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Bayonet Charge


The Bayonet’s Place in History

Imagine standing on a hillside shoulder to shoulder with a line of soldiers. Smoke from heavy musket fire burns your nostrils and the sound of heavy artillery far to your flanks makes a deep thumping sensation in your chest.


Firearm of the Week, the Dragunov, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD), Снайперская винтовка Драгунова, Type 79/85, The Bear

Greetings capitalists, from Russia with love, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova is good rifle, da? This is the long arm of the enemy. Vietnam, the Gulf, Afghanistan twice, and Iraq, the spelling of the word nemesis is D-r-a-g-u-n-o-v. Built around the action of one of the greatest rifles ever, the AK-47, how could it not fail to rock the battlefield? It is the one we fear most, the SVD Dragunov.


The Top AR Platforms of the 1870s

Your position is under attack. You need to fire copious amounts of bullets. You need to overwhelm the opposing force. Firepower is the essence and it must come from a small group of soldiers. At the very least, you need to double your enemy’s rate of fire. You need a short fast rifle that is quick into action. You need a carbine platform that is easy to carry. You need an assault rifle. The AK47 is solid, the AR-15 runs like a sports car. Your problem is that it is the 1870’s. What do you do now?


Firearm of the Week, the Beretta 92 Series, Pistol 9mm M9, the One with MOJO

Have you ever bought a gun just because it looked cool? I cannot believe I am saying this but that is the reason I recently bought this one. In the words of Austin Powers it has MoJo and it is one sexy beast. In the late 1990’s a friend of mine purchased one and we went shooting. I was sporting a repulsive Smith and Wesson 5906 that was an issued duty weapon. He pulled that black beauty out and I was in love. I faintly thought I heard music.


Starting Your World War II Rifle Collection

Many of us have respectable firearms collections. Some of us collect everything we can get our hands on. Others collect specific guns from different eras, countries, or conflicts. A fellow gun collector had mentioned to me that he wanted to start collecting firearms from World War II.


Happy Birthday United States Navy – Anchors Aweigh, My Boys…

Today, December 13, 1775, with the words above two ships became the U.S. Navy. The two ships, Andrew Doria and the Cabot given the orders to cruise eastward became the first U.S fleet to set sail. Later the American fleet would add the Columbus and the sloop Providence. John Adams who had fought hard for this day believed that we had a “Seafaring Inclination” Oh Did we ever!