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After the Quake

I have quite a few good friends who live on the East Coast and I am pretty sure none of them has an earthquake survival preparedness kit. My friends on the West Coast probably think about it—but my NYC dwelling friends? It is probably the last thing on their mind. (Probably would be mine too if I lived in NYC!) So, I thought I would make up a little care package—just in case this kind of thing happens for them again. Here are a few things I am throwing in:

MOLLE Five Day Assault Pack

Since military-influenced fashion is still in style, I picked the OD green backpack. I prefer backpacks, because they free up full use of your arms. And, I promise, you’re going to need them! If you have to ditch your place during a disaster, you need something comfortable and big enough to hold all your essentials—like your laptop, your jewelry, your favorite pair of Manolos, a first aid kit, your flask, a knife, a flashlight, lip balm, ammo, a hairbrush, and other such items you will need as you bug out. This bag also holds a few days’ worth of clothes; but why bother? Now you have an excellent excuse to go ahead and buy more.

Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

This is a huge, and I mean, huge flask. It holds 64 ounces of water … or not water. Depending on how you want to cope with whatever just happened. Knowing my friends, they will need two flasks. Seriously, guys, fill one up with WATER. Do not even try to make it a whole day without drinking water. I know it is beat into the ground, but water is the one essential item for survival. As far as coping mechanisms? Well, they are pretty important, too.

Kaito VOYAGER Solar and Crank Radio

This emergency crank radio does it all. Even though it is a bit pricier than other crank radios, it is worth it because of all the extra features. It picks up AM, FM, Shortwave, and seven NOAA weather alert channels. In a natural disaster, it is extremely important to stay informed of what is going on around the city—you will know if you need to leave, or stay barricaded inside. The Kaito Voyager has two different lights, including a reading lamp and six different types of power: crank, solar panel, AA batteries, and a built-in rechargeable battery pack. It will even juice up your iPhone and iPad, so you can still play Angry Birds.

Millennium Energy Bars

Since the subway would most likely be down and available cabs would be scarce, my friends would probably have to do a lot of walking, which requires energy. Plus, in a natural disaster, I am pretty sure your favorite sushi place would either be destroyed or closed, so food is almost as important as coping mechanisms. These energy bars are pretty tasty, and are just 409 calories apiece—for those of you watching your girlish figure.

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