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SKS-AK Scabbard

The Military SKS-AK Scabbard is an item I recently took a chance on purchasing. If you are expecting a top of the line, grade A, leather-bound scabbard this is not for you. For the price though, I thought it would at least be a great pouch for my tactical Mossberg 500 shotgun that is leaning behind my bedroom door, to keep the dust off and provide easy access if needed. I did not want this shotgun in a typical gun case as I want quick and easy access with no zippers. This is not for a hunting rifle but a home defense weapon. I was pleasantly surprised.

SKS-AK Scabbard
SKS-AK Scabbard Open

It is made of military-grade canvas and even though it is listed as grade 2, it appears to be almost new and in great condition. My shotgun slid right into it. Tying of a few straps and then wrapping a longer strap around the whole scabbard it was a perfect fit. The scabbard has a shoulder strap that allows me to carry it over my shoulder on my back. More importantly, with the straps, I have quick and easy access to my gun if needed.

I went ahead and purchased two more for the type of guns it was designed for, my AK-47 and my SKS. I am thinking of one more for my short Mosin 44 carbine.

This scabbard will not accommodate a full-length rifle, as it is only 37 inches long. If you want to put a shotgun in it, make sure you have a collapsible stock to shorten the length. Furthermore, it offers little or no protection from bumps, hits, or drops, it is very basic.

It is a great bug out bag for a gun that keeps the dust off your tactical rifle while in the closet or behind the door, nothing more and nothing less. Finally, if you are looking for a scabbard or case that offers more protection for hunting trips or casual travel there are numerous to choose from.

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  1. Ohio,

    I agree that this was a good review and pretty spot on given that I own the same scabbard. I would like to make a comment on your remark regarding that spammer not knowing english and thus equating them to not having any rights. Remember, the founders were strong believers in natural rights as humans, not english speaking Americans. One could even argue that certain rights such as due process or the right to defend one’s life, liberty and possessions do not necessarily depend on whether or not the are an American citizen. Food for thought.

  2. The “url shortening services” guy is a spammer – he writes a generic comment, then goes on lots of different blogs using the same comment to post on every blog. Don’t worry about him, most likely he doesn’t even know english or have any rights at all.

    Thanks for the review, if this is still under $20 I’m gonna pick one up right away.

  3. No problem Allen. I’m bangin’ this out with two thumbs on a worn out not so smart phone on which the screen keeps sliding down, covering the top row of characters while I type. I cover two or three consonents at a time and often mis-spell without catching it. That guy may have hit the wrong button trying to reply to someone else. At least I’ll give him the benifit of the doubt. Keep the interesting topics coming. Thanks.

  4. Bill I am not sure who that is or who they are talking to, I just wanted you to know it was not from me and thanks for your review.
    CTD Allen

  5. I do consider all of the concepts you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for newbies. May just you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  6. Sorry, I didn’t mean to send yet. Anyway, that ModGear scabbard would be perfect for my riding mower,or anywhere else you might want to stash one. Laced to the back of a truck seat, behind the front door, in any boat, etc. I want to get one, see how well it works, and eventually get at least two more. I also want a Norinco 982 ( think Rem. 870 ), and a Mossberg 590 SPX. I think it’s # 50771, the one that comes with the bayonet. I don’t know anything about the one you displayed in this article, but to me, a scabbard means open-ended. I’d like to know more about this one, and any others available out there so please, post your comments, anyone who has any experience with any of these scabbards. What you like/dislike about them. Thanks.

  7. You didn’t mention price, or where to find one. What about the one in your catalog? The ModGear shotgun scabbard? That’s the one I’ve been eye-balling.I didn’t have anything to use one with, except a couple of pre ’64 Winchester 30.30s. Then last week, my wonderful wife bought me a Stevens 350 (think Ithica model 37).

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