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Terrorism May Never Disappear, Are You Prepared?

Terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks

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  1. This implies foreign sponsered terrorism and dosen’t really address domestic terrorism which includes everything from racial/gender based attacks to corporate/government sponsered attacks. Gang/group violence is ever a threat and growing in the form of Flash Mob attacks. SWAT/ATF attacks on innocents claiming “Sorry, wrong address” is even a growing threat.

    Yes, there is a foreign threat, but the greatest such threat to our lives is our own people. Stay Alert, Stay Alive and be Prepared for ANYTHING.

  2. The odds of you being killed in a terrorist act? 1 in 25,000,000! That is ASTRONOMICAL!! Your more than likely to die being stung to death by bees! Don’t let the psychopaths at the Rand Corporation scare you into fearing terrorism, which will more than likely be staged by government.

  3. Got my magnum baseball bat tuned and zeroed for minute of terrorist. The safety has been modified to afford fully automatic payload delivery. I’m concerned though that effewctive employment of said anti-terrorist device might be confused with a loose nut on the operating handle.

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