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Picture shows a worn pair of military surplus ski goggles.


Military Surplus Spotlight: “The Ski Troopers” WWII Ski Goggles

Though you know heroes and freedom fighters of yesteryear used much of the military surplus items you acquire, it is rare to come across a piece with such a specific history. Buried deep in a Swiss bunker, we found original WWII, U.S. Mountain Troop ski goggles manufactured by Foster Grant. These well-worn military surplus goggles are a true piece of history. To know that a member of the “greatest generation” fought so hard in such harsh conditions fighting off the Germans, the well-worn goggles are worth every penny.

Gavel with American flag


Restrictive, Cumbersome Gun Laws Burden Law-Abiding Citizens

Some states have laws that make it more difficult than ever for law-abiding citizens to own and carry guns. Loose interpretation of the laws that govern firearms has ignited much debate. From California to Illinois to Connecticut and a few states in between, this article exposes some of the gun controls now in place to ensure what law-makers believe is the safety or well-being of citizens. Read this article and draw your own conclusions.

Picture shows a cameo painting of Irish gun maker, John Rigby.


30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 17: Ireland’s Most Famous Gun Maker John Rigby

Rigby was known for their dueling pistols and are now synonymous with fine hunting rifles designed for big and African game. They are the third oldest gunmaker in the world. John Rigby was born in 1758 and established his fine firearms company John Rigby and Co in 1775 in Dublin, Ireland. Rigby served as a Grenadier Captain in the Independent Dublin Volunteers—the Irish militia raised to defend Ireland after British soldiers left the country to fight the Revolutionary War. John Rigby was also an active Freemason and excellent marksman.

Military long-sleeve shirt in an experimental blocky urban camo gray

Gear, Parts and Accessories

50 Shades of Gray: The Evolution of Camo and a Throwback to Solid Colors

We have come along way from the days of wiping mud on our faces and wearing twigs in our hair. Now we have digitized transitional camo patterns that work extremely well to camo fashion such as bright pink camo motif rifles and camouflaged prom dresses. You would think that military camo would have an equal amount of history, however; the art of camouflage for wartime has a more modern history. One such solid color has found to be an excellent transitional camo in urban settings. Not too dark and not too light, 5.11 Tactical has developed a shade of gray they call Storm Grey that has proven itself to blend better in urban and naval environments.


Pearl Harbor — Priorities

Far too many Americans can recite a movie quote believing it to be history or mourn a life of a movie actor taken too soon. Let’s not forget the unsung heroes; the real history makers. Let’s remember who and why this is a day of remembrance that will live in infamy…

Rare U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1875 Officer's Model Trapdoor Rifle, Late Type II


The History of the Springfield Trapdoor

The Springfield Trapdoor took its place in history despite the hesitation of those aware of the superiority of repeaters and magazine fed rifles. Although it didn’t see as much action as some more well known long guns, when you read the history, it has made a huge impact on the world.