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A New Breed of Concealed Carry — Versacarry Revolver

Versacarry Revolver Holster

I love the smell of leather. It is distinct, not really sweet, but pleasing, and reeks of manliness. I miss it, but not so much that I would give up the simplicity and minimalistic approach of a Versacarry holster.

Versacarry Revolver Holster
Versacarry holsters are a unique and innovative new way carry concealed.

Holster is almost a misnomer, because Versacarry is nothing like a traditional holster, it is the ultimate IWB (inside the waist band) carry system however. First off, there is only one side to the Versacarry. The clip goes over the belt, the gun and holster inside the waistband and the side of the gun rides against the body or undershirt.

The fact that the holster is one-sided is a problem for some because the exposed trigger guard. Properly inserted, I have never found this to be an issue. In fact, I have squatted, jumped, rolled, wrestled, readjusted and just about anything else I could think and never found it to be a problem.

Accidental discharges happen at two critical times. The primary period is when holstering or re-holstering the weapon. This is easily avoidable as long as you follow the instructions and attach your weapon to the holster before clipping it in your waistband. This is not a big deal because in a normal concealed-carry situation where you won’t be drawing and re-holstering your gun.

The second is during the draw. Keep your finger off the trigger; practice your dry fire drills, and do not be stupid by trying to be a quick draw artist. Always practice with the following mantra in mind. “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Fast is lethal.” Each step in its own time and rhythm, but remember, it all starts with slow. Do not try to rush or skip the first step; it will come in time.

Versacarry revolver holster in three different configurations
Versacarry has recently introduced designs for revolvers.

Plan B – Carry a Wheel Gun!

Similar to models for semi-autos, the new Versacarry Revolver holsters are sized for caliber and for length. The pistol is held to the holster via the spring action of the plastic and metal retention rod that inserts into the barrel. The attachment is solid. The rod is made slightly smaller (0.015″) than the pistol’s barrel diameter for a good fit. After the first few times the gun is drawn, the fit becomes perfect; the rod is long enough to ensure the pistol remains secure.

Beyond the ability to use one holster for a host of different guns, the Versacarry allows the gun to be carried deep or more shallowly, depending on model and how you need your gun to ride your belt line. The new design also encapsulates both sides to the trigger guard eliminating the aforementioned concerns.

The Versacarry is one of the most innovative pistol concealed carrying devices available. It weighs next to nothing, is strong, easy to attach, and offers one of the smoothest draws I have ever experienced. The Versacarry also offers a no questions asked replacement policy that is hard to beat.

Most of us have a number of holsters in our carry ‘wardrobe.’ Many are likely discarded in a box or forgotten drawer. We also have the A-list drawer—specific models for specific guns or occasions. The old friend—proven and trusted above all others. The Versacarry looks so simple you want to hate it, but works so great you’ll fall in love with it. No, it’s not my exclusive concealed-carry holster solution, but it is my day-to-day preference.

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Comments (8)

  1. Hey Guys,

    We just wanted to answer a few questions for you. The retention rod is made of a polymer called delrin. It is a softer plastic, with self lubricating properties. This material has been tested at our facility and will not damage your weapon in anyway. You will not see anymore wear on your gun than carrying it in a traditional holster. We do recommend, no matter what carry system you use, that you clean your gun regularly. If anyone has any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Versacarry directly.

    Thank you,
    The Versacarry Team

  2. As far as like or don’t like, I’m not leaning either way. I’m happy with my holster choices. As far as the “rod” insert for the barrel, it’s “delrin”..not derlin.

  3. My primary concealed carry pistol is my M1911, the only modification to the weapon from stock US specification M1911 is the addition of my Clipdraw “holster”.
    Unlike this product, the Clipdraw for the M1911 is installed by removing the grip, inserting the plate and reinstalling the grip.
    Zero rust on the weapon after carrying it, zero damage to the parkerization, no wear.

    @Bill Beasy, according to the manufacturers site, the rod isn’t metal, it’s Derlin, plastic. It appears that the entire unit is high durability and strength plastic, with a metallic mount to maintain spring tension.
    Might get one of these for my small wheelgun.

  4. For the benefit of those looking for an alternative to traditional holsters you will be better served and more informed if you visit the Versacarry web site than to rely on the comments as reflected by number 1,2,3 and 4. Specifically if you view “How it Works” and the “F.A.Q.s”. I have and use the Versacarry and have been totally satisfied. Bill

  5. Would you wrap your prized pistol in a salt water soaked towel for hours two or three times a week? If so, this holster is for you.

  6. My question concerns the hardness of the metal tube that goes into the barrel. Will it damage the crown or riflings? I know it’s a simple question but I’m a simple fellow!

  7. That is a terrible design and dangerous as well. There is no barrier between the firearm and the skin. Sweating will ruin your firearm and the rubbing against your body does no good for you or the weapon. The trigger is exposed and can lead to accidental discharge of the firearm. Experience and a drawer full of unsatisfactory holsters lead me to this conclusion.

  8. I would have liked to see photos of this holster in use. Maybe even a short video. It looks like the gun would be placed next to the body, with only a tee-shirt between you and your handgun. I think I would prefer some padding. And a moisture barrier.

    You’re right about the drawer full of holsters. Back when I first got my CHL, my instructor warned the class that we would spend more money on holsters than on our carry gun. I didn’t believe him. Until I spent more money on holsters than I had on my first carry gun.

    Since then, that has reversed, because I’m an NRA instructor, and I have several training guns for which I did not buy holsters.

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