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Picture shows Ruger's LCP pistol in pink.


Pink Pistols Compared

I have never advocated buying a person protection gun because it looks good. Reliability and ease of use are so much more important. However, like many women shooters I know, whether we admit to it or not, actually want a pink gun. Fortunately, there are now plenty of reliable, accurate and affordable pink pistols to choose from. In this article, I break down the important specifications and features of 10 different pocket pistols to help you make a decision about your next concealed carry gun.


Is the .380 ACP the new .38 Special?

Ladies, does it annoy you to walk into a gun shop and immediately be directed to the small, .38 Special revolvers? Have you noticed a switch? Next time you go into a gun shop, ask at the counter for a semi-auto. I bet they will hand you a .380 ACP. Revolvers and .380s are great, but they aren’t everything. Is the .380 the new .38? Read on for my conclusion.

Picture shows competitive shooter, Lena Miculek shooting a 3-gun match with a shotgun.

Safety and Training

Setting a Good Example

Have you ever called an anti-gunner stupid? Did they call you a lunatic back? Did the argument get anywhere? Probably not. Instead of name-calling, join this call for a new voice of gun ownership. Call it killing them with kindness if you want, but I call it setting an example.

Picture is a close up of a man loading a stripper clip full of ammo into a rifle magazine.


Do You Use These Common Five Wrong Gun Terms?

Do you know the difference between bullets and ammo? What about clip and magazine? For many immersed in gun culture, there are a few words and phrases we hear all the time that sound like nails running down a chalkboard. Many of these words are commonly used even outside the gun community and usually everyone—pro or anti—recognize what those words mean. I’m not sorry when I say this, but many of those commonly used words are, quite frankly, wrong. Do you use these five common misused words? Read to find out.

Safety and Training

How to Fix Anticipating the Recoil

New shooters tend to ask me, “How badly is that gun going to kick?” Brand new female shooters in particular psyche themselves up for a gun to hurt them. Even more experienced shooters aren’t immune to flinching. However, flinching or anticipating the recoil affects accuracy. I have five simple tricks to help freeze the flinch and get you right on target in no time.


NRA Women’s Channel New Series Preview: Love at First Shot

Love at First Shot, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, provides a first-hand look at the shooting sports for the first timer. Hosted by NRA News Commentator and Girl’s Guide to Guns blogger Natalie Foster, the show tackles all topics—from buying your first gun to outfitting for a hunt.

Safety and Training

Six Safety Tips for Women

Good news! Crime rates are lowering across the country. Despite that, the DOJ reports 99 percent of women will be a victim of crime in her lifetime. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you immune. A huge part of carrying a weapon is avoiding any situation in which you would be forced to use it. As an armed woman, situational awareness is your first line of defense. These six tips are some of the ways in how I go a step above basic situational to make sure I do not become a victim.

Picture is a drawing caricature of Michael Bloomberg.


Bring it! Bloomberg Attempts to Fight Fire with Fire

Should the NRA be scared? Former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action Shannon Watts joined forces recently to regroup as Everytown for Gun Safety. Pledging to donate $50 million of his own money, Bloomberg says they will use grassroots tactics to appeal to mothers across 15 states encouraging them to vote for anti-gun politicians and legislation. Fighting fire with fire? Read the rest to see what chance the new group has against gun owners.

Picture shows a black, fixed stock AR-15 A2 style rifle with fixed carry handle and carbine length handguard.


When Teaching a New Shooter, Does the Gun Matter?

Over Spring Break, CTD Suzanne introduces one of her girlfriends to the shooting sports by getting out with an S&W M&P 15-22, S&W M&P .22 pistol and the DPMS Classic 16 A2 carbine. Do you think gun choice matters when introducing someone to shooting? Read on to find out.