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M1 Carbine with scope


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part III)

Collecting is a journey through the colorful history fraught with fakes and poor quality examples of an otherwise highly desireable firearm. In this final installment of our M1 Carbine overview series, the author covers the good, the bad and the ugly of collecting M1 Carbines, as well as stories of the M1 Carbine for hunting and comparisons to other self-defense guns and calibers.

Hunter applying scent killer to his boots

Gear, Parts and Accessories

ScentLok: Seven Steps to Scent Control

Since the dawn of time, hunters have battled the noses of the game they pursued. Several products have come to the hunter’s aid, but few with the results enjoyed by ScentLok. ScentLok brought the first activated carbon hunting apparel to market 25 years ago. In the years since, helping big game hunters get closer to their quarry by dramatically reducing their odor signature—the ScentLok Advantage—has become the driving force behind the ScentLok brand.

Texas Law Hawk Sword Day video


Video: September 1, 2017 is Sword Day!

With all of the tension in the country these days regarding race, politics and just about anything else we can think of to fight about, we thought a bit of levity was in order. So, Cheaper Than Dirt! teamed up with Texas Law Hawk to bring a bit of humor and let a few Texans know about new knife laws going into effect September 1, 2017.

Mature whitetail buck

Hunting and Outdoors

3 Tips for Low-Impact Deer Scouting

Many successful deer hunters spend more time scouting than hunting. And for the whitetail elite, scouting is a year-‘round proposition. But late summer seems to be the time when most everyday deer hunters get serious. Bow season is right around the corner, and they’re anxious to pattern deer for fast success once the opener arrives. Consequently, they ramp up their scouting activities in the field. However, human encroachment in the whitetail’s world is a complex thing.

Tiffany Lakosky with her 181 inch trophy whitetail buck.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Whitetail Wisdom: Scouting Camera Strategies

Today’s scouting cameras have changed the landscape of hunting. These affordable, high-tech marvels have helped turn hunters into game managers by giving us continual information about the specific wildlife on the properties we hunt. Even a modest network of just a few, well placed scouting cameras can provide far more information on animal behavior than a single hunter could otherwise garner from hours of traditional scouting.

Whitetail buck eating mineral supplement


10 Questions With a Whitetail Nutrition Specialist

Enhancing the general health of whitetails while attracting and holding them on or near a hunting property has never been easier, nor has it been more economically feasible. A range of affordable products is available, specifically designed for any project scenario or scope. Read this question and answer article to attract more deer with better antler mass.


4 Rules of Gun Safety

The four rules of gun safety were set up to ensure that no accidents occur. If these rules are strictly followed, you can be confident that you will never have an accident with your firearms. These rules vary depending on the source, but the below list happens to be the standard.

Minox SLIM Wildlife Camera


SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 4: New Accessories

New accessories at the 2015 SHOT Show lights, calls, packs, blinds, coolers, flashlights, game cameras, and more that hunters and shooters crave: the Alps Outdoorz Traverse X, the Duck Commander Kid’s First Blind, Birchwood Casey Hopper Spit protectant, Bushnell’s new 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor, the Daniel Defense SLiM Rail, Leapers, UTG Pro Model 4, and more…