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Legal Issues

‘Choke Point’ Gets Choked Off

Top officials of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) have admitted wrongdoing by participating in “Operation Choke Point” and have said they would cease classifying businesses that dealt in “Ammunition Sales” and “Firearms Sales” as high-risk ventures along with escort services, Ponzi schemes, pornography, and firms that produce racist materials, to name a few.

FLEX22 Tactical with Takedown Case


Mossberg Rolls Out Three New FLEX Rimfires for 2015

Mossberg’s three new FLEX rimfire models can accept FLEX TLS accessory stocks and recoil pads, such as those found on the 500 FLEX pump-action shotguns and MVP FLEX bolt-action rifles. Here’s more about the rifles that are based on Mossberg’s proven 702 Plinkster/715T actions.