This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Scattergun

The AR-15 is one of the most menacing looking firearms ever created. With that menacing design comes some well-deserved clout. After seven years in the military and cycling thousands of rounds through an old Colt, I became very more than proficient at manipulating the ergonomics of the AR platform gun. That familiar design, character, and feel of the AR was like wearing a pair of comfortable old jeans—it just felt right. Akdal Arms in Turkey put those winning ergonomics to good use by wrapping that AR design around a 12-gauge combat shotgun. The RAAC MKA-1919 is a unique semi-automatic 12-gauge designed for a variety of shotgun roles. The Turkish military and police forces have used this shotgun since 2008. As a result, their military fully field-tested the gun and hammered out the new-design kinks. Forget slow loading magazine tubes and awkward tang mounted safeties, the MKA-1919 delivers 12-gauge stopping power with deadly AR efficiency.

When you hold the rifle in your hands, you have to look twice to remind yourself that you are holding a Turkish shotgun and not an American battle rifle. The familiar ergonomics made the first run a breeze. The safety rests right where is should be, just above the grip on the left hand side. Thankfully, I could reach the magazine release button without letting go of the grip. I was worried the larger magazine well would alter the location of the release, but a quick move of my right index finder dropped the empty magazine like bad habit. The only change I had to accept was the way in which I chambered a shell. Rather than being mounted on the rear, just above the buttstock, the charging handle rests on the reciprocating bolt, exactly like an AK. This did not bother me since using an AK takes little training and reaching across to charge the weapon was effortless. The bolt release paddle worked perfectly when slamming new shells into the chamber. Overall, the controls are very straight forward so I was able to cycle through shells and reload magazines at break-neck speed.

The included iron sights are removable, making this shotgun easily customizable. Underneath the detachable carry handle is a Picatinny rail for mounting custom optics. Akdal made the chrome-lined barrel 19.7-inches long and threaded the end for installing different chokes. Included in the box are a cylinder bore, modified, and full choke tube set. The handy choke wrench makes it easy to switch them out if needed. For increased durability, they made the upper receiver from aluminum alloy while the lower receiver is an impact resistant polymer.

The MKA 1919 chambers and fires factory 2.75-inch or 3-inch shells loaded with birdshot, buckshot, or slugs. The gun arrives with one magazine for 2.75-inch shells and a second for 3-inch shells. Make sure you don’t confuse these two, since mixing these up seems to cause an occasional malfunction.

Shooting the MKA 1919 is an absolute dream. My usual gun-snob concerns disappeared once I burned through a few magazines. My esteemed colleagues in the gun industry were able to take the 1919 to the range a day earlier, so they had to fight through the break-in period. The majority of reliability issues sometimes reported with this gun seem to center around insufficient break-ins. The consensus is that you should allow a solid 500 rounds to get the gun running properly. Maintenance for the 1919 is extremely easy as well. A simple swipe with a bore brush and the occasional squirt of oil keeps most of the parts running flawlessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting up the range with the 1919. Its easy handling, lightweight, and familiar controls combine to make a very functional and fun semi-automatic shotgun. It can fill a number of roles with only slight modifications. Hunters can easily plug the magazine and adjust the chokes for birds or clays. Those looking for a home defense gun will have an excellent rapid fire, high-capacity shotgun. The competitors and 3-gunners will love the weight and reliability of this amazing 12-gauge.

Specifications and Features

  • Gas Operated Semi-Automatic
  • 12-Gauge 2 3/4″ or 3″ Shot Shells
  • Upper Receiver: Aluminum with Milled-in Picatinny Sight Rail
  • Lower Receiver: Polymer, Fixed Pistol Grip and Shoulder Stock
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Removable AR-15 Style Adjustable Sights
  • Removable Box Magazine
  • Barrel Length: 19.7”
  • Overall Length: 40.5”
  • Height: 7.5”
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds unloaded
  • Capacity: 5+1 Shells
  • Chokes: Removable, Full, Modified, and Cylinder Bore Provided
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Comments (6)

  1. Yeah, but I bought this gun cause all the outlets here in Boomhower were out of Norinco 982s. Now I guess I’m gonna have to sell another 200.00 worth of cans so I can have a gun that takes 870 accessories.

  2. Bill, it’s a personal preference. The Ithica 37 clone works for you.. Glad to hear it. I have been wanting a “box magazine” fed shotgun for a while. I like the AR platform and to have them combined in a shotgun that works well… Is exactly what I wanted. Sometimes it isn’t about the cost, it is more about getting what you want. I wouldn’t spend 100.00 on a gun I didn’t want.. Back to your question about what’s so good… 1) very similar to the AR platform that is easy to use… Yes a pump or traditional auto loader is easy also, but now I only have one set of muscle movements to master.
    2) the magazine .. Your Ithica clone holds 6. Reloading happens 1 shell at a time for traditional shotguns. The magazine (btw there are 10 round versions- note that there is some cost associated with legally inserting one of them… 922(r) compliance will cost about another 150.00) allows for a quick reload.. Now in most real world situations, probably one or two rounds is all it will take from any shotgun. However, the option to offer “10 more opportunities to change someone mind” in less than 2 seconds is not a bad thing.
    3) accessories are coming and they play well on this platform… Just like they do on anything with a standard rail..

    So what is so great about this gun? It is what I want, it does what I want , it performs the way it is supposed to. And it is priced within the value I associated with this type of gun. This is America, buy what you like and respect that others may like something different. You bought your gun for you and I bought this gun for me. In many places outside of the US you can’t get a gun, that is what is so great about this gun.. We all have a choice about what “gun” we get.

  3. Very attractive package. Any takers on whether it’s available for the peons in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia? My Dad taught me to avoid sucker bets.

  4. I bought one of these when they first came out and planned to use it as a home defense weapon. I really like common features and ergonomics of the AR platform. As stated by the reviewer, mine needed a few hundred rounds to really function reliably. It runs fine right now, and it’s a gun that gets passed around when my friends and I get together and shoot. It needs mags that are 10-20 rounds. That would be a fun time!

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