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Are You Using the Right Choke Tube? Trulock Chokes Tubes Will Improve Your Game

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Shotgunning looks so easy. After all you get a pattern of shot instead of a single bullet. Then again, golf looks easy… Fortunately, shotgunners have an advantage over golfers, they can switch chokes to improve the performance of the gun, or a particular load, depending on the desired outcome by choosing a choke that will quickly disperse the shot or hold a tighter pattern over distance.

Trulock Choke Tubes Logo
Trulock Choke Tubes
Improving your shotgun shooting can come down to a few factors: shooting form, your eye-hand coordination, and firearm technology. Trulock Choke Tubes can’t do much about your coordination. But its choke tubes, and the technology behind them, can and will help your shotgun perform better for the intended type of shooting. By that we mean, you need the right shot pattern. The easiest way to change the pattern is to have the proper choke.

George Trulock, founder and president of Trulock Choke Tubes, has spent a lifetime thinking about shotgun variables and how better choke tubes can lead to better shooting performance.

According to Turlock, “The only thing that is consistent about shotguns is that very few things are consistent. Identical guns with the same degree of choke and using the same shell may not pattern the same. The same load between various brands of shells can pattern differently. Patterns will change when changing from hard to soft shot. Patterns can change when anything in the shell changes such as different wads, powders, or primers.” That range of variables can mean that a better choke tube—one designed not only for your gun, but the shotshell you are using, and the hunting or shooting application at hand—can make the difference between a poor pattern and one that is dense, uniform, and centered around the point of aim.

Trulock Choke Tubes Logo You need the right choke tube no matter what you are shooting. That’s why Trulock designs and manufactures over 2,000 different choke tubes. It has chokes for just about any shotgun—from American Arms to Yildz. It makes chokes for every kind of hunting and shooting application. It has chokes for skeet shooting to card shooting, upland bird, waterfowl, turkey, deer, hog, tactical, and many more.

The range of variables in the field also means that Trulock knows hunters and shooting sport enthusiasts don’t need quality control problems in their choke tubes. That’s why it builds its choke tubes at its factory in Georgia and uses U.S.-produced steel. The choke tubes are heat treated to a high strength level to reduce wear and choke creep. From start to finish, the commitment to making a high-quality, American-made choke tube is Trulock’s top priority.

The goal is to improve your shotgun’s performance, and Trulock Choke Tubes doesn’t compromise on that goal. In fact, Trulock guarantees it.

Any customer who is not satisfied for any reason can return the tube for their money back or an exchange within 60 days of purchase. And, any customer who likes the choke tube knows that the best customer service in the industry stands behind it—all Trulock choke tubes are guaranteed against failure for life.

What choke do use for which task? Share your insights and tips in the comment section.

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