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Police officer aiming a pistol.


School Resource Officer Stops Shooting in FL — Where is the Media?

Last week, there was another school shooting in Florida, but this shooting was much different than Parkland. When the shooter touched off his first shot, the school resource officer immediately rushed to the direction of the gunshot, engaged and took the shooter into custody—eliminating further danger. Did the news media cover the shooting? Was this plastered across your TV screen? Are lawmakers changing firearm legislation as a result?


Remington Makes Several Military/LE Products Commercially Available

Certain Remington Defense products formerly reserved to military units and LE agencies are now available to civilian consumers. The initial Defense offerings are the Remington Gas Piston Carbine R4GP, the R4 Carbine, Modular Sniper Rifles Models PSR and MSR, and the M2010 Sniper Rifle, the U.S. Army’s replacement for the M24.

Picture shows a man dressed in a complete riot control armor suit.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

First Responders Gear: Newest Products From Cheaper Than Dirt!

Did you know that Cheaper Than Dirt! carries a wide variety of first responders gear? From handcuffs to first aid to entry tools and forensics necessities, Cheaper Than Dirt! has greatly expanded its law enforcement, EMT and first responder product lines. Cheaper Than Dirt invites you to browse through its Self Defense, Police Gear category for all your agency’s and personal needs. Need to organize your squad car better or perhaps you are a firefighter in need of hands-free lighting. This week, The Shooter’s Log highlights eight new products those who work hard in the field need every day.

Open Carry

Legal Issues

Should We be Confronting Law Enforcement Over Open Carry?

Recently it seems the floodgates have opened. A new day means a new video where civilians and law enforcement are clashing over open carry. I have mixed feelings over these encounters. On one hand, I am completely in the corner of citizens exercising their Constitutional rights to the fullest. After all, that is why they are called rights and not privileges. Would you encourage more of these encounters?