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SIG Sauer P226 Scorpion right side desert tan


If You Have Not Yet, You Should Be Switching to the 9mm

The whole “Larger Calibers Are More Deadly” debate begs certain questions, such as why did the FBI go back to the 9mm if the 10mm was so much better? Why have the Navy SEALs used the SIG P226 in 9mm as their primary sidearm for decades? Surely they could handle a larger caliber, and at last check, they were in the business of killing bad guys. Read the full story to find out why.

Glock G17 Gen4 MOS


Glock Releases Two New Pistols for 2016!

Good news Glock fans, Glock just released the news that it will be debuting two new Glocks this week. The details are rather thin as of now, but The Shooter’s Log’s editors and writers are headed to the range for a little field testing. We will have our first impressions and perhaps a video or two of the Glock in action later today, so keep checking back.

Barack Obama


Obama to Enact New Gun Control — Should You be Worried?

As of now, I am apprehensive as a minimum, if not downright terrified. I do not like the president’s sabre rattling, or the fact that he wants to go around the other branches of government with his pen. However, if he takes the path of past and sticks to nonbinding executive actions, the damage should be minimal. Read the story for the full details of the impending executive actions.

Second Amendment document


New Year, New Democratic Push for Assault Weapons Ban

H.R. 4269, The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015, “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.” Did the democrats not read the part that said, “Shall not be infringed?” Read the full story to understand the latest gun control bill in Congress and how the Founding Fathers viewed gun ownership.

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Brady Campaign Goes All In to Prop Up Hillary with “Visionary” Award

The Brady Center’s effort at grabbing a headline started by coming up with a new award named after (anti-gun) former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The night was everything you would imagine—a bunch of like-minded gun grabbers telling each other how smart they are while drinking the Kool-Aid. It was also a night you and I should take notice of. Read why.