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D-Day Celebrations

Through the smoke, eats, clanging of dog tags of colorful metaphors being slung about the range, we will also take time to bow our heads in a moment of silence and honor those who experienced hell on earth, June 6, 1944…

Competitive Shooting

Let the Games Begin! Top Shot Returns

The first thing Top Shot viewers will want to know is, who made the cut for All-Stars? Not a single winner is included among the cast, and only two runners-up, Chris Cerino (TS1) and Brian Zins (TS2). Some of the fan favorites aren’t there either, but before anyone screams boycott, let me explain. Many TS competitors have gone on to more diverse experiences, and may actually be even better this time around. This will be a real competition, and I expect to see some amazing shooting. In my opinion, this could be the best season yet.

Mossberg 500 Lisa Methany and Turkey


Mossberg Model 500 — 10 Million Strong and Growing

In just a few short years, the Mossberg Firearm Company will be celebrating 100 years as one of this country’s top firearm manufactures. Wilhelmina and I plan to return to the fields of South Dakota to celebrate and to prove she has indeed taught me a few things over the years.


Gewehr 98: Highlighting an Old Adversary

The Gewehr 98 is no exception when it comes to premium engineering. In service from 1898-1935, the action on this weapon is so good, that military and hunting rifles over a century later still emulate its basic design. Pick up a Springfield 1903 and you may notice some very Gewehr-like details. Glance over the action of a Winchester Model 54 or 70, and you will notice some distinctive German characteristics. You can’t really blame them. When it comes to a bolt-action design, this Mauser is as close to perfect as you can get.

GAU-8 Avenger


GAU-8/A Avenger

Fairchild-Republic used their experience from building planes in the Second World War and attempted to design a plane around the gun itself, rather than retrofitting the gun onto an existing platform

Repurposed military surplus gear makes a perfect and cheap camp set up.


Repurposing Military Surplus Gear: Camping Old School Style

Camping gear can be as expensive or as cheap as you are willing to spend. If you are planning on camping this year and need some new equipment, have you thought about repurposing military surplus gear? For light backpacking, primitive and car camping, mil-surp gear will save you a ton of money. Military surplus gear is also perfect for the kid’s backyard camping adventures. sells a wide variety of military surplus gear from all over the world. Some of it is used, some of it is new. For a great price, you can find almost all you need for a weekend camping trip in our military gear category. Now is the time to buy however, unfortunately military surplus items are getting difficult to find.


Hello New Shooter, I am .223 Remington…

Even though the cartridge had been around since 1957, the Remington Arms Company didn’t introduce the .223 Remington to the civilian market until 1964. The caliber quickly became popular with varminters, benchrest competitors and law enforcement officers.