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The 4 Most Likely Ways You Can Die If The SHTF

The subject of survival in a long-term disaster goes beyond having stockpiles of beans, bullets and band-aids. Tess Pennington at believes that the “majority of those who will die during a long-term disaster will be from illnesses brought on by acute respiratory infections due to cramped living conditions, poor water conditions (or lack of water), or bacterial infections from wounds.” She adds, “If we survive a major disaster, America would become a Third World country, and the aftermath of such a scenario will be similar to living in Africa, Ethiopia, and India.”

More Likely Ways You Can Die If The SHTF

…Zombie attacks seem to be a prevalent theme for preppers to prepare for. In fact, the CDC has even posted a preparedness article on how to ward off zombie attacks. While I believe these zombies will likely take the form of substance abusers, mental patients, the chronically ill or diseased, and desperate individuals whose basic needs have not been met, they will die out in the first few months of an onset of a major disaster, and their presence will rarely be an issue in a long-term situation. Recommended preparedness items: Zombie defense items …Illness Due to Poor Water Conditions. Typically, any diseases that are brought on by lack of sanitation and hygiene are controllable and preventable. In a disaster where water sources are compromised, people within a 50-mile radius could be adversely impacted by illness and disease if just one person incorrectly handles water or incorrectly disposes of waste. Recommended preparedness items: water filtration systems, water purification tablets, chlorine granules, bleach, electrolyte or rehydration powders, anti-diarrhea medicines. …Malnutrition. Those who are malnourished are more susceptible to illness and disease. Individuals who are malnourished will also be vitamin deficient, and their health is likely to regress further. Recommended preparedness items: dietary supplements, vitamin powders, seeds for sprouting or seeds for fresh vegetables and fruits, survival bars, knowledge of alternative means to attain vitamins.   More from The 4 Most Likely Ways You Can Die If The SHTF (used with permission).

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  1. Go to New Orleans and go a few blocks beyond Bourbon Street. All the houses, cars, funiture, and personal effects are flooded, shifted, twisted, mixed together, and piled up everywhere with the streets cleared so you can drive through, smell the rot, and see the devestation……….from 7 years ago. Why?

  2. I think another good thing one might need in your bugout gear , Esp: , If your a Completely independent person , would be a cupla Good Mules” There Tuffer and stronger than a horse , and Fear Just Almost Nothing , as far as predators. And like a houre , they will warn you of up comming dangers in front of you. They don`t need gas and oil to take you to Where” your going , there`s More” than Plenty of water and food along your route to keep them sustained and very well and happy . One would carry most of your ~Bugout or Tac gear , and the other will happly carry you and good shotgun , rifle ,and your side arm of corse, along with a Bunch of ammo you will need to live and sustain him/herself on. If one has ever been on a long cattel drive, one know`s, he can live very well for week`s at a time in Some of the Ruffest Country there is . A good pack Mule , will out last the good Horse , anyday. A Mule will take you through some of the ruffest Country , a Horse Will Not”

    I Fear No Man” Except God” Almighty….. Ask” And I Will Share My Food And Water….. Steel From My Camp” And You Will Never Steel Again ….. Good Luck To All….. When The Stuff Does” Hit`s the Fan.

    God Almighty made us all, and some He gives eyes that’s blind, and some He gives eyes that can see, and I reckon it ain’t none of our lookout what He done it for; it’s all right, or He’d ‘a’ fixed it some other way….. Magnum6

  3. Bob, you make some very good and valid points, however here’s a few things to think about.
    America has been a “cut above the rest” because of the strong moral compass the people have possessed over the years. To say this and the coming generations have the same would be to live in denial.
    Also, while it’s possible guns and ammo will drop, I suggest it is highly unlikely, at least over the long haul and this is why. The govt has and continues to print billions of dollars and also is borrowing hundreds of billions, which is unsustainable.
    Inflation has already begun but they are hiding it. I could go in to detail on how and why but I’ll spare everyone.
    If you believe this current drop in gas prices is the result of anything but the upcoming election, then you’re buying the propaganda. All the media hype about the price of oil has dropped because of this or that is pure bull. Oil is bought and sold on the market with U.S. dollars. Last time I checked, the U.S. is the printer of those! People are being duped in so many ways, there’s not enough space to cover it all. It’s good to be prepared and everyone should be and it’s also not good to buy into the hype as a reason to over prepare, however an old Chief used to say, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

  4. Gee, last time I checked Ethiopia was in Africa. Are you also one of these “educated” people who say Egypt isn’t in Africa? And truth be told, there are parts of Europe, S. America and Asia that are just as bad if not worse than parts of Africa. In fact there are places in America today that are comparable. So why the short list of Racist fear mongering?

  5. Comparing the US with Africa is like comparing Iowa to Arizona. The US has the highest yielding farm lands in the world; US rice productivity per acre is higher then any Asian rice producing country in the world and midwest wheat and corn production is the highest in the world per acre. Famine in Africa stems from droughts that result in years of 0 crop production and government agencies that are corrupt and ineffective. If years later Katrina refugees were still living in the Super-dome and a lawless state still existed in the streets it would be fair to compare it to a third world condition like in Haiti. Marti Gras was packed this year with lots of drunk, non zombies from the northeast. I lived through Hurricane Andrew and survived in a neighborhood with no power and no roofs on most houses for almost a 2 week period. You would be amazed on how good some people under conditions like that can be and I think that is was makes Americans truly a cut above the rest of the world. And BTW, I have a gun collection that dwarfs what most people have and have learned to sell high and buy low. If you think the SC decision to the right to bear arms is going to ever be overturned then by all means stock up and jack the prices of arms and ammo through the roof. When that balloon bursts and prices drop on an over flooded market, again, you’ll be able to pick up some nice stuff dirt cheap. Or you can always go to Africa and pick up a full auto AK on the street for $25.

  6. The one thing concerning this info, the last time I checked Ethiopia is part of the continent of Africa. I do agree that Katrina was awful. I live along the Gulf Coast in Alabama & the response from the government was extremely slow. I’m ready for hurricane season again this year. I also agree with the comment on our current resident in chief, stock up now & work toward a change in November.

  7. Phased array Laser, Vulcan mini-gun, Mossberg 500 for zombies and a .22 revolver when I run out of big ammo.

  8. Roland75, you are dead on for the salesman of the century for the firearms industry. Since taking office, month over month sales records have been consistently broken, in every state that allows citizens to exercise their rights to do so.
    The article is quite correct. As we saw with 0bama’s useful idiots, the OWS crowds, health and sanitation issues can quickly turn a ‘bums camp’ into a disease infested mess. If you are not prepared, you may wind up here or in a FEMA camp as a refugee or prisoner.
    If you have an entitlement mentality, you expect the government to come riding in on a white horse to ‘rescue you’. But, as Katrina dramatically proved, it ain’t happening. In fact, some morons in ‘offices’ will even attempt to disarm law abiding citizens who survived the initial disaster. Also, the stupidly of ignoring days of warnings this was coming and not bothering to prepare or leave didn’t help much either. If you’re not prepared, you might wind up with 20,000 others in a stadium with no water or food for days on end.
    Imagine the Katrina deal from coast to coast because of man made EMP attack or major solar flares as the cause. Doesn’t matter, if you’re not prepared, you are done.
    Get prepared. Click the name.

  9. There are several reasons that I purchase firearms and ammunition. Different reasons require different firearms.

    1. Protection against criminals. This includes protection against home invasion and protection while in one’s automobile.

    2. Breakdown of civil society. A breakdown of civil society could put us in a “wild west” situation where one is responsible for one’s own security. This could be triggered by the implosion of the government, by a disaster of some sort, or by terrorist action such as an EMP.

    It should be noted that the present occupant of the White House is the greatest gun salesman that ever lived! It is better to purchase one’s firearms and ammunition sooner rather than later.

  10. It’s pretty much common sense, sanitation, food etc. It’s called Darwinism, the strong survive, the weak die. Mentally or physically weak, it’s all the same. Keep a bug out bag stocked with first aid supplies, freeze dried foods, compact fishing pole, guns and ammo. Learn what wild vegetation is edible, etc. Water filters are a grand idea, much lighter than actually storing water. If you’re a survivor and a hunter, you’ll be good to go, if and when, the stuff ever hits the fan.

  11. I pretty much agree with the above zombie thing above . Most will likely die fairly shortly from the listed thing`s about here , and a good chunk of 2×4 is all the weapon one would need if a so caled zombie presised . One would have a Lot more problem`s to be woried about when the SHTF , I`m sure .

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