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UnderTech UnderCover Tank Top

The ability to obtain a permit to carry a firearm on your person varies depending upon which state you are referring to. For example some states have a “shall issue” policy which means officials will issue a private citizen a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permits as long as they meet all requirements. While other states have a “May Issue” policy which means they have authority to take judgment on whether or not they want to issue a CCW permit to a private citizen even after all requirements have been met. And finally there is the hot button phrase “Right Denied” which means a state will NOT allow a private citizen to carry handguns and do not issue CCW permits. The last state to have such as policy was Illinois. However, thanks to dedicate pro-gun proponents, it looks like Illinois will soon begin to offer some version of a CCW permit to residents who meet the requirements.

UnderTech UnderCover Tank Top
This all-weather compression tank fits like a second skin and features two identical easy-access holsters to carry two handguns at the same time. This tank is comfortable for any body type and does not restrict movement.

For the vast majority of CCW permit holders across this great county they often choose to carry their firearm on their person each and every day therefore the market for CCW apparel, gear, holsters, handbags and more has exploded.

UnderTech UnderCover Short Shorts
UnderTech UnderCover “Short Shorts” feature a concealment pocket on each side to accommodate both left- and right-hand shooters.

Unfortunately for many of us ladies, the apparel options are still limited. Because of the lack of actual CCW apparel for women it has forced us to focus on our “methods” for carrying rather than actual garments. Typically, we ladies get discouraged and end up using a clunky holster and then disguising our bodies with layered looks, jackets or fuller tops. But there are some practical options now available for women.

CCW permit holders, especially women will love what UnderTech has to offer them. Women love how compression garments help them hold things in place while smoothing out lumps, lines and wrinkles to give a more polished look. Why not ask more of your compression undergarments? UnderTech undergarments are no-nonsense CCW undergarments which perform dual duties of compression which gives you a smooth, flattering look all while concealing a weapon. UnderTech has exceeded the needs many men and women have when it comes to our desire to have functional garments capable of concealing a firearm but are also comfortable.

UnderTech UnderCover Women's Concealment Shorts
Compression concealment shorts for women are the perfect way to carry and conceal a handgun.

UnderTech makes several products designed specially for women who carry a firearm. The UnderTech Undercover tank top, made from comfortable fabric which cools the body, features two easy-access holsters. And the UnderTech Undercover shorts made from the same comfortable compression fabric as the tank also feature two holsters which fit most handguns. Both the tank and shorts are available in either black or white. This compression gear is so comfortable it is worn by men and women in the Secret Service, FBI, DEA and TSA as well as many police agencies around the globe.

Regardless of whether you choose to carry your firearm tucked inside your pants waistband or discreetly using an UnderTech product there are a few things to remember. The first is to be conscious of safety at all times and know how to properly and safely use your firearm. Secondly, know how to draw your weapon safely from the CCW apparel or gear you are using. Finally, it is your responsibility and no one else’s to know the CCW laws in your state and any state you may be visiting while carrying a firearm.

The gun laws in this country can be challenging to understand and keep up with. For the latest legal updates visit the NRA’s Gun Law page at

What is your favorite way to carry and conceal your handgun? Tell us in the comment section.


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