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Choosing the best generator

Camping & Survival

How To Choose the Best Generator for Emergencies

A complete buyers guide to selecting, purchasing, and maintaining a new emergency generator including details on different types, fuel sources, and what to consider when buying. Read this post to discover the details that will help you pick the right generator for your survival needs.

Tooled leather case with dark brown edge and gold, red and orange design on a woven gray-and-white background, with the stippled black handle of the Ruger showing.


Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

Finding the right holster should not be hard to do, but it can be. How many of us have a box, bag, or drawer full of holsters we do not use? Why are they there? Like most people, you likely purchased them and they either did not fit your gun, were the wrong type, did not wear comfortably or you just decided you didn’t like it. Here are a few tips to ensure your next holster purchase delivers.

Picture shows a woman beside a tent, setting up camp under the shade of a rock overhang.

Camping & Survival

Throw Back Thursday: How To Buy A Tent

Enjoy this post on what to consider when heading out to buy a new tent for your camping trip. Read on to discover what to look for in a tent, how to shop for one and and strategies to prevent an unpleasant outing. Covers many types of tents for all uses.


Women Afield—The Five C’s of Gun Buying, Part 1

Knowing why you want a gun, what you’re going to use it for and what you can handle are essentials for every female shooter… whether brand new or looking for a new gun to try out. Knowing what you need before you go to the store means you’ll get the RIGHT gun for you. Check out this 2-part series on the key things to consider before making a purchase.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911U Undercover Semiautomatic Handgun with Wood Grips


Industry Firsts and True Innovation—New Rifles and Handguns

The newest firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include the finest Winchester 1873 replica lever-action rifle you can buy, a popular competition 9mm pistol from Europe, the first ever available Bulgarian AK-74 and a true AR-15 platform chambered in .308 Winchester from DPMS. Hunters, collectors, competitive shooters and cowboy action shooters will find a firearm that fits their needs in one of these new guns.

Picture shows a Ruger American bolt-action rifle with a moss green synthetic stock.


Throwback Thursday—Entry Level Bolt Action Rifles

If you are a beginner hunter or even very experienced, no longer must you pay top dollar for an accurate and reliable bolt-action hunting rifle. There are many affordable bolt-action rifles selling for less than $500 to choose from. From the new Ruger American Rifle to old stand-bys like Marlin, The Shooter’s Log provides a list of the best-performing, best-valued entry-level bolt-action rifles that our experts have tested and approved.