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ScentLok: Seven Steps to Scent Control

Hunter applying scent killer to his boots

Since the dawn of time, hunters have battled the noses of the game they pursued. Several products have come to the hunter’s aid, but few with the results enjoyed by ScentLok. ScentLok brought the first activated carbon hunting apparel to market 25 years ago. In the years since, helping big game hunters get closer to their quarry by dramatically reducing their odor signature—the ScentLok Advantage—has become the driving force behind the ScentLok brand. By Lance Davidson

Hunter shooting a crossbow in the woods
Don’t leave any chinks in the armor this coming hunting season. Take the ScentLok Seven Step Challenge.

Put simply, ScentLok is one of the most advanced and effective scent-controlling hunting apparel offered today. Independent laboratory testing has repeatedly proven that activated carbon is effective in adsorbing human-specific odors. Now, ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy hunting apparel—like the latest Full Season Taktix Jacket and Pant for men and women—adds zeolite, treated carbon and other patented technologies to target even more hunt-killing odors.

And while lab results are impressive, results in the field are what most hunters care about. Carbon Alloy technology has been proven deadly in the field by millions of hunters.

“When used properly, our clothing is consistently proven to beat the noses of mature whitetails and other big game,” says ScentLok Technologies VP Marketing, Nick Andrews. “Educating our customers on proper practices helps maximize their success by taking full advantage of our products’ capabilities. The ScentLok Seven consists of seven crucial steps to practicing a truly effective scent control regimen and will help lead to more opportunities, closer shots, and more trophies on the wall and in the freezer.”

Shower Before Heading to the Field

Hunter getting dressed in the woods
Your vehicle carries all kinds of alarming odors. Get dressed in the fiel—away from your car or truck—to avoid carrying these ambient odors into the field.

Effective scent control starts at home before you ever hit the woods. Washing your hair and skin thoroughly in the shower with fragrance free hygiene products helps rid yourself of odor-causing bacteria that your body produces on a continual basis. The odor caused by these bacteria is easily detectable by whitetail deer and other big game as foreign and alarming.

Dress In The Field—Away From Your Vehicle

Dressing in the field, away from your vehicle, is crucial. ScentLok Carbon Alloy technology is constantly adsorbing odors and can fill up with the ambient odors you come in contact with before you make it to your stand. Odors from gasoline, food, coffee, cigarettes, and pets reduce the capacity for Carbon Alloy to adsorb your human odor. Wear your pants over your boots to effectively adsorb odors the odors that escape out the top.

Use a Headcover to Control Breath, Hair, and Skin Odors

One of the most important steps in an effective scent control regimen is to always wear a head and face cover. The head is one of the body’s most potent hotspots when it comes to odor, emitting significant odors from hair, skin, and breath. ScentLok headcovers are specifically designed to adsorb the concentrated odors produced by the hair and skin on your head.

Bowhunter hiding in the bushes
A hunter’s face, hair and breath combine to make his or her head a concentrated odor bomb. Always hunt with a ScentLok Head Cover.

Spray Bow, Boots, and Other Hard Goods

Field spray can definitely contribute to a good scent control strategy when used properly. Use field sprays for your bow, boots, and other hard good accessories. Our dual action field spray consists of real silver particles that break down odor-causing bacteria on the surface of your gear and generate a protective layer of silver ions while a natural surfactant penetrates and destroys airborne odors.

Store in Airtight Containers After Each Hunt

Storing your ScentLok carbon clothing in airtight containers after each hunt dramatically reduces the amount of ambient odors that it is exposed to when you’re not in the field. This will preserve the adsorption capacity of your ScentLok garments and allow for less reactivation throughout the season, making it more effective in the field when you need it most.

Reactivate After Every 40 Hours of Field Use

Reactivation keeps your gear effective for many seasons to come. ScentLok recommends reactivation of your ScentLok garments at least after every 40 hours of field use. For example, if you hunt for four hours a day and return your clothing to airtight storage after each hunt, you would reactivate after 10 days. Reactivation is accomplished by cycling your ScentLok clothing in a household dryer on high heat for 40 minutes. Don’t forget your gloves and headcovers.

Maintain – Wash Only When Visibly Muddy or Bloody

ScentLok garments should only be washed when muddy or bloody, meaning your garments have been heavily soiled by mud or dirt or you get blood on them from field dressing your trophy. Machine-wash your ScentLok garments on a gentle cycle in cold water with only scent/fragrance-free detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

What scent elimination protocol do you follow? What tricks do you have to beat a whitetail’s nose? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Most “Hunter’s’ that I’ve encountered feel “Squeamish” or “Morally Righteous” when you recommend that they “Might” want to consider wearing either/or an “Adult Depends” or a “Colostomy Bag”. Either not knowing that “Bodily Functions” play a Great Part, “IF” not “Incovenant Part” in the Hunt…

  2. HAA! All this ‘high-tech’, over priced junk just to get Bambi, or other wild game. Before he passed, hunted ‘white tail’ every year with a friend and for years, he ran a ‘deer camp.’ First thing, before the hunters went ‘afield’, he would build a big, smoky bonfire. We would stand in the smoke and get saturated with it’s smell. “Wood smoke and fire, are two things deer are always smelling,” he always said. It was a bad hunter, indeed, that didn’t fill his tag. Went ‘pig’ and turkey hunting with him too. His trick for this was to place slices of apples in his pocket. Always got a wild hog, or turkey. The point being, hunters of yore, didn’t have scent free soap, or scent hiding clothing, yet, still managed to put meat on the table and frequently, too. Remember, Daniel Boone couldn’t run to the supermarket every-time he wanted roast for dinner.

    1. sure you can stand in a fire pit then walk in the woods and get ‘Bambi’ or his Mom but serious hunters know if you want to tag a Mature Buck standing in a cloud of smoke aint going going to help do anything but make a Mature Buck stay away from you….they got to be Mature Bucks by Knowing where there’s Smoke there’s Fire…and you could put an Apple orchard in your pocket and it aint going to help you get a Tom Turkey cus they cant Smell , I do everything I can to put the odds in my favor of putting my tag on a Mature Buck because theres only one thing a Deer cant Smell and That NOTHING

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