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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 9: Find a New Holster

Picture shows a black leather pancake style gun holster.

Should you switch from summer to winter carry? Many people do not adapt or change how they carry depending on the season. However, there are advantages to selecting a new holster for colder months.

1. Belt holsters are a preferred way to carry Once the temperature drops cover garments such as cardigans, hoodies, jackets and vests don’t look out-of-place. If you find yourself deep concealing in your pocket or in a bellyband during the summer, now is the time to switch to an inside- or outside-the-waistband belt holster. For most, belt holsters are the preferred way to carry due to easy and quick access to your self-defense weapon.

2. Carry a bigger gun Because winter clothing offers more cover than summer’s sleeveless and thin cotton tops and t-shirts, winter gives you the opportunity to carry a larger gun. A longer sight radius equates to increased accuracy potential. Larger frames offer increased capacity. When practical, bigger is better.

3. Shoulder holsters for the office If you wear a jacket, cardigan or zip-up hoodie all day, you might want to try a shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters evenly distribute the weight of the gun for a more comfortable fit. These types of holsters are good for those who sit at a desk or drive around all day.

4. Coat pocket carry Another alternative is to pocket carry in your coat. Some coats even come with holsters sewn in. Remember, if you choose to coat carry and take your coat off, your gun goes with it. Use this method only if you will not be removing your coat or have a secure place to transition your weapon to an alternate carry location on your body.

5. Leather holsters conform It is not necessary to change your preferred way to carry during the winter. Many people don’t swtich, but you can switch from a nylon or Kydex holster to leather. Even though leather holsters are extremely durable, they are susceptible to moisture. Leather holsters are comfortable and conform to not only your shape, but your gun’s shape as well.

As with any new holster, you need to practice drawing your gun at home before strolling out in public. Especially during winter when added layers may cause snagging or prevent you from quickly accessing your weapon. Further, you will want to practice drawing and firing with gloves if there is a chance you will be carrying while wearing gloves.

Do you switch your carry method in the winter? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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