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Illustration on Democrat threats to Second Amendment rights


NSSF: How a Democratic House Will Affect Gun Rights

Democrats voted overwhelmingly for U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to become Speaker of the House in the new Congress. She promises to make gun control a priority. NSSF’s Larry Keane told the Washington Times what we can expect.

Idaho senator Mike Crapo


NSSF: U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo Talks Second Amendment

The midterm elections are around the corner and whether or not your favorite candidate will be on the ballot it is important for every voter to your legislators’ positions. In an effort to assist voters in making their decisions, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has been conducting question and answer sessions in an effort to get learn more about or pro Second Amendment lawmaker’s firearms heritage and position on the issues.

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SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A

Deerfield IL jumped in with both feet when it entered the foray to be what many would consider to be the most oppressive gun control community in the nation. Fortunately, it looks like local lawmakers bit off more than they could chew when they went after the Second Amendment rights of citizens, thanks to the efforts of pro 2A groups such as the Second Amendment Foundation and Illinois State Rifle Association.

This picture is a painting by John Lewis Krimmel showing a July 4 celebration in 1819.


The Fourth of July: Celebrating a Life Free From Tyranny

July 4th is a day we “oohh” and “ahh” over impressive firework displays and enjoy a charcoal grilled all-American burger with family and friends. It is also the most important date in American history. July 4th, also called Independence Day, is the day the colonists officially declared their independence from Great Britain, securing our freedom and liberty to this day. As gun owners, we understand how important these unalienable rights are. Without this day, 237 years ago and the relentlessness that the colonists fought during the Revolutionary War our liberty and freedoms would have been replaced with tyranny and severe firearms restrictions. On July 4, not only do we celebrate a free nation, but we also honor those 56 revolutionary men who secured our right to keep and bear arms.

Second Amendment


Could the Second Amendment Soon Be Law in Mexico?

On October 6, 2016, Mexican Senator Jorge Luis Preciado of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) published a policy recommendation in the Senate Gazette to amend Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution to emulate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, allowing Mexico citizens to carry handguns for personal protection in their homes, vehicles and businesses.

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Gun Store Licensing Bill Proposes Anti-Gun Amendment

This week, anti-gun lawmakers have been hard at work to amend House Bill 1016 into a passable version. All proposed amendments would still implement some of the most restrictive regulations for gun stores and force them to close. Your NRA-ILA continues to outright oppose House Bill 1016 and any anti-gun amendment proposed.

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Protect Your Gun Rights: Act Now on Behalf of Your FFL

Amendment 1 has been filed on HB1016 Safety Tech, which would create the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, one of the most onerous assaults on gun rights seen in Illinois in years. It is scheduled for Judiciary – Criminal Committee hearing May 17, 2016, at 1:00 p.m. in Stratton Building Room D-1 Springfield, IL.