SIG SAUER P210 Legend

Black barreled, brown gripped SIG SAUER P210 Legend on a white-to-gray background, barrel pointed to the left

Arguably the finest service pistol ever made, the original SIG SAUER P210 is a legend in its own right. Capable of shooting a 1″ group at 50 yards, the pistol is highly sought after by target shooters around the world. For more than 25 years, the future has looked bleak for the P210 after production ceased in 1985. But not anymore. Black barreled, brown gripped SIG SAUER P210 Legend on a white-to-gray background, barrel pointed to the leftAt SHOT, SIG SAUER reintroduced the P210, now dubbed the “Legend,”  which comes with a 4.7″ barrel and an 8+1 single stack capacity. The single-action only trigger breaks at a crisp four pounds while sights are available in fixed or adjustable target styles. SIG made a marked improvement on the older P210 by discontinuing the use of a magazine release located on the heel of the base of the grip and replacing it with the more ergonomic thumb-activated magazine release located on the side panel.

This heavy-framed model of the P210 is only available in 9mm and has SIG SAUER’s tough Nitron finish along with custom wood panel grips. The extended beavertail also eliminates the hammer/slide bite that was common with the older P210.

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Comments (9)

  1. Great pistol….I never thought a semi auto could shoot this tight a group. I have fixed sights and an eight round mag…the guns balance is remarkable and the trigger is a dream at 2 1/2 lbs…I carry an XDS 45….fits an shoots well for a concealed carry……Love the Legend.

  2. I have owned a P210 as a military carry pistol and now I own a P220 as well. Both are excellent weapons. Neither has ever failed me and both has been thru mud, rain and gloom of night.

  3. Defintely an accurate firearm that shoots better than I can. Only one thing I would like to see is a smaller(narrower) front sight or something similar to a hi vis sight or true glow sight set up. If anyone knows how or where to find something that will work, I would appreciate the link or information.

  4. Sig Sauer p2100 in mint condition legal and licenced less than 500rounds fired. any offers? tel +27784595451

  5. This is the best gun I own. I also have and X5 L1 and this one is even more fun. Perfectly balanced and fits my smaller hands a bit better than the p226 X5 or the regular p226(magazine capacity 19+1). It is the first one I get out on the range and the last one I put away. It is really a great looking piece as well and never fails to get a “what is that?” when I break it out. Get one, you won’t be sorry. It’s pricey, to be sure, but well worth the money. I got the adjustable sight version which to me makes sense in a gun that is capable of such accuracy although I am certain that the non-adjustable would be fine for most people. *****

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