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Manufacturer of the Week—Beretta, Fabbrica D’ Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A., Beretta USA

The Beretta factory grew from an area that has seen weapons designs since the Roman era. Julius Caesar controlled the area before crossing the Rubicon. The area has witnessed Hannibal’s elephants, the Huns, untold barbarians, and over time standing armies from Napoleon to even the United States Army. It exudes history and is a fitting location for one of my favorite manufacturers. Beretta crawled from the cave and became a true international company.

The Life of Duty network


NRA Supports Local LEOs, Troops and Veterans

The NRA has a long-standing tradition of supporting our troops, veterans and law enforcement officers. The NRA founded the NRA-LED (Law Enforcement Division) in 1960 with the goal of providing the law enforcement community with a means to certify shooting instructors. The NRA-LED chooses to stay apolitical, focusing on how best to serve our military and law enforcement community rather than get bogged down in legislation and party politics.

Gen4 vs Gen3 Magazines


GLOCK Gen4, Improving on Perfection

What I truly admire is that the changes are not to impress the guys at the range but to help make you a better shooter and that is the perfection in Glocks simplicity. Sure paint looks good on the car but it’s what’s under the hood that makes all the difference.


Happy Birthday Oliver F. Winchester

Though it is a misnomer that Oliver F. Winchester invented the Henry Rifle, he was an inventive businessman embracing new ideas, processes, and research to create one of the most legendry firearms manufacturers in United States history.


Firearm of the Week, the US Caliber .30 M1 /M1A1/M1A3/ M2/M2A2/M3 Carbine

And so ends our story of the little rifle that could. It almost never made it to the range must less the war, laughed and scoffed at it still came to game and was loved and revered by those who carried it. For several years, I trusted my life to one. Today I would choose something different but back then I never had a doubt in the little brother, the M1 Carbine.