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BREAKING: NFA Registration To Be Required for Pistol Braces?

AR-15 handgun that is isolated on a white background

Update: The ATF announced that it has “withdrawn its guidance” concerning pistol braces, which means pistol brace guidelines will remain as they are, for the time being. Be sure to check our list of banned firearms, guns and parts in each state for more information about restrictions in your area.


AR pistols and similar firearms have been popular ever since the advent of the pistol stabilizing brace.

Since they qualify as pistols instead of rifles, they aren’t subject to the additional charge and wait of registering the firearm under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

With more and more manufacturers producing them, pistol braces of all different designs for AR-15s, AK variants and other firearms have taken the market by storm.

Now, that may be changing, due to some new proceedings initiated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The ATF and Pistol Braces

When pistol stabilizing braces first came along, the ATF released a statement saying that it was illegal to shoulder the braces.

You could own them and install them, but as soon as they touched your shoulder, they transformed into an illegal device. Later, the ATF changed their mind and stated you can shoulder a pistol brace.

Recently, the ATF went after Q, LLC for their Honey Badger pistol, calling it a short-barreled rifle (SBR) that must be registered under the NFA.

This didn’t go anywhere for them and now they are going after pistol braces again in a suit against SB Tactical, one of the most popular manufacturers of pistol stabilizing braces.

In October 2020, the ATF declared that some braced pistols actually qualified as SBRs, but was barred by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Disregarding the DOJ’s order, they had a special agent from their Boston Field Division issue cease-and-desist letters.

Pistol Braces

How SB Tactical Is Involved

In a 2018 letter from the ATF to SB Tactical, the ATF stated that SB Tactical sold braces that were advertised as being “evaluated and approved,” but there were only two specific models that were approved, the SB15 and MPX PSB.

SB Tactical advertised these braces as “ATF Compliant” because the ATF had stated that models using a similar design to those that had been approved (two rubber pads and a strap) did not require additional approval.

Furthermore, after receiving this letter in 2018, SB Tactical submitted all of their designs to the ATF for specific approval, and the ATF ignored their requests—no approval or denial or anything.

According to SB Tactical, the ATF reviewed their product and stated that the attachment of a pistol brace to a firearm doesn’t change the classification or subject it to NFA control.

The ATF claims that only two models had been specifically approved is debatable as well, as there are documents referencing two other models that were specifically approved, the SOB and SBM4.

The ATF also stated that the Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB) does not approve stabilizing braces that are based on shoulder-stock designs. However, the specifically approved MPX PSB brace (that the ATF even acknowledges as being approved) is based on the stock on the SBR version of the same firearm.

It even shares aesthetic and functional aspects of the overall design, mounting system and length of adjustment.

On Dec. 18, 2020, the ATF published their proposed Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with Stabilizing Braces and are accepting comments until January 1, 2021.

FDE AR Pistol with SBA3 Brace


If this is all truly illegal, it brings up the question why a single purchaser of these non-approved pistol braces has never been prosecuted. Furthermore, the ATF hasn’t issued a criminal order against SB Tactical or gone to court to file an injunction against them.

If passed, this would require pistol stabilizing braces to be registered under the NFA or destroyed.

It could also potentially extend to all other pistol stabilizing braces and other firearm accessories and firearms. We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of the ATF proceedings against pistol braces? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Cole

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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  1. I think the ATF and NFA need to stop and think. The only people that are going to be affected by any rule changes are going to be law abiding citizens. Criminals break laws and will continue to. You’re just making it harder for those of us who do follow the rules to protect ourselves and loved ones. Braces can make someone more accurate therefore less likely to miss and hit an innocent bystander. No more laws for the law abiding citizens.

  2. The latest on this is that they have backed down after a few dozen congressmen asked them to explain their reasoning. I’m sure they didn’t say they are planning on confiscating all ARs so why push this now but I think that’s the case.

  3. Until ALL of us who claim to be firearm enthusiasts who believe in, and support, our Constitutional freedoms stand up TOGETHER and IN UNISON say “NO MORE”, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH UNCONSTITUTIONAL DICTATES” and, if necessary, FIGHT, these “dictates” will simply continue unabated. The minute we MEAN “Molon Labe” when we say it and as soon as “Sic Semper Tyrannis” turns to ACTION, the “dictates” will cease. Have we had enough? I, for one, sure as hell have. How about you?

  4. I have a problem with the government telling me I can’t have a sawed off shotgun. But there you are. If you’re now telling me my pistol brace is illegal who gave you the right to do it and what difference does it make? Long barrel shotgun, short barrel shotgun what difference does it make? For me, as a woman, I’d prefer the shortest barrel possible because home defense makes it tough in a small house with a long barreled shotgun. The government has always been paranoid of a militia being formed so they go after everything they possibly can to take away our rights. It’s only going to get worse now with Blockhead for president. The new Hitler regime will disarm us all.

  5. Why not simple make an SBR legal – it dates back to the National Firearms Act of 1943 and likely is outdated – for any barrel then sort out what is what – Pistol vs Rifle: Suggestion below10″ a pistol, above 10″ a rifle.

  6. Ok lets see if I can get this squared away as to how completely idiotic these pistol ATF edicts will be… buckle UP!

    -EPA just put out new laws & guidelines that if you own a garden hose that is longer than 30’ feet it must now be registered as a (SGH) “Short Gargen Hose” & failure to do so will now be a felony.

    -FDA puts out new laws & restrictions regarding coffee makers, that if your current coffee pot has the capacity to make more than 10 cups of coffe at a time it must now be registered as a high capacity coffee pot & failure to register said coffee pot & to be in possession of said item is now a felony.

    DOT- Has put out new laws & guidelines regarding “Red” painted vehicles that any type of vehicle that is currently painted any shade or derivations of “Red” must now be re-painted Blue & failure to comply with new laws can result in confiscation or arrest of said vehicle owner…

    These are just a few examples to show how completely ridicules & mind-numbing these new ATF laws sound & will be!! Wake UP America!
    “WE” the People will not comply! we are done!! Ya want them come & get them!!!
    I Sense Much Fear In You!!

  7. Tim Summers you hit the nail on the head brother. I like sugar in my coffee and a butt stock on my ar pistol.

  8. An attempt to change “their” law after the sale and use of probably millions of products is much more serious but similar to Lucy pulling the ball away as Charlie tries to kick it. If this ATF heresy doesn’t get squashed before Trump leaves (hope he doesn’t), the next administration will probably support this effort and will give them confidence to implement others.

  9. I just looked at the ATF nfa rules and regulations pages. there were some fold-able stocks and other short barrelled guns there. I would not want to shoot most of them. I did not see anything there resembling the braces you list. Looking at the pictures you show, I can see the fear that some people will have. Criminals do not pay taxes requested by the ATF or by anyone they are not forced to pay. Being criminals their guns were: likely stolen (no tax there); perhaps altered by criminals (no tax paid); Additionally criminals probably made their own silencers too (no tax there)
    Criminals disregard laws already, that’s what they do. Hunters and sport shooters have various skills and capabilities. Adaptations to weapons, equipment and circumstances can help safely operate guns of all kinds. I think that some guns and holsters already on their NFA tax list should be allowed for active and retired: officers, military, security and handicapped Americans. Just because some might misuse weapons and adapted guns is no good reason to penalize physical limitation or curtail ownership and protection ability with restrictions or special taxes. I would not be surprised if there are some who have one or more things on the “weapon made from” or “any other weapon” list without knowing it. Your article sent me to the ATF firearms guide to see what was there. I believe that many veterans have physical issues that can be mitigated with alterations to their guns, including pistol braces. -Ron

  10. This is unconstitutional and should not be allowed. They have already infringed on too many of our rights as it is!

  11. The right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed. The atf and any other regulation of any part of a firearm is unconstitutional. FREEDOM. What don’t you understand.

  12. The ATF should not have the power to arbitrarily changes gun laws this infringing on Second Amendment rights! Millions of law abiding citizens already own these pistol braces and have ar/ak pistol platforms. To be allowed to mame their own rules and now go after law abiding citizens for what was a legal product should be illegal and stopped immediately!

  13. I know this has been said before but one more time can’t hurt. (Guns don’t kill people) If the government wants to sanction certain people from having firearms, EX- mentally unstable, or criminally convicted offenders, then that’s fine. I even agree, but there should be very strict and defined rules in place.

    Their should not be laws that prevent law abiding citizens from owning any type of rifle or firearm.

    If they want the public to register a firearm then that’s fine. I agree weapons should be registered. But their should not be restrictions on stocks or magazine capacities, or suppressors. Those items simply are not what kills people. It’s unstable individuals that cause the problems. Now that being said. If you have a family member or friend that committed a violent crime and you are found to be aware of their mental instability, then you should serve the same time and punishment as the one that did the crime. Firearms should be used for hunting, sport shooting, practice, and most of all protection for self, family, and public. But their should not be any restrictions as to what the firearm has on it. When a firearm is carried by a stable citizen it is nothing more than a tool.

    The real problem is that politicians and various organizations want to go after the weapon or the weapon manufacturer. Not the real problem.

    So ask your self why. Why do politicians want all of the extra regulations and fees. MONEY. THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY.

    They really don’t care about the public or the rights set forth in the constitution. They are more than willing to walk all over both to pad their pockets.

  14. This is ridiculous. And now that Biden is presumed to to be the next president the ATF will become a weapon for the Democrats. The Supreme Court better start defending the Constitution or I’m afraid all hell is going to break loose.

  15. The Second Amendment has been under attach since before I was born. How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time. We need to draw the line in the sand and begin the ‘push back’ to reclaim our God given rights.

  16. Well I’m an avid gun owner and my father was before me. I’m a law abiding citizen, a Free american and I know my rights. So ask yourself, why do you need a short barrel , or a sbr,or a silencer or why would you need a pistol brace … because I want one! Same reason some put sugar and milk in their coffee.. you customize it to make it what you want and like… the question is… why do they have any dang right to tell us what we can or cant have or own and have on our gun?? The only ones they can regulate are the ones that have it legally… so they are punishing the law abiding citizens… not the criminals because they dont have regulations.. they dont have them registered… so why should we?!?! What we own is none of their buisness.. we are law abiding citizens!

  17. The pistol braces make the ar pistols a truly versatile hunting weapon. With the short barrel and heavier weight of an ar pistol, the sb tactical braces increases stability needed to make accurate shots on game for an ethical kill on the animal and not wounding.

  18. ATF is the problem. You cannot expect a citizen to follow laws or regulations if they are inconsistent applied. When instituting a regulation after millions of gun owners have bought the product and then reinterpert the regulation years later to make millions of gun owners law breakers is unjust. It is not the fault of the gun owners but the ATF fault for not doing their job.

  19. I think it’s ridiculous that any politician or government agency attacks these types of products. They simply want to make more money and know what everyone has in the process.

  20. Well as far as I’m concerned I think the 200 tax stamp is illegal and should be abolished its like a form of bribery the government has ok’ed for itself its illegaluntilyou pay us $200 and when you do we will make it legal , and in regards to pistol braces if they have been purchased before the restrictions they should be grandfathered in if you already own one and you shouldn’t have to do a thing. They have been over stepping far to long and we need to do something about it.

  21. This is truly a pile of dung of ATFE’s own making and now they are trying to put the dung back where it came from!

    I highly suggest that everyone contact their Congressman and politely explain the issue and request they do everything in their power to oppose the proposed the “reclassification.” A phone call to their D.C. office or local office is the most effective way to get their attention. They are often flooded with emails to the extent they are ignored. Written letters are extremely slow in getting to them because of the security processes they are put through.

    Inaction now will result in severe headaches for thousands, if not millions, of firearms owners later!

  22. The article about the pistol braces concerns me greatly, for more than one reason. For one, I don’t think a brace makes or breaks whether you use the weapon legally or criminally, that is a state of mind that is already present. More worrying , to me, is that ATF agents ignored DOJ directives and issued orders to stop production on their own. That is another example of officials carrying out their own agenda instead of following the law. Then, they demand that the citizens follow the law. Does anyone else see a problem there ?

  23. sounds to me like entrapment like theyre looking for an excuse to incriminate millions of law abiding citizens, the ATF says they are fine with braces and then they randomly ‘change their mind’?! sorry ATF but i legally purchased my ar pistol and im not going to register mine just because you chaged your mind … this is straight up BS and they know it, trump needs to clean house at the ATF just as soon as hes done proving this establishment is corrupt at every level, i feel he needs to go after these jerks as well….. im sick and tired of the federal and local governments infringing upon our constitutionally protected rights! this is a country founded on the belief of government that is of the people, by the people, for the people and im sick of govt officials that are power driven attacking us the people when their agenda changes course!….. leave the brace ruling ALONE youve already made your decision let it be

  24. The ATF is acting on this now at the request of people on Joe Biden’s staff. Those at ATF who are doing this know that if they do not follow the orders, they will be gone should Biden take office in January.

    The fact is there is no reason that the NFA should even deal with short barreled rifles (SBR). There is nothing about a shorter barrel that increases the lethality of a rifle. It does increase the ability to conceal the rifle, but the fact is criminals have been modifying guns to increase concealment for well over 150 years. The NFA has done nothing to stop that.

    Likewise these pistol braces do not impact the lethality of the weapon. In fact it could be argued that they reduce the ability to hit a target when compared to a normally stocked rifle as they require some amount of practice to use well.

    In truth the NFA should not be allowed to stand. Certainly not in its present form, and certainly should not be broadened by adding accessories to the lists of prohibited items. The bump stock ban that ATF imposed was a test to see if accessories could be regulated out of existence without recompense to those who owned them. Having achieved that success the ATF will now move forward against lawfully owned firearms by chipping away at the various attachments and accessories.

    Unless and until the economic and political forces that ignore the constitution are stopped this will continue to an inevitable conclusion.

  25. I think the pistol brace witch hunt is complete Nonsence it’s a way for the gov yet again to go after the law abiding gun owner not the Criminal these government organizations spent far too much time and money trying to regulate law biding citizens when they should be going after a real criminals violent criminals just goes to show what your government really thinks about you as a law abiding citizen

  26. It’s gonna be used as a form of back door gun registration. They’ll say there n.f.a. devices, but waive the tax, to encourage registration. If you do register your firearms, then they will know who has some of them at least, and you’ll have to keep it, unless they allow transfers, and all legalities and fees that cone with it. So if in the future the somehow flat out ban those guns. They know where to go first.

  27. There is no logical reason to limit firearms in any capacity, for law abiding citizens. History proves time and again, that the only reason to limit the rights of the working men and women, is because you mean to impose your will on them forcibly! The ability to have compact fire power easily transportable is no different.

    Respectfully, JC

  28. Once O’Biden takes office, you can expect things to take a down turn. The Democrats don’t like the 2nd Amendment and will do whatever it takes to erode and take that right away. And that will include products like this brace.

  29. I believe they are after pistol braces just to prove that THEY make the rules and hand out RIGHTS! While I believe we must have handed our rights over many years ago
    And it’s time to take back our rights and live like free men.

  30. The ATF is just another Federal Government Agency which is just as incompetent as the others. I thought that Laws cannot or should not be made retroactive or changed at the Whim of some Bureaucrat?

    The Bad News is that it will get worse, much worse if Biden and his Anti American, Anti 2nd.Amendment clowns take over!

    Merry Christmas and Hopefully a Happy New Year!

  31. I disagree with the ATF’s recent decision to “reclassify” braces. They have been legal for quite some time and to all of a sudden change the ruling is unjustified and maybe even unconstitutional.
    Most conventional handguns are fired with two hands, so the argument that using a brace should only be used with one hand is ridiculous.
    I seem to believe that someone within the ATF has a burr under their saddle blanket and are trying to take it out on legal firearm owners. This ruling and supposed law needs to be stopped!

  32. ATF is waiting on Biden,to make it easy for them. Seems like an Ex Post Facto law to me! But our government is getting good at that legal today illegal tomorrow!!

    If the Government fears the people, you have a Democracy
    If the people fear the Government , you have Tyranny

    Thomas Jefferson

  33. Totally unacceptable, if it’s a problem now, it should’ve been a problem then. My rights are no longer my rights, what next?

  34. I possess an AR pistol. I am old (at least according to ‘experts’). I’ve seen a lot, good and bad. Never have I seen a time when the GOOD PEOPLE willingly lay their guns at the feet of their enemy with the obedience of slaves. I’m, personally, considering being the criminal that by association they claim I am. Why? Because if this move continues, then all out confiscation is
    next! Are you who read this, THAT STUPID!!??! I’ll be the old goat w/ the AR AND THE STARS AND STRIPES standing nearby. Waiting. Watching. Ready to get OUR National guff up and get the enemies of our constitution UNDER BOOT!

  35. ATF is over stepping their boundaries…leave well enough alone…people want to defund the police? I say defund ATF… They are to enforce the laws not make them. Any time a government agency says something pertaining to guns is illegal.. they are actually encroaching on our 2 Admendment..which shall not be infringed upon…so therefore they are going against their oath to the Constitution.

  36. My understanding for the existence of the ATF (the F anyhow) is to regulate arms so specific to war that they have no practical peace time use (i.e.- hand grenades). I sort of understand a ban on guns made iconic for the killing of police officers (Thompson Machine Gun), but even then, I would prefer to regulate individual bad behavior rather than limit the freedom of all based on a few. That brings us to the short barreled rifle (SBR)- it doesn’t fall into my first proposed category, and doesn’t really fit in the second either. Why is the ATF bothering with such regulations? My guess would be that bureaucracies feel they must justify their continued existence by activities showing their worth, leading to ever more draconian restrictions. I suppose I’m showing my political leanings here, but why not pare down (if not outright eliminate) the ATF, as well as any other bureaucratic institutions which have met and exceeded their original charter?

  37. What exactly is the justification for this ? Is crime running rampant with braced pistols ? How many murders, robberies, home invasions ? Or is this just another case of the gun grabbers at ATF deciding what is best for us. Tell ATF to shove this ruling where the sun don’t shine.

  38. The atf has now set the same precedent twice in regards to sbr’s. First time it happened was when m1 carbines were coming back state side from WWII, Korea, and possibly Vietnam. (Vietnam is just a guess due to not looking at the total service life of the m1 carbine) At that time sbr’s were considered barrel less than 18in and because they knew that rounding up all those noncompliant 16in m1 carbines ’s was going to be near impossible especially if they were in the hands of combat vets, they just made their life easier and changed the regulation to 16in. So in my personal opinion the atf has essentially rendered sbr’s and sbs’s of the nfa null and void by creating a parallel event, they and the courts just need to be reminded of that. Even if it doesn’t mean a victory for the 2A it should make their life miserable trying to legally tap dance their way out and around it because they’ve set the same precedent twice now and these configurations are in common use with far more good uses than ill uses. The only way the atf wins is if enough people abide by the honor system to reduce the numbers enough that they can round up the stragglers.

  39. I think they should settle on a definite decision and maintain consistency. There are many people who own these and I’m sure most want to legally. No one wants to be in trouble with law enforcement they just want to own shoot and have fun with their guns. I personally think the brace thing is stupid but that is just my opinion.

  40. I’ve been a shooting enthusiast since I was first introduced to the M16A1 back in 1979 in boot camp. As a city kid I had never been exposed to range shooting until that time. After serving my country and retuning to civilian life my love for this type of carbine continued. I’ve owned several AR style weapons since then and I recently have been bitten by the SBR style weapon for personal defense. My buddy warned me about the ramifications but as a 60 year old retired vet I wasn’t deterred until I started reading up on the AFT website. Unfortunately now I’m more confused than ever so I contacted my local authorities and I was told by both Warren PD and MSP (Michigan State Police) that my weapon, a Bushmaster 5.56 with my newly installed 7.5” barrel. Both said register it and I’d be fine. I registered it and took it to the range the next day and loved it! This is the part where it gets tricky. I added optics (had iron sights Army guy) then I added a light with a remote switch on the barrel guard since I shoot holding the barrel. Then I get a bright idea (so I thought) I added a forward hand grip and felt like, yeah perfect! Only to find that I cannot do that legally. WTH? Now I see why my buddy literally gave my his blade stock. He’s gotten out of this due to uncertainty of the ever changing target with reference to the laws around SBR’s. Help!

  41. It’s a power grab! ATF just wants to flex their muscle. They approved the braves according to the letter stating that similar designs do not have to be reviewed for approval. There are millions of these braces out there and they can’t and won’t go after individual owners. If they try, it will be bad!!

  42. The ATF needs to go; I’m done with them and all of their bs over site. Some things yes I’m glad they have a say over, no one needs grenades or rocket launchers, but something as silly as this is just stupid! I love how they get to play dictator, let the people vote on it instead!!

  43. Disappointing, but let’s be honest- no one can really be even remotely surprised here.

    As a owner of multiple F1 and F4 weapons, I followed these braces closely from the beginning. It was just a matter of time.

  44. The ATF should just leave things as they are. All they will do by pursuing this line is cause law abiding citizens to be perceived as criminals

  45. The ATF needs to leave the people alone. If you can pass a background check in your state then it’s perfectly fine. I don’t care what anyone says but the AR-15 is a great gun for hunting, shooting sports, and personal protection. They keep making up stupid rules so they can track who has what, when, and where. Which is going against our second amendment and our fourth amendment. I completely disagree with their rules.

  46. I think these government agencies are starting to wield their unconstitutional 2nd amendment wish list due to the Biden tyranist administration. It’s only just begun. Their next demand will be forthcoming.

  47. So I read the ATF email yesterday.
    Thoughts are they are going after the “brace” SB! I believe. I believe that the blade type may be okay?? The brace has mass and lends itself to preforming as a stock in there eyes. Also if these moves forward you may file on a form 1 but not pay the tax. What about the Roni that you add a Glock too? What do you guys think

  48. I’ve been a shooter for 55 years. The ATF has always had far more un-elected power than they actually should. I think it may be time to have a million-man march to their headquarters, with, of course, our arm braces intact. Perhaps then they would see things our way.

  49. Considering that the first braces were designed by and for veterans, and a good number disabled, the optics of this could be ugly. Make a point to comment to the effect that this will look like an insult to those formerly and currently in the service.

  50. I’ve held an Federal Firearms License (FFL) for over 35 years and have also been a Special Occupational Taxpayer, i.e., have been authorized to transact in firearms covered by the National Firearms Act (26 June 1934(.

    In that time, BATFE has never required that a shipped firearm to have with it any packing slip, let alone one with an accurate description of the item, e.g., type (e.g., pistol, shotgun, etc.), make’s name; model (if so marked), caliber, and serial number. As the firearms business is tightly-regulated, one would think such documentation would be required.

    In that time, Congress has not taken notice that a once bright-line difference between a receiver (the core part of a rifle) and a frame (the core part of a handgun) no longer is so. An AR-type receiver can be the core part of a handgun.
    Makers do not mark their products, so that a buyer has to choose whether s/he builds a rifle or a handgun.

    These gaping holes in what is meant to be a sound regulatory framework make a nonsense of “gun control”, just as do BATFE rulings that change the definition of a firearm based on its use. Thus, an “arm brace” becomes a “shoulder stock”, if the “arm brace” is placed against the shooter’s shoulder. What next: a built-in camera programmed to detect if the “arm brace” is shouldered, whereupon the camera calls BATFE to notify an agent of this “unlawful” use and send video as proof?

    These absurdities are small-scale examples of the wider absurdity that is “gun control”. At end-2018, there were some 423,000,000 firearms in the U.S. (U.S. Department of Justice, “Firearms Commerce in the United States” 2020 and 2000; military items excluded). At end-2018, there were about 327,000,000 U.S. residents.

    Things so abundant and mainly concealable cannot be concealed. The effort is as futile as was Prohibition, the nationwide ban on retail sales of alcoholic drinks (191-33). Prohibitionists, well-intentioned, were impenetrably stupid. Their legacy: strong criminal cartels, still a plague on the land.

    Rather than worrying about the minute details of firearms, the focus should be on the minority, who abuse firearms for criminal ends. Those folks need to be kept behind bars.

    Background checks are a consumer fraud. Only 62 Federal prosecutions followed 76,142 denials (in 2010) of purchase applicants. For the data see, Regional Justice Information Service, “Enforcement of the Brady Act, 2010”, 2012, p. 7 .

    A Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report (No. 18-440, Sept., 2018) shows that of 112,090 denials by FBI screeners, only 12,710 were sent for “investigation”. Of that number only 12 resulted in prosecutions!!

    Plainly, far more than 12 denials were fully justified. It is a Federal felony for a “prohibited person” to possess or to try to acquire any firearm. Such a small number of prosecutions shows that Federal authorities care little about stopping those, who seek to abuse firearms.

    In short, discussing the difference between an “arm brace” and a “shoulder stock” makes about as much sense as re-enslaving African-Americans. No rational person should discuss either, even for a micro-second.

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