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The One Firearm I Won’t Live Without, it’s Not What You Think…

LaserLyte Bullsueye kit with blue gun and laser

I am a firm believer in carrying wherever and whenever I can. I am responsible and take my responsibilities seriously. By responsibilities, I mean I care for my equipment, plan the safety of my family and ensure I have spent the necessary time honing my skills so I will be prepared should the wolf ever make the mistake of knocking on my door. This includes both my personal training and the training of my family as well.

Picture shows a blue training pistol with laser and laser reactive target.
The LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit includes a blue, non-firing “gun,” reaction target, universal laser trainer cartridge and batteries.

Training takes a variety of forms; the most important factor I’ll stress is to keep it fun. We all want six-pack abs, but few are willing to do the work. When it comes to safety and security, I am willing to put in the work and endure the pain of working my abs (figuratively, I also have a passion for doughnuts thus my midsection is a wee bit…um…soggy). However, that does not mean I am going to treat my family like a drill sergeant either. Instead, I look for ways to keep it fun.

My daughter has been shooting for two years and she is only six. Unlike my son, she has never enjoyed the smell of gunpowder and busted caps at the range; however, she is no stranger to the sweet smell of Hoppe’s No. 9. Instead, I first introduced her to the LaserLyte Bullseye Kit. Now, the family fights over the blue gun. We keep score, set up scenarios and teach gun safety. My son can ‘pie slice’ a corner better than many law enforcement officers and both kids know the safety points as well as the choke points in our home. Of course, they do not know they have learned these lessons, because it was all taught in fun.

The Genesis

It all started when a box arrived in the mail. When I opened it, the family was all nearby. I took out the target and set it up. I set up the laser and installed it in the blue gun without much fanfare or attention. Then, I brought up the gun, pointed it at the target three rapid clicks! The fourth shot was at the sensor to show the previous hits. Suddenly, like a cat when you open a can of wet food, I had three shooters in line. The entire family wanted their turns. Four hours later, I had to put the Bullseye Kit out of reach just to get them to eat.

The new LaserLyte® LT-223
Why limit your training? The LaserLyte LT-223 fits all rifles chambered in .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO.

Since then, we have all taken turns at designing our practice sessions. Whether as a one-on-one or as a family practice session, we all enjoy the training and practice. While clicking away, we have the opportunity to practice gun safety, muzzle discipline and shooting form. Everyone wants better groups; instilling trigger discipline and good form are treats rather than punishing abdominal exercises.

My daughter has yet to make her debut at the firing line without a loaded weapon, but looks forward to her chance. For the rest, we can also remove the laser from the blue gun and insert it into a properly cleared (unloaded) and triple-checked firearm (and checked again with a visual of a clear action and barrel). This adds realism, mass weight and the feel of the trigger just as they would be using at the range or in a home defense scenario.

The only downside—according to some—is the lack of recoil and report. This is true, but I think they are missing a much larger benefit. In a critical situation such as personal defense or in competition, sight alignment and trigger control win the day. Recoil management is easily taught to the shooter accustomed to proper sight alignment and the ability to maintain it through the break of the trigger. The shooter then naturally accepts and manages recoil by returning to basics and waiting for a desirable sight picture before milking the last from the trigger yet again.

Five different LaserLyte Training Cartridges
LaserLyte cartridges come in a variety of different caliber specific models that fit in the chamber. You can also get a barrel mounted model that is universal.

While this may be true in concept, it is harder with the experienced shooter who is most likely reading this article. We already have bad habits, a desire to anticipate recoil and need for speed. The same criticism is true of the SIRT pistol. The key is not to look for fault, but to determine the strengths.

LaserLyte’s Training Tyme system provides an opportunity to train when you cannot get to the range. It can be used with or without your carry firearm. It can also be used in conjunction with several different firearms. The blue gun is not an exact copy, mimicking several popular modern designs making finding a holster an easy task, but sadly will not work with many retention holsters. On the other hand, you can easily install the laser can in the barrel of most calibers meaning you can use your own firearm where and when appropriate.

LaserLyte Bullsueye kit with blue gun and laser
The LaserLyte Bullseye Kit includes a blue gun, universal laser device and target. You can shoot the target multiple times and then view your group.

Nonetheless, you practice your draw and dry fires, but still get first shot hit feedback. Practicing for IPSIC or IDPA? Self-defense? You can practice your draw and presentation from your competition rig or concealment equally. I also have two reaction time targets that allow me to move about the house, enter a room, and draw and engage the target when the audible tone sounds. The family loves the game where someone hides the Reaction Tyme targets and the shooter has to find them (clear the room) it is our own personal Hogan’s alley. Again, all framed in fun with serious lessons and undertones that the family will come to realize in the future.

Personally, I enjoy the savings on ammunition. During the ammo crunch, we have all felt the financial pinch and sadly far too many have reduced their range times as a result. It was this very scenario that introduced me to LaserLyte. Today, if ammo were delivered to my home by the pallet load, I would not abandon the LaserLyte system. It simply provides too many training opportunities that I cannot replicate such as the ability to train in my home and around the obstacles, angles and layout of my home. The Training Tyme system has renewed my enjoyment of dry fire practice and eliminates any excuses—the range is never closed, the weather is always perfect and best of all, beyond the initial purchase price and a few batteries now and then, unlimited.

Reaction Tyme or Bullseye kit? Which LaserLyte kit would best improve your shooting and training? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Comments (5)

  1. This thing sounds worth it, just for the non-shooters in any family. I would love to be able to gift one to each of my sister’s families so they can learn to shoot without the noise and expense. Hopefully the habit would expand to real firearms and they would lose their irrational fear of firearms. Parts of my family avoid me when they know I’m carrying.

  2. Was one of the very first users of the Laserlyte system and I use it as often as possible. It teaches the correct muscle memory that is essential to proficiency in the use of firearms without the trip to the range and the cost of ammo. It is a great tool to be prepared and ready to defend that which you value and those whom you love.

  3. I have used the LaserLyte cartridge along with their Laser Target for over a year now. I absolutely enjoy using this system!

    Given that the target LED’s only light up one time even when hit multiple times, my goal is to shoot ten shots and then see how few LED’s light up. I’m currently at five, which are in a tight group, and obviously trying to get all the way to one LED for ten shots. And I’m doing it while saving big on ammo costs – probably covered the cost of both units the first year.

    I practice with a Glock 26. There are some downsides. One is that I must rack the slide after each shot to reset. Not difficult, but since you shoot what you train, I’m concerned that in a real-world situation I may instinctlvely rack the slide instead of pulling the trigger over and over. That would eject good ammo and leave me with about half the shots I should have.

    Another downside is that the target is powered only by AA batteries, which must be changed several times a year if you leave the unit on all the time (I do this so it’s always ready for me to practice surprise shots). There are six screws to remove and they require a small shaft Philips head screwdriver. So, I modded the unit by installing a DC power jack, an on-off indicator LED, and a voltage regulator so I could use a 6VDC power supply I had on hand. Now it stays on, is always ready, and no battery changing any more. LaserLyte should build this mod into their units. It would cost maybe a couple dollars in parts and labor.

    1. good for fun and site alignment. but you don’t have the recoil , or the blast of noise that can trow you off balance. good for saving money on ammo and range fees. but live fire will get you to where you need to be faster and reliable. certified firearms instructor for the DOJ.

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