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Pale tan IWB holster shown positioned on a woman wearing a purple shirt and jeans.

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry: The Right Holster

Picking the right holster to properly conceal your handgun is essential. From strong-side to cross-draw, inside-the-waistband to shoulder or pocket holsters, each has pros and cons to consider. Read this post for details and recommendations.

DeSantis Cozy IWB Holster

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Carry Options for the GLOCK Model 42 .380

The Glock 42 provides the reliability and familiar ergonomics that make it a natural fit for shooters looking for a handgun that is easier to conceal when wearing minimal summer clothing. That is all fine and good for firearm selection, but you still have to determine a carry solution for your new pocket pistol. If you are in that category, fear not Cheaper Than Dirt! has the solutions you are seeking.

Picture shows someone's EDC including a GLOCK 19 and Kahr Arms 9mm.

Blades and Knives

EDC—Everyday Carry

Everyone’s choice is different when it comes to their EDC—everyday carry gear. From the bare essentials—a gun, knife and light—to primary gun and a backup gun—whatever you choose should be dependable, reliable and easily fit in your pockets or bag. Rather you are just starting out in concealed carry or an old pro looking to upgrade your equipment and would like to see what everyone else is carrying; I got six anonymous men to snap a picture of their EDC. How does yours compare?

Man in light blue shirt and white ball cap teaches two young ladies how to handle a gun, with a wooded area in the background

Concealed Carry

Safety, Shooting and Gun Ownership

Safety is THE number 1 focus when using any firearm. There are way too many preventable accidents and deaths from people who don’t go to the range to practice or mishandle their weapons at home. Make sure you, and your loved ones, are trained and understand the safety rules in this post.


Advanced Tactics

Staying safe is the #1 priority when using a gun and keeping you and your family alive and well. Yes, taking the standard NRA beginner’s training is a start and continuing your training and practicing is the only way to truly make things safe for you and your family. Read this post to learn specific tools and techniques.

Man in tan shirt and pants with his hand holding onto a gun in his waistband.

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry and Practical Defense

Make sure you’re properly trained and armed for situations where you need to protect yourself. Understanding that force is the last choice, not the first, is as important as knowing how to handle the gun itself. Read this post to discover how to get started.

Picture shows a white, orange and maroon vintage Hawaiian print button down shirt

Concealed Carry

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 19: Five Tips for Carrying a Gun in the Summer

It can be much easier to conceal in the winter when we were more layers and cover garments such as a sweaters, hoodies or jackets do not look suspicious. Even though we wear less in the summer, fortunately summer styles and fabrics are looser. Covering a pistol or a revolver doesn’t have to be complicated with these more casual styles. An untucked Hawaiian or Polo-style shirt and shorts for men and a long cotton maxi dress for women are commonplace during the hotter months. The following are five tips for carrying a gun during the dog days of summer: