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Overlooked SHTF Barter Item: Diapers

From Tess Pennington at “It is safe to say that America is in a full fledged depressionary period and as the people are starting to feel the effects of the economic dead fall, they will look for alternate ways of obtaining products. We are in a bartering economy.” Pennington adds that in a SHTF scenario, bartering goods or services will be more valuable than the paper dollar. Having extra supplies of these items could be used for bartering and trading:

  • Baby Formula and Cloth Diapers—In a bad situation, Mama Bears will do just about anything to take care of their cubs.
  • Micro Livestock—Chickens, ducks, pygmy goats and rabbits can provide food and manure for farming.
  • Weapons—Having extra weapons and accouterments that go along with weapons will be one of the top bartering items. Items such as: knives, hunting knives (heavy bladed knives for hunting), ammunition and guns. When purchasing extra bullets and guns, stick with the most popular models.
  • Mason Jars—Many people, especially in the city, no longer preserve foods. They will need canning jars.
  • First Aid Kits—First aid supplies, such as suturing needles, thread, saline solution, gauze and celox will be in high demand.
  • Vitamins—If a person becomes vitamin deficient, ailments such as scurvy will become prevalent.
  • Tools—Pick axes, hand saws, shovels, hammers, wrenches, and screw drivers.
  • Fire Starting Gear—Stock up on lighters, waterproof matches, flints, etc.
  • Honey and Sugar—Not necessities, but they would be popular trade items.
  • Vegetable Oil—Use it for cooking and combine oil and herbs to make flavored oils.
  • Gasoline—People will need gas and lots of it.
  • Fishing Supplies—Hooks, line and lures do not take up much space in a bag.
  • Boots—Military grade boots that have flexible soles and deep tread are the best type of shoes to have.
  • Coffee and Tea—Simple indulgences that many of us can’t live without.
  • Liquor—Liquor can be made from almost anything: fruit, cactus, potatoes, rice, even honey.
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco—Many cannot kick the tobacco habit.


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Comments (4)

  1. It won’t just be junior’s ‘pooper’ that will require covering… think about it, WOMEN will need their hygiene looked after, too. Buying tampons, pads, etc… will be a GREAT bartering tool. You won’t regret it, trust me!

  2. You ‘stole’ my line, T D! 🙂
    Yep, disposable diapers will absolutely vanish in the first couple weeks of a serious SHTF situation. IF you can find cloth diapers for your little ones, GET some. Along with as much of the above list as you can budget by the week. Hopefully, you can get at least more prepared than you are now, before the hammer falls.
    Surviving urban crisis.

  3. Hows that for irony. That in a SHTF scenario “diapers” would be a necessity. I’m just saying…

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