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Picture shows volunteers at Ground Zero picking up debris.


September 11, National Day of Service and Remembrance

On September 11, 2001—despite our location, or differences in political and religious affiliations—all Americans shared the shame grief and mourned our losses. Thousands of people showed up at Ground Zero the following days to volunteer for months with search and rescue, to provide moral support, help feed workers, and remove the ruble. Those volunteers and first responders didn’t care if you had come from the wrong side of the tracks, who you went home to at night or the color of your skin. We were all just human beings that day. To honor their memory, in the same spirit of compassion, unity and strength, won’t you pledge your time or make a charitable donation on 9/11—the federally recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance?


Stevens Arms: Legendary Firearms Company

In 2014, legendary firearms company, J. Stevens and Company will celebrate 150 years of making high-quality firearms. Now, a subsidiary company of Savage Arms, the company still brands shotguns and rifles under the Stevens name. Savage produces long-range and precision rifles and shotguns that are unprecedented in accuracy and capabilities for the price. Savage is still branding Stevens guns today. In 2012, the company debuted the model 320 shotgun in two different models, the Security and the Field, in seven different configurations. This 12-gauge, pump-action workhorse is inspired by the extremely reliable Winchester 1300 action.

Top Shot All-Star Gary Quesenberry

Competitive Shooting

Top Shot All-Stars — Zip or Ship

In this episode, they brought back the Wheel of Fire challenge from TS3. This was a good display of skilled shooting, in challenging conditions, and now that only five remain, it really is coming down to the wire. Read this to learn who zipped and who shipped.

Appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder, Jones has been the ATF's acting director since 2011.


Faster and Furiouser? Meet B. Todd Jones, the ATF’s Newest Director

On Wednesday, July 30 2013, the Senate voted 53-42 to appoint B. Todd Jones as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder, Jones has been the acting director since 2011, one of six acting directors in the last six years. He served as acting director part time, while serving full time as U.S. District Attorney for Minnesota. He walks into the position at a highly mistrusted and misdirected agency full of controversy and problems. The ATF is currently understaffed and their budget is tight, not to mention the unsolved Fast and Furious debacle. It will be difficult to fix all the problems and perceptions of the ATF.

Competitive Shooting

Top Shot All-Stars — Threading the Needle

This week the competition for the remaining 10 shooters was to spin a wheel with a (as Adam noticed) Colby-esque silhouette on it. Whatever orientation the silhouette was in when the wheel stopped was how that shooter had to make his shot. Each competitor was strapped onto a large wheel, spun a few times, and stopped in a position matching the silhouette.

Competitive Shooting

Top Shot All-Stars: Medieval Challenge

In Top Shot All-Stars episode 4, they chose a primitive weapon, the longbow. I love primitive weapon challenges on Top Shot, because they prove a shooter’s versatility, and level the playing field. Upon seeing the longbow, Chris Cerino called it “the great equalizer,” and it definitely was. For anyone not familiar with shooting bows, and particularly primitive bows, there is an art to it, and it takes a lot of practice to be really good.

AR-15 rifles on wall rack


The Best of the Best: AR-15 for Beginners

There is a reason why the AR-15 is the best selling rifle in the United States. For its versatility, flexibility, modular design, and ease of use, everyone from beginners to expert shooters love the AR-15—the modern sporting rifle. The love for the AR-15 derives from how easily it is to customize and change. It goes from self-defense to competition to hunting to plinking with a few minor adjustments and accessories. Accessories and add-ons are widely available. Created by ArmaLite Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner the semi-automatic AR-15 uses either a direct gas impingement or gas piston system to operate. Originally chambered for the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO round, now you can find AR platforms in a variety of calibers such as .22 Long Rifle, .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, and .450 Bushmaster.