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Prepping Skills 101: Bartering and Trading

Throughout history, people have returned to the barter system when money has become scarce or lost its value. During the Great Depression and a long recession during the 1980s, Americans returned to a system in which people traded goods and services without the exchange of currency. Many Americans are losing faith in the American dollar and believe economic collapse is inevitable. Only time will tell if that will happen, but David A. Stockman, former Republican Congressman and President Ronald Reagan’s budget director has said, “The future is bleak.” If our paper money becomes meaningless do you know how and what to barter?

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Camping & Survival

101 Survival Uses for a Plastic Bucket

When supplies are limited, it will be imperative for you to think outside the box and think of alternative uses for the gear you have. Many preppers already utilize food-grade plastic buckets for their food supply; however, these five-gallon buckets provide a lot more uses than just food storage. Here is 101 ways to use a plastic bucket in a survival situations.


Survival Ammunition: How Much Ammo do you Really Need for SHTF?

How much is the right amount of ammo to stash for SHTF? Should you follow the motto, “Buy it cheap, stack it deep?” Or should you keep in mind all the other equipment you will be carrying during a bug-out situation? There is a happy middle between stashing away hundreds of thousands of rounds and none. But what is it? Read “Survival Ammunition: How Much Ammo do you Really Need for SHTF” to find out.