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Is the Polymer Lower a Good Idea?

Traditionally, much of the AR is already plastic. However, recent developments are pushing the limits of the AR design, and the polymer lower receiver is now commonplace.

Allegiance PowerStrike in ballistic gellatin


Throwback Thursday: Allegiance PowerStrike Frangible Ammo

The secret to PowerStrike is its High Energy Transfer (H.E.T.) technology. PowerStrike is a Lead-Free powder metal High Energy Transfer (H.E.T.) round designed to create controlled penetrating fragmentation in soft targets. It is excellent for hunting small, large and dangerous game as it can penetrate thick bone and hide. For tactical applications, it can penetrate light barriers to reach the target while still fragmenting inside the target. Read the full review.

5.11 Moab pack front

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Review: 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Pack

There are a ton of packs on the market today, but the Rush Moab 10 pack delivers something a bit different and unique to those looking for an extremely useful sized 1- to 3-day pack. Concealed carry? No problem.

Man-shaped torso metal reactive shooting target

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Reactive Targets

Spice up your training or make your time at the range more engaging and exciting with a reactive target. Reactive targets will take a boring range session and transform it for instant feedback during training and more fun than a new shooter ever imagined!

Springfield XD45 with tactical light


10 Simple Ways the Springfield XD Could be a Better Gun

Why does one particular Shooter’s Log writer keeping calling the Springfield XD “the best of the worst?” Find out why in this extended “review” of what Springfield Armory could do to make the XD series the perfect pistol.

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