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Carry Options for the GLOCK Model 42 .380

DeSantis Cozy IWB Holster

One of the biggest hits of 2014 in the gun world has undoubtedly been GLOCK’s Model 42. It’s not much of a surprise when you consider GLOCK’s loyal following combined with the recent popularity of pocket pistols. With Illinois being the last state to allow concealed carry permits and other states expanding carry rights people are looking for better carry solutions.

The GLOCK 42 provides the reliability and familiar ergonomics that make it a natural fit for shooters looking for a handgun that is easier to conceal when wearing minimal summer clothing. That is all fine and good for firearm selection, but you still have to determine a carry solution for your new pocket pistol. If you are in that category, fear not Cheaper Than Dirt! has the solutions you are seeking.


Blackhawk! offers its proven SERPA holster for the G42. Blackhawk!’s G42 SERPA holster features an internal locking lever to prevent the firearm from falling out of the holster or being snatched by the baddie during an altercation. To release the pistol, simply depress the lever with the index finger during the draw. While this does require a bit of practice, you’ll quickly discover the draw to be very intuitive and realize that it aligns the trigger finger to a natural position once the gun is free of the holster.

Blackhawk! also offers the basic Sportster holster for the G42. The Sportster is equipped with a paddle back or with standard belt loops for strong side, waistband carry. The CQC Concealment holster features a pressure adjustable detent retention system that allows the shooter to customize the amount of retention on the handgun.


The Blade-Tech Eclipse Straight Drop is the perfect choice for shooters who need plenty of options when it comes to carrying a firearm every day. With a unique ambidextrous design, switching the holster from right- to left-hand carry is as easy as unscrewing the belt clips and switching them over. An ultra-thin, low-profile design makes the Eclipse Straight Drop ideal for deep concealment beneath a jacket or coat, and the level one friction lock and generous sight ramp make for a smooth draw. Constructed of durable polymer, Blade Tech’s Straight Drop is ideal for belts up to 1.5 inches wide.

DeSantis Gunhide

Desantis has embraced the GLOCK 42 with style and plenty of selection. Whether you are looking for ankle, belt, IWB or a pocket holster, Desantis has what you are seeking. The DeSantis Cozy Partner is the perfect inside the waistband holster for your pocket rocket. It features a tension device and precise molding for handgun retention. The memory band retains the holster’s shape for easy one-handed reholstering. The 1.75-inch split belt loop accommodates a wide variety of gun belts. The Cozy Partner is featured in tan leather and available for right-hand carry.

Built for both concealment and comfort, the DeSantis Gunhide’s Intruder’s tuckable design is adjustable for both height and cant. The holster backing consists of top-grain premium steer hide. Each Intruder front panel is molded from genuine Kydex to exacting specifications. The Intruder is offered in black, for right-hand carry.

Looper Flashbang

Women enjoy a carry option unavailable to men via the Flashbang from Looper. Lisa Looper designed the Flashbang Holster to allow concealed carry regardless of how a woman is dressed. This bra mounted thermoplastic holster design is easily accessed by simply reaching under the shirt and drawing the pistol. The firearm rides horizontally just below the bust line and is ideal for carry when wearing any type of shirt or blouse and traditional (non-sports) bra. While the Flashbang is available for a variety of different model firearms, the G42 is a particular favorite due to the concealability of its small size and weight.

Looper The Betty

Unlike the Flashbang, men and women alike can appreciate “The Betty.” Looper’s “The Betty” is a tuckable, inside the waistband thermoplastic holster with adjustable cant. This holster is ideal for carry with or without a belt in any type of clothing with an accessible waistband. It can also be used to clip inside a purse, or to the top of a cowboy boot (with appropriate cover garment). Constructed from a durable black thermoplastic, The Betty design is perfect for right-handed shooters.

Galco Gunleather

At times there is something to be said for not over-thinking a product. Galco is one of the biggest names in holsters and among other models, Galco offers the Tuck-N-Go for the G42. Designed to wear inside the waistband, the Tuck-N-Go features a special clip design that allows you to tuck your shirt in over the weapon for deep concealment. It has an open top that allows a swift draw once the cover garment is swept up and away. The reinforced mouth ensures an easy return to the holster. The Tuck-N-Go carries the GLOCK 42 in a vertical position with no cant or angle.


Tagua Gunleather offers good quality leather holsters for some of the most reasonable prices you’ll find. The scabbards are imported from Brazil. Tagua’s Belt Slide Holster features an open top for an easy draw. If you check out Tagua’s home page you’ll find it sells the holster for $35—Cheaper Than Dirt! is a little over half that amount.

Do you have any experience with these holsters or another one that is a favorite? Tell us in the comment section.


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