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Black Smith & Wesson Governor, barrel pointed to the left on a white background


Smith & Wesson Governor .410 bore/.45LC/.45 ACP Revolver

The S&W Governor is a powerful .45 ACP Revolver meant to compete with the Taurus Judge. With multiple caliber capabilities and a lightweight scandium alloy frame, it carries forward Smith & Wesson’s rich history of revolver manufacturing and dedication to the personal protection market. Read this summary to discover the details.

Read this summary to discover the details.

Mossberg Turkey THUG Shotgun


Mossberg Turkey Thug Shotguns

The four Mossberg Turkey THUG pump-action shotguns feature the revolutionary Lightning Pump Action™ (“LPA”) for unmatched accuracy and adjustable fiber optic sights. Some models come in a camo finish, others have a backup fiber optic system. Read this post to find the model suited to you.

Black SIG SAUER 556R with the barrel pointed to the right on a white background.


SIG SAUER 556 Russian

Read this post to discover more about the powerful, easy adjustable SIG SAUER 556R rifle, for use by either left- or right-handed shooters.