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Happy Veterans Day—Honoring Those Who Took the Oath

Veterans Day is not a day for political punditry. Instead, November 11 is a day to honor the 21 million living U.S. veterans who either served or are currently keeping the wolf from America’s doors. Read this article to learn more about this important United States holiday.

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Hey Gun Control People, the Gun Genie is Already Out of the Bottle!

Have better words ever been uttered? “The Senate delivered a devastating blow to President Obama’s agenda to regulate guns by defeating a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks.” The gun control push is rearing its ugly head once again and the threat of the President’s pen is looming. What are the likely ramifications?


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up November 29-December 5, 2015

After the Democrats failed in their “forced vote-a-thon” on universal background checks, no-fly no-buy policy, and others during the Senate’s session on Thursday, all eyes are now on President Obama to see if he will execute executive action. In fact, his plans are our top story this week….Read more for all the news headlines that impact gun owners.


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 22-28, 2015

Will Democrats in Congress finally get their wish? Will Obama use executive action to enact universal background checks? Weigh in after reading the steps Congressmen and women took this week to ban certain groups from owning firearms….who will be next?


Democrat Claims Paris Terrorists may Have got AKs from U.S.

An anti-gun Democratic Representative from Chicago was interviewed and revealed how clueless she is about the availability of guns in America. Hear her blame the terrorism attacks on American gun rights in this blog post. You’ll get either a good laugh or get good angry… maybe a bit of both.

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Bush Says No National Right to Gun Ownership?

Jeb Bush recently made an appearance on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when the subject of whether there is a national right to gun ownership came up. Bush’s answer may be concerning to many. Read the full story here and decide for yourself.

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Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 1-7,2015

This week’s gun news headlines reflect something us gun owners have always known—anti-gun politicians will do everything they can to misrepresent their constituents. As more Americans than ever are purchasing firearms, the more the anti-gun crowd is introducing gun control legislation. And we call these people “Representatives?” Click to read what California, New Mexico and Wisconsin’s gun-control lawmakers did this week…