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Officers Practicing Adverse Weather Shooting. Photo Courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police.


Pew Poll: Urban Officers Favor People’s Right to Arms

If we have discovered anything about attitudes toward the Second Amendment and public ownership of firearms, it is that there is an enormous gulf between rural and small town America and urban America. Yet, the sample was deliberately and heavily weighted toward large, urban police and sheriff’s departments, ignoring officers in small town and rural departments.

Century International Arms M90MP rifle


CIA RI2222N PAP M90MP AK 5.56 — A Good AK in 5.56mm

The AK-47 was designed for reliability and low maintenance. If you believe the AK never jams, we’re going to a different church, but the rifle is reliable. However, there have been any numbers of rather poor incarnations that simply do not live up to the promise. There are also several well-built, reliable rifles. Read the full review to see where the Century International Arms PAP M90 rated.

G2 Research 7.62x39 Ripout Round packaging and expended bullet


G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Round — Serious Stopping Power!

AKs and SKSs are staple on the battlefield, target range, and in many preppers’ gun safes. While a good supply of bulk surplus 7.62×39 is a must for the range or a SHTF scenario, a few mags of G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Rounds should be at the top of any shooter’s or prepper’s list.

RPK and AKM Machine guns


The RPK Squad Automatic Weapon — Simply Superb

Mikhail Timofeyovich Kalashnikov purportedly devised the assault rifle that bears his name while recovering from wounds incurred during the Battle of Brausk in World War II. While his story has likely been embellished a bit by communist propaganda editors, it is universally accepted that he indeed designed the gun and that it subsequently shaped the firearms world. The author ranks the RPK above the M249 and M60! Did he hit the mark? Read the full story to find out.

Black Hi-Lux AK-CMR Tac-Dot 1.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

AK Optics Options

Modern AK shooters have learned that optics help them shoot the Kalashnikov design more accurately, so here are a few optics (Aim Sport Reflex Sight, Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS 1-6.5x 24mm, Millett 1-4x24mm Designated Marksman Scope, Hi-Lux Optics TAC-DOT Sight System, Aimpoint PRO, EOTech XPS2, Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 Riflescope, Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24mm Scope, and TruGlo 30MM Dual Color Tactical Red Dot) and mounts (Midwest Industries AK Railed Side Scope Mount and Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail) that make the rifle better.