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Galco ankle holster with Ruger LCP inside.


Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Still trying to find the right gun holster? Guest blogger Lori Winstead has an answer. She’s found that the Galco Ankle Lite ankle holster is a great fit for her EDC Ruger LCP. Here is her assessment.

Black leather case with elastic holster inside

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Five Alternative Concealed Carry Holsters

Experts and common sense tell us, it is best to have our gun on our bodies. However, sometimes it is necessary to carry off-body. These five tested alternative carry holsters secure your firearm when you can’t carry on your waist… Want to win one of these holsters? Read the post and learn how to register to win a free Galco iDefense!

Flashbang Bra Holster and S&W Bodyguard revolver

Concealed Carry

Women’s Concealed Carry: Five Holsters that Work

Finding the right holster for concealed carry can be a frustrating endeavor, especially if you are a woman who carries. Traditional holsters are generally designed by men for men and don’t fit the curves of a woman. As a woman who shoots, I find that asking others who carry what works for them helps me find the right concealed carry setup. There are a variety of safe ways to carry that work for women. In this article, I explore five different ways to carry that are comfortable, work with many different outfits and keep your firearms accessible. If you have been struggling to find the right holster and gun combination, read this article and find one that works for you.

Bersa .380 handgun with pink grips, pink gun case and pink rubber bracelet

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Support Through Shooting: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It doesn’t matter what background you come from or what political party you affiliate it. Breast cancer affects everyone. Our own Cheaper Than Dirt community has been shockingly affected by breast cancer. Help support other shooters and outdoorswomen by buying a pink ribbon product through the Think Pink campaign, knowing your money goes directly to organizations that help. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Cheaper Than Dirt has pink ribbon firearms, lights, knives, holsters, and tools that support breast cancer awareness.

Black dual holster with 2 brown gripped pistols on a white background

Concealed Carry

Heavy Insurance: The 1911 for Concealed Carry

When it comes to efficiency, the 1911 stands alone. When you choose the 1911 as a concealed carry handgun, you must think ahead, purchase the best concealment leather gear and consider the whole picture. Read this article to learn the details of why the 1911 is great insurance.

Man lifting his shirt to show a concealed handgun

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry: Discreet but Well Armed

Picking the right holster and clothing for your favorite concealed carry handgun is vital. Read this post for details on how to choose the best combination of handgun, holster and clothing that properly conceals your handgun.