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This is not a custom race gun. This is a standard model 51567.


“Right on Target. Right On Price.” Armscor/Rock Island Armory Company Profile

Philippines-based company Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) has been in the firearms business since 1905. After receiving the country’s first official firearms license from the government in 1952, Armscor has moved full speed ahead ever since. They plan to grow their production facilities by double in 2013 and 2012 saw the development of the Armscor exclusive .22 TCM caliber. In 1985, Armscor Precision International opened its U.S. doors in Nevada and shortly after purchased Rock Island Armory. Armscor is some of the most reliable and consistent ammo for the cheapest price that Cheaper Than Dirt carries. As production grows, I’m anxious to see what lays ahead for Armscor and Rock Island Armory.

The medical tactical trauma kit works well as is or as a stand-alone backpack.

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The Best Backpacks for Everyday Carry and Bugging Out

As someone who used to travel half way around the world twice a year, I know how onerous a task it can be picking a bag. The wrong size or shoddy construction can spell disaster with a capital D if your bag does not stand up to its intended purpose. Bags come in all different shapes and sizes; you have simple two pocket backpacks, large duffel bags, load-bearing tactical backpacks, and messenger-style shoulder bags. They aren’t created equal either. Your Jansport from high school won’t work for a hiking trip in the Rockies. Whether you are picking a bag for your bug-out gear, a weekend camping trip or for every day carry—you must consider size, shape and capacity. You’re bound to find one that fits your needs from everyday carry to a weekender from’s five top selling backpacks.

Repurposed military surplus gear makes a perfect and cheap camp set up.


Repurposing Military Surplus Gear: Camping Old School Style

Camping gear can be as expensive or as cheap as you are willing to spend. If you are planning on camping this year and need some new equipment, have you thought about repurposing military surplus gear? For light backpacking, primitive and car camping, mil-surp gear will save you a ton of money. Military surplus gear is also perfect for the kid’s backyard camping adventures. sells a wide variety of military surplus gear from all over the world. Some of it is used, some of it is new. For a great price, you can find almost all you need for a weekend camping trip in our military gear category. Now is the time to buy however, unfortunately military surplus items are getting difficult to find.