congress or The Constitution. He is not someone you want to pin your 2nd Amendment hopes on for he will not bear the weight.

    I’m older than dirt. When ATF comes for my guns my response will depend on how I feel that day. Obama, his supporters and the UN are staring at the beginnings of an armed insurrection of which I may well be part.

  55. Paul, you are probably 100% correct. But, please vote against it.

    Of course you are right, Americans will fight back, but we must fight back before it happens.

    I don’t know if you have read “The Rise & Fall Of The Third Reich”, and if not please read it.
    The Germans never thought their rights would be violated. Many were led like sheeps to a slaughter.
    Most people do not even read any more.
    Those who forget history…… Are bound to………?

  56. Any type of action like this is a recipe for another CIVIL WAR! Does this country want to go through another one? This is exactly why our forefathers wrote this into the Bill of Rights to keep our government at bay and to prevent this government from becoming a socialist republic. The last march on Washington will be nothing compared to what will happen if any laws are passed that infringes on this right! We need to remove the dictator that currently calls himself president.

  57. Do they actually think that they are going to be able to go around and take people’s guns PEACEFULLY. If anyone is like me, I would have to say that it would not be a peaceful process at my house. I will not just lay down my weapons and my freedom to a government that would eventually become a socialistic or communistic bureaucracy and be herded like sheep to the slaughter. Come on look at Syria, Egypt and Libya. Is that what we are headed for.
    Don’t laugh, I’m sure it all started so innocently and quietly with the legislators making laws in backrooms, just like obamacare. I for one trust the government as far as I can throw them. How much trust do ya’ll have.

  58. The NWO, if you will, has been after a global gun ban for decades. This may be the end game of all that previous planning, plotting and scheming. And always, always for our ‘protection’. And just like all other gun ‘control’ laws will be an abysmal failure to ‘protect’ the citizens. And make it worse under tyrants and dictators who are pushing this BS, because like all criminals, they will ignore the law and get as many weapons as they please. Just makes their domination all the easier as the entire world citizenry will be helpless to resist.
    Surviving urban crisis.

  59. This news item went by so fast the other day that I wasn’t sure whether I heard it or imagined it:

    “The U.N. has hit another new low by electing Iran, which is under world sanctions for building illegal nuclear weapons, to head the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Obama has already said he has a “legal obligation” to honor provisions of the Geneva Conventions, previously roundly rejected the senate and earlier presidents who refused to sign the treaty. His acceptance of the authority of “international norms” (establish by various un-elected, self-appointed international groups) follows the principles of the “transnationalism” movement, the chief spokesman for which is Harold Koh, Yale law dean and Obama appointee as a State Department legal counsel.

    The UN appointment of Iran to head the Arms Trade Treaty group was followed by a story about UNESCO insisting upon continuing to offer a prize for achievement in the life sciences by African researchers; after criticism that the prize is funded by the president of oil-rich, yet deeply impoverished, Equatorial Guinea: a dictator whose family somehow receives 98% of the country’s oil income. Family members have been charged with embezzlement from the oil accounts.

    Obama pays lip service to the Second Amendment, but voted against gun owners every single time he had the chance in Illinois and in the Senate, 28 times in all. His henchmen, Immanuel and Holder are notorious anti-gunners, as is Secretary Clinton, wife of the man who brought you the completely irrational federal “assault weapon” ban. In following the Fast and Furious scandal quite carefully I have come to strongly suspect that it was indeed program mounted wholly or in large part to “frame” Arizona and its gun laws for Mexican drug violence. In fact, no other explanation I’ve heard makes the slightest sense.

    Hey, don’t heed my warning. But you’s better start sharpening sticks with which to defend yourselves. I plan to vote for anyone who will try to withdraw our support to the UN.


  60. All the comments about Right Wing …… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……..
    I wish the so called left lived in the countries they spport.

  61. Do you honestly think the UN can completely do anything, especially when it comes to arms trade or the proliferation of nuclear weapons? Those guys can only regulate the people who follow the rules and look the other way to the ones that dont… those guys are real good talkers and puffers and not much more that the perverbial british policeman joke (by the way, as a former military soldier i respect our brothers in arms) “stop selling those illegal arms”! ” or I will say stop again”!

  62. I didn’t think obamatax/care would have passed the supreme court either. Now is NOT the time to count on the pos in the White House doing the right thing for Americans.

  63. Hello Cheaper, please stop sending any e-mail w/any updates or info to luger , this person does not want his/her time wasted.
    Please help this person, and stop his/her e-mail with opinions from felow Americans.


  64. Just read posts 1,3 and 4, folks, and stop buying into this right-wing hysterical propaganda. It took years to convince thinking people that CheneyBush were traitorous liars, though thinking folks knew the Truth all along. So, are you headed down the same dead end again, or are you willing to face facts? So, if you really believe ATT is going to swoop into your house in the middle of the night—ALL our houses, on the SAME night—then explain why CTD and all the other firearms retailers aren’t having a inventory liquidation fire sale. Hmm? Think about it: how many firearms are behind the counters right now? So they’ll all magically disappear at once? People wh believe this are certifiably insane. And Aqua Buddha is a pandering Corporate Prostitute just like all the rest.

  65. “Obama supporting gun owner”… That’s just your first tell. If you’re going to guerilla market for Obama, do it right!

  66. I am a Historian by training, a former Soldier Medic, and a true believer in the purpose of the NRA (notably to promote responsible gun ownership and education on firearms). I do not care for politics in any degree, including the NRAs self-serving variety and especially not an administration (Democrat or Republican) that only is out to look good on the world stage but wants to continue their own agenda as usual.
    I would like to contribute the following for your thoughts: 1. the Executive Branch has de facto control over any Military or Law Enforcement that can enforce the “will of the people”, 2. although the Executive Branch may initiate and conduct negotiations on behalf of the United States, no laws, Treaties, or other legal agreements are binding unless ratified by Congress, 3. all Members of Cabinet Level and above in the Executive Branch, all Members of Congress, and all members of the Military take an Oath of Office which requires them to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Now the issue at hand is that there are individuals willing to ignore their obligations and become criminals of the highest level by violating every American’s Civil Rights. Moreover, on the topic of concern, by doing so they eliminate the concept of Civil Rights because they may possibly eliminate the balancing ability of being able to defend ones’ own Civil Rights. This is a conceptual rotating point that allows the creation of a militant junta or dictatorship. Take note!
    This could play out in the following scenarios: 1. The Second Amendment is protected, the representatives of the U.S. government fulfill their obligations and the ATT passes without impact to law abiding citizens. 2. The current Administration of the Executive Branch allows curtailments of the Second Amendment, but with checks-and-balances Congress does not ratify, in which case we could face a crisis of wills which at best could lead to possible impeachment of a President (an impotent act of censure without real penalty) or a President ordering those under him to enforce the law without authority (possibly by illegal Executive Order) — should the second happen it will effectively be the same as disbanding Congress and assuming control of the country, which would put each American and especially every armed member of Law Enforcement and the Military in the position of choosing if they believe in the Oath of Office they took or if they want to be on the side of power. I know my decision on that, I hope each of you reading can come to a conclusion as well.
    Finally, I submit the following to clarify the concepts of Oath of Office, so there is no confusion on the matter. I am no longer Active Duty, but I believe that an Oath taken is a matter of honor to keep for the full of one’s life.

  67. What do people think will happen when our small arms manufactures lose $55 billion-a-year in trade?
    A. The price of U.S. civilian guns will SKYROCKET!!!!
    B. Our firearms industry will close because of the loose of $90 billion ($55 billion exports and $35 billion domestically) a year
    C. The U.S. cannot suport the lost of a $90 billion a year industry.
    D. Now realize that these numbers don’t include the accessory, magazine, or ammunition markets.

    And these facts aren’t even the Anti/Pro gun arguements. This is simple math.
    This NEEDS to be stopped for the good of our Country.

  68. What b.s. Bolton and Morris are full of it. They are nothing but right wing scaremongers trying to get all the wing nuts worked up. I’m pro 2nd but I’m not stupid. These guys are nothing but right wing propagandists, pure and simple. If you guys at Cheaper are going to keep sending me email, do me a favor and don’t waste our time with this crap. The world wide arms business dosen’t give a crap who they send arms to, they don’t care how much misery they cause, as long as they make thier $. Now if you are a “stockholder”, you might have cause for concern.

  69. Nice to see the OBAMA network here defending the person that will give up our personal freedoms to the UN. I don’t know all the UN’s plans for our country, but if its anything like the nautical plans we are in trouble. He wants to make the US like every country in the world when in reality there is no other country in the world like us. We are the “experiment” and we are the leaders…. so lets lead and not become followers.

  70. Among all the scare mongering , this article is the first i have seen that gives the US state dept red line position. I congratulate ‘cheaper than dirt’ for printing all the information, not just the might be mad rants of fear mongers like rand paul, bolton and dick morris.
    i urge honest and concerned gun owners to reread the key points or ‘redlines’ that this treaty must address.
    in truth, their ‘sky might be falling’ irrational screams about this treaty are diverting us from real threats like the current brady campaigns. the brady people are raising money and awarness for their cause in the killings in arizona (and wounding of a congresswoman) and the zimmerman killing of an unarmed young black man. so called Gun show loopholes, no duty to retreat laws and hi cap magazines are under attack and these gun rights “leaders” are not even addressing these very real threats. These paranoid mongers need to get out of the way so real gun rights leaders can get our priorities straight.

  71. I apologize to you readers and fellow Americans.
    I respond so fast and say things I should not.
    Like the last person said, “May GOD help us.”
    I will defend our rights to my last breath no matter how stupid others think I am.

  72. Thats right Roy, but we cant just wait until we must defend our rights with blood.
    Which is the point.
    Many of these good responses are related to when the problem gets to the point when true Americans respond to protect their rights.
    Many of my Sisters & Brother do not read nor nor how or what happened in Europe before WWII.

  73. We should all just take a minute to clear our minds, and recall the words of one of America’s greatest statesmen, Thomas Jefferson. His famous quotes said: “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms!” And: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” And last but not least: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” If the ATT is ratified by the USA, I fear the tyrants blood will flow in the streets…but then, so will that of patriots! Sadly, the USA, it seems, is moving toward being ruled by tyrants! God Help Us!

  74. If you believe in your 2nd Amendment rights, let your voice be heard.
    Write your congressmen and senators and join the NRA.

  75. I do not see why this country care about what the world thinks. We have never gotten any cooperation from the other sorry countries. Our constitution gaurantees us these rights and the liberal, sniveling , whining, groveling nations such as France can kiss my USA ass. Tghey should all be speaking German, and saved a whole lot of our soldiers from dying for thier ungrateful snob shithole of a country. Semper-Fi, Afghanistan, then France.

  76. The old bumper sticker slogan is still true: “When Guns are Outlawed, Outlaws will still have Guns!”

    The bad guys do not obey the laws anyway. What’s one more law to break?

    Those of us who will keep our guns, no matter what, will become law-breakers, I guess!

    To give up our guns will make us either slaves or law-abiding, but dead!

  77. Someone put on here that Obama allowed assault rifles, high. Compacity mags, etc… Wtf are you talking about. You have had the ability all along. When the supreme court ruled on the second ammendment being all private citizens is when local governments were forced to lessen the laws because its our right not a privlege.

    This treaty will push us to a one world government and the traitor we have in office now will allow it to happen. I would highly recommend against coming to my door to collect my firearms. F the un and f obama.

  78. Thanks Mike. You are correct, I am too GD stupid. You may have, but I served in the U.S. Army many years in heavy Armor and Cav units wounded and now taken care of by the Veterans Administration. Yes, I am and was TOO GD STUPID. I should have left that service to other smarter folks.

  79. It is my belief that when the gun seizures begin, a certain number of people will begin enforcing justice against those people who take part in denying Americans their right to live free and unhindered.
    It is my opinion that a few Americans will probably take matters into their own hands.
    Anybody stupid enough to believe that gun seizures won’t bring a quickly escalating response is a fool.

  80. Reply to John Rambo… Actually the British executed some Colonists who were found in possession of banned weapons. A pump-up air gun was considered a sniper rifle at that time and the penalty for possessing one was death.

  81. What happened when the British tried to seize our guns?

    Taking mine will be an expensive undertaking for the state.

  82. Write to your senetors and voice your concerns. I have. That, I believe, is the purpose for Cheaper Than Dirt and the NRA for getting the word out on this.

  83. May I suggest that the coreless moderates and mis-guided Liberals read study world history before labeling the Patriots as paranoid fools? I partially agree with the previous post that we are moving closer to a third war for Independence.

  84. It seems that a few posters are convinced that Americans will do nothing to stop these infringements on our rights.
    The first civil war took time to get under way. Years in fact. People will stand and fight when pushed too far.
    Some of you are just too GD stupid to figure that out.

  85. After the ability to defend ourselves is taken from us, the next step will be to remove our freedom to communicate our thoughts. As we can see from the above comments, there are those wanting others to get the facts straight before communicating. Those fact focused individuals would be good at editing our speech and thoughts before they are broadcast. Burning books will follow that and informing on our neighbors next. Please don’t put my head in a rat cage, I will gladly tell them where the weapons are buried. Too many people throughout history have suffered for our rights. Take time to VOTE before that right is taken from us. Don’t just tell your fellow co-workers you voted when you did not, and you actually used the time to watch a football game. VOTE!!!!!!

  86. Does anyone really believe that the dumb bastard who re worded my previous post (and used my name) actually has a brain?
    Mandated government forced healthcare will never be enacted without a massive fight, and neither will Gun control.
    Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool.
    Americans will seek every peaceful option available to stop these new world order and defacto government infringements against our freedoms.
    But, it is becoming apparent that any chance of a peaceful resolve is quickly coming to an end.
    IMO the forced healthcare mandate will be the spark that ignites a civil war in this country.

  87. Wow, how can people be so stupid to believe that this actually is a risk to gun ownership. It says in the article that nothing has happened and the stipulations that the usa will insist one. Yet still people say obama has already signed it, even though there is NO treaty. CTD just wants more sales, and this is a good way to get them. Besides that the extreme ignorance of basic history and law in these comments is depressingly sad. Love the blowhards who get off on thinking there will be some gestapo coming to there door, and they will be able to take them on lololol. Thanks for thr laughs.

  88. Seems alot of ppl are mad, but also seems no one will do anything, untill the american ppl decide to stand up for themselves and there rights we should all shut up and quit crying…..cause all we do is stand there and get run over, we as a whole are too lazy and scared….going the wrong direction as a “free” country….

  89. We should leave the U.N. tomorrow. They will eventually confiscate all or most civilian owned firearms. (look at the gun laws in modern day Europe) This is a necessary step before a one world government can take and hold power. O-boy is a puppet to this endeavor. He may not have the intellect to recognize such (only time will tell if he knows that he is bed with George Soros) but he is at least one of the pawns for World Socialism. The coreless moderates view this as right wing paranoia but they are wrong and need to wake up and vote “right”

  90. Hmmm all you nay Sayers better wake up hitler did not
    Happen overnight! It took years! The signs were there
    But everybody kept thinking naw that can’t happen here
    Wake up fools the signs are there! Open your eyes

  91. You load mouth fast talking people, are just that. They have been taking away our rights all the time most recently they have past, signed some really terrible laws, executive orders and yet you do nothing! In fact they will send in SWAT like men to ones home, in some town, city, or state and again you will do nothing! Just like Wacko TX, Ruby ridge and one other place I forgot where, were those people even turned their flag upside down and you did nothing! They have tried this already. They know just what you will do. NOTHING!!!!!!

  92. This is my second posting to this thread. (I’ve signed my name EVERY TIME.) I know those who disagree with what I was saying tend to also not like citations but here’s a link to wikipedia that is relevant-
    The Reid decision basically states that the US Constitution takes precedence to any treaty. The Snopes link I put up before spoke to this and to the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the UN ATT Conference (see their docs here – has anything whatsoever to do with gun rights within the US. The conference is addressing international trade of weapons, not legal sales within the US. The treaty wouldn’t be able to trump the Bill of Rights anyway due to the Reid v. Covert decision.

  93. This country was founded by great men who realized that there needed to be put in place a way to make sure that our freedom would remain. That is a main reason for the right to bear arms in the first place. If we lose that right then we lose our freedom. Any measure that would limit that right in any way needs to be stopped completely. Wake up people and realize that before it’s too late!

  94. Does anyone really believe that the government can force people to buy health insurance or restrict and confiscate guns…hmm…on second thought.

    I am sure that the 1SG that had his guns confiscated in D.C. Illegally by the government or my HS classmate who cousin was killed while protecting our border from weapons the government funneled to criminals, trusts the current administration will do the right thing, and protect our rights…hm…on second thought.

    Okay, this I am sure of…that after the US UN representative agrees on the treaty, and it is signed by the President, and ratified by the Senate, they will read it 6 months later to see what it actually says.

  95. The last time I looked,this is still the USA and should be held together by the laws of The Constitution,The Bill of Rights and all amendments of these documents. To Hell with the United Nations and their BULLSHIT treaty!!!!!!!! WE ARE AMERICANS BECAUSE WE FOUGHT TO BE THE WAY WE ARE…..GROW A BACKBONE AND DON’T LET THE REST OF THE WORLD TAKE IT ALL AWAY!!!!!!!

  96. Does anyone really believe that most Americans are going to allow this United nations or anyone else to “RESTRICT” our 2nd amendment rights, confiscate firearms, without getting their a$$e$ all shot up?
    These people at the UN have been running their big mouths for a long time now about how they intend to take charge of U.S law, but, the fact is, Americans are arming themselves in record numbers. Americans are preparing themselves for the day these asshats make their move. They will eventually attempt to enforce their non existent authority, then the American citizen will react with an appropriate response.

  97. Don’t let all these liberal trolls BS you. The great divider has plans for disarming all US citizens “under the radar.” I believe was the quote. He’ll probably write some sort of executive order that undermines our Constitutional rights. He is a constitutional lawyer after all. I think that’s why he became one, it was so he would know exactly how much he can get away with. Underhanded tactics like signing the NDAA late in the day New Years eve, using executive priviledge on F&F (after saying he knew nothing about it), and numerous other sneaky actions. Means you can’t trust his “transparent” ass, as far as you can throw him. Killary already said she would sign the treaty. The NRA stated that in order to invoke the treaty, the UN would have to remove all citizen owned firearms and ammunition from the treaty. That went over like a fart in church, so for all you liars who say it won’t affect us, peddle your BS elsewhere. We informed gunowners know better….

  98. Although the United Nations has been studying the feasibility of effecting an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the above-referenced piece of scarelore about the United States’ having already entered into a such a treaty — one which supposedly provides a “legal way around the 2nd Amendment” and will result in a “complete ban on all weapons for US citizens” — is erroneous in all its particulars.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not signed, nor has the U.S. Congress ratified, a United Nations small arms treaty. In fact, such a treaty hasn’t even been drafted yet; it’s merely a concept which is currently in the discussion phase. (An Arms Trade Treaty Conference is taking place at United Nations Headquarters in New York throughout the month of July 2012.)
    No such treaty could “bypass the normal legislative process in Congress,” as all treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory must first be approved by a two-thirds vote of the U.S. Senate before they are considered to be ratified and binding.
    The putative United Nations arms treaty referenced in the Reuters article linked at the end of the example reproduced above has nothing to do with restricting the sale or ownership of guns within the United States. The aim of a potential U.N. arms treaty is to combat the illicit international trade of small arms by “tightening regulation of, and setting international standards for, the import, export and transfer of conventional weapons” in order to “close gaps in existing regional and national arms export control systems that allow weapons to pass onto the illicit market.” Even if such a treaty came to pass, U.S. rights and laws regarding the sale and ownership of small arms would still apply within the United States.
    The President of the United States cannot enact a “complete ban on all weapons for US citizens through the signing of international treaties with foreign nations.” The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, and in the 1957 case Reid v. Covert, the U.S. Supreme Court established that the Constitution supersedes international treaties ratified by the U.S. Senate.
    There is no “legal way around the 2nd Amendment” other than a further amendment to the Constitution that repeals or alters it, or a Supreme Court decision that radically reinterprets how the 2nd Amendment is to be applied.

  99. I don’t believe CTD posted this article to increase their sales. Firearms sales have been on the increase for a long time now. I give CTD kudos for helping to bring about awareness of the threat potential of this UN ATT. Yes…there is strong potential for this treaty to undermine our second amendment even further than our own federal government has done.
    And don’t believe everything you see on web sites like They invent the facts when they don’t have the facts.
    As for Obama and company, I don’t trust them to abide by our constitution. Hell…trusting congress to abide by our constitution is even more difficult. They’re the gang that creates our laws. And it’s supposed to be the president’s job to administer the laws. Big mess there in D.C. for a long time and it’s been getting even messier.
    As for the ban on ‘assault’ weapons, you’re able to purchase these firearms now because the ban expired…Obama had nothing to do with it.
    What we all need to do is contact our respective representatives and senators, and the current president, expressing the need to reject anything coming from this UN ATT that even remotely suggests weakening our second amendment. Do it Now!

  100. I think that, eventually people will start to realize that, here say can be often be misleading. Shame on cheaper than dirt for posting this article, as a gun owner myself. I dont think any major changes will happen yet but minor changes will continue to happen. We as gun owners need to remain postive and not be so nieve to everything we hear. Facts are facts people if you don’t have them or cannot confirm them, then it might as well be a rumor or just out right incorrect freaking information………..

  101. The only gun rights Obama is concerned with are those of Mexican gangs. These “gun owning” Obama supporters are living in denial if they actually exist. Using bad “guerilla marketing” techniques that don’t work isn’t going to fool anyone!

    At least when I post multiple times, I use the same screen name.

  102. Boy the paid trolls are working overtime tonight even citing “snopes” when alot of the info IS available on the UN’s site and does mention serializing ammunition and requiring gun owners to even track their casings. Most of these fake “debunkers” are multiple posts by the same person. Nice try, guy(s)!

  103. This whole write up on cheaper than dirt is an eye opener. For the UN to try and step in on us is scary. Cause we are the ones stepping in most of the time

    Sorry to say but obama just wants to be that landmark of a person he wants to go down in the history books for anything and everything he can be rembered by I live in southern IL and nobody knew who the hell he was he didnt do anything for us just a puppet for big chicago money like ryan and blowabitch. They just got caught.

    I love the tee shirts being sold in effingham IL.

  104. Thank god that not everyone is buying this brainwashed BS. Shame on CheaperThanDirt for trying to increase sales by telling people that Obama is going to take their guns. Just like the two previous posters said, gun laws under Obama have actually been relaxed. I buy stuff from this website all of the time but postings like this just piss me off. Unfortunately there are many people who seem easily misled and this article just adds fuel to the fire. Hell, I own several firearms but I voted for Obama. He hasn’t let me down on this issue.

  105. Placing opposition to the UN gun ban on ‘belief it will eventually’ minimizes and deliberately derogates detractors from implementation of the long signed UN Small Arms Treaty (“[O]pponents of the treaty—the terms of which have not yet been made public—believe the ATT will eventually”) The terms were made public long ago, and those public terms were happily signed into agreement by Hillary on order of Obama the Great, and bytheway, petitioned by Canada for exemption after signing because of Draconian affect on hunting rifle ownership. The text of the treaty is available at the UN website, and the UN Website is public.

  106. Obama limited residents of Texas by requiring the sale of multiple firearms to be reported and limited. This after Eric holder whom he appointed, and others screwed up fast and furious and got a native Texan killed while the BATFE and holder let guns be sold to known cartel runners. We don’t need more gun control! We the people need to control out government better. The constitution is law and they need to obey it as we obey the laws.

  107. Spouting speculation with no facts in this story is dangerous. We wonder why some people look at gun enthusiast as a bunch of nuts. Nobody is coming next week to take all our guns. They would need a truck just for my house alone. Fact is you would need 66 Senators to pass the ATT. This means Obama would need Republicans and Democrats to vote yes for it to pass. A veto majority of either party hasn’t happened since I was born in 1961. This is a poor written story to get people stirred up.

  108. President obama has made the gun laws less strict. We now can buy high capacity magazines, assault rifles, and silencers.

  109. This will only hurt and endanger law abiding citizens. Does anyone really think criminals care about gun laws?

  110. Unless you’re trying to drum up more business by fueling the widespread paranoia of gun owners, you shouldn’t publish information that is not based on facts. I am a gun owner, and I have bought a lot of ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt. The truth is that President Obama has never said that he will restrict gun ownership and has actually expanded gun rights by allowing guns in national parks. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence gave the president an F because he has refused to implement any of their suggested gun-control legislation. Please go to either or and input International Small Arms Treaty if you want the facts.

  111. Seriously? If you actually read the article, the gist is “there’s no chance the 2nd Amedment will be taken away, but some nut-jobs say they don’t believe that.” Dick Morris, Rand Paul, and John Bolton are at best irresponsible in giving this crap any traction. I’m all for protecting gun rights, but we don’t have to spin a bunch of lies to do so.

    Here’s a link to’s page regarding this-

    This sort of right-wing scaremongering keeps me from coming back to retailers. These people just want to scare you into increasing their profits. Shame on you Cheaperthandirt! You’ve just lost a customer.

  112. Rember our great president is from IL Which we are the only state that you cannot get a carry permitt
    Because all the mobs in chicago dont want to fight us when they Are ripping us off
    And defend our selfs from the bath salts flesh eating Zombies

  113. While I am sure that Obama and company will be looking to pass any and all laws here at the end of his term and, god forbid, if he gets re-elected all bets are off.

    The specifics of this treat cannot, and will not apply to the American people. International law does not, I repeat, DOES NOT apply to the individual citizen of the United States. It will be a direct violation of our Bill of Rights. At that point, I’m pretty certain if crazy acts/laws like this do pass while we are under the this pressure of a failing economy might cause a violent protect in DC.

    This is a good article from, surprising from Fox News:

    Then this article has 3 points that is also noted in snopes:

    So like I mentioned above, IF this UN treaty passes – which Obama put in a condition to be veto’d by any of the 193 members. You looking at Iran and China FULLY abusing this, but the USA… SHOULD not legally be effected by this. At least not over my small arsenal covered body 😉

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