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SKS rifle top, AR-15 rifle bottom


The All-Around Soviet Rifle — The SKS

Not long ago conversation around the fireplace drifted toward the subject of all-around rifles. I like these moments because my grandson is old enough to shoot, and he is interested in firearms but hasn’t heard it all before. I enjoy a number of interesting rifles including the M1A1 and the AR-15. A certain place in my heart belongs to the Winchester 1895. But if you are on a strict budget but need an all around pest, deer, hog and defense rifle it is difficult to beat the SKS rifle.

G2 Research 7.62x39 Ripout Round packaging and expended bullet


G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Round — Serious Stopping Power!

AKs and SKSs are staple on the battlefield, target range, and in many preppers’ gun safes. While a good supply of bulk surplus 7.62×39 is a must for the range or a SHTF scenario, a few mags of G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Rounds should be at the top of any shooter’s or prepper’s list.

Picture shows an antique Chinese SKS rifle chest rig made of leather and canvas consisting of eight pouches that hold stripper clips.


The People’s Liberation Army Memorabilia: Type 56 Carbine Leather Chest Rig

SKS chest rigs from China are widely available. However, this canvas and leather one from a country no longer allowing exports of antiques is a rare find. It has eight pockets to hold your Type 56 Carbine’s stripper clips in. The PLA’s star insignia is indistinguishable embossed on its shiny metal belt buckle. Over built and in great shape, you will be surprised to know this is a Vietnam Era piece of memorabilia.

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Let’s Redirect That Anger

Diane Feinstein is leading the charge with a new, more restrictive Assault Weapons ban. Fortunately, Feinstein knows a little something about guns. She has concealed weapons permits in at least California and Washington D.C. and who knows where else. Oh yes, Diane understands why ‘she’—a member of Congress, eligible for Secret Service protection, who works in a building guarded by armed capital police—has a need to also carry a weapon for personal protection. However, when it comes to the rank and file citizen she makes every attempt to limit our rights.