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Alternative Forms of Defense

If you can’t carry a gun, I have a few alternative suggestions.

Don’t Tase Me, Bro

You do not need to sacrifice self-protection just because you live in a state where you can’t to carry a gun. Further, the Taser is good backup for places your state restricts your carry. I remember when Tasers were more expensive than a gun, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see the lower cost now.

Experts recommend a Taser over stun guns, because the Taser allows you to protect yourself from a further distance than a stun gun. The Taser C2 has an integrated laser sight to help you aim if you ever have to use it.

Sabre 3-in-1 Defense Spray

The Sabre 3-in-1 pepper spray contains red pepper, CS tear gas, and a UV marking dye, so your assailant is easier to identify for pressing charges. The compact unit will fit in your pocket, but also has a gear clip so you can attach it to a key ring, belt loop, or thin purse straps. It contains about 35 shots and shoots from a range of 8 to 10 feet. Pepper spray is the preferred choice if you are nervous about carrying or cannot carry a gun. It is also extremely cheap. I carried pepper spray with me a few years ago during Spring Break in New Orleans. —It was New Orleans. On Spring Break. Guns and alcohol don’t mix. It’s better to have something, rather than nothing to protect yourself.

United Defense Tactical Pen

I’m notorious for hollering out, “I will knife you!” And you guys already know that my desk is the center of the room here at Cheaper Than Dirt, so I constantly have to tell the guys to get away from my stuff. Hey, as one of only two women in this department, ya gotta be tough.

I’m all empty threat, though. They know I’m not going to knife them. In fact, they know that I have recently, and temporarily, misplaced my knife. However, with this tactical pen, they might start taking my threats a little more seriously.

The tactical pen is not only a functional writing instrument, but it will double as a kubotan. The kubotan is a Japanese self-defense weapon designed by Japanese Karate Master, Takayuki Kubota. The kubotan can cause quite a deal of pain without any kind of permanent damage. It is not restricted so you can take it anywhere.

The Cold Steel Torpedo is fun and easy to throw!

I absolutely have to throw something in from Cold Steel. Those guys are the masters of alternative forms of self-defense. They even make a tactical sarong. Yep. That’s right. A tactical sarong . I’m not kidding.

The Torpedo is perfectly balanced and with a bit of practice, it is easy to throw at targets. It has the potential to penetrate a threat, so in a pinch you can use it for hunting small game, varmints, and self-defense.

Geez, those guys over at Cold Steel have fun, don’t they?

What’s your back-up weapon of choice? I would like to hear about it!

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  1. That pink taser is calling my name and asking me not to let go; but I just gotta ask… is it rechargeable or do I have to buy cartridges as its refill?

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