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Plano Gun Sock

There are times when a bombproof container is necessary to protect your firearms from the elements and other times when a velvet hand will do the trick. Either way, you do not want to risk your trusty firearms to a no-name product just to save a buck—and thanks to Plano, you probably wouldn’t even save a buck.

For well over a half-century, Plano has been building the most intelligently engineered storage solutions, the vast majority predicated on toughness and tireless protection of your valuable gear.

However, it’s not always about wall thicknesses and crash tests. Rather, protection may be achieved through delicate handling with a companion focus on removing moisture from the equation. And this job lands squarely in the wheelhouse of Plano’s new Gun Guard Gun Socks.

A series of soft but serious firearm sleeves, Gun Guard Gun Socks are soft silicone-treated materials that serve a couple of key purposes. For one, the Gun Guard Gun Sock offers TLC-grade protection against dings and scratches for short-term handling, such as around the cabin or shooting range. This degree of tender-treatment protects everything from the bluing of barrels to intricate engravings on the action. Gun collectors will find Gun Guard Gun Socks particularly effective in their ginger treatment of antique and priceless firearms.

The second level of protection is geared toward long-term storage. The silicone-treated material thwarts the build-up of moisture, both keeping wetness outside and condensation from forming on the inside. No rust, no fuss.

How many of your firearms do you keep stored in gun socks? Any other uses than firearms? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. I keep most of my firearms in gun socks/sacks. I haven’t any issues with rust with these silicone treated covers.. Good protection!

    1. I used these socks for a relatively short 4 month storage. I added a desiccant into the sock as extra protection. I had no issues and the guns came out just as I put them in. I’m curious though if anyone has used these socks for longer storage and if they did any extra protection.

    2. I have stored guns in these socks for years – without desiccant packs and dehumidifiers in my safe. I have not had any issues with rust or anything else. Other than rust protection, the socks provide ding protection , and as anyone with a safe could tell you, when digging for a particular gun, they can bump each other, causing dings and other minor damage.

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