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Whitetail Buck standing broadside in a field


Whitetails: Scrapes vs. Rubs

There has never been a hotter topic about deer hunting than whether it is better to hunt scrapes or hunt rub lines. Anyone who has killed a respectable buck near a fresh rub or rub line is likely to prefer and choose hunting rubs. Likewise, anyone who has killed a big buck near or on a scrape is likely to choose hunting scrapes.

Hunter applying scent killer to his boots

Gear, Parts and Accessories

ScentLok: Seven Steps to Scent Control

Since the dawn of time, hunters have battled the noses of the game they pursued. Several products have come to the hunter’s aid, but few with the results enjoyed by ScentLok. ScentLok brought the first activated carbon hunting apparel to market 25 years ago. In the years since, helping big game hunters get closer to their quarry by dramatically reducing their odor signature—the ScentLok Advantage—has become the driving force behind the ScentLok brand.

Meopta Meopix smart phone adapter


Summer Scouting Tips — Make A Plan

I cut my G2s in the big woods of the Allegany region of Pennsylvania. In the big woods, you’ll want to key in on mast such as acorns, persimmons and wild apples. Read this article to learn a few valuable summer scouting tips.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold

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Looking for a Scent Solution this Deer Season? Wildlife Research Center has the Answer!

When we were kids, my dad paid a bounty of 10 cents per mouse. This more than peaked the interest my brother (Brian) and I already had for catching mice. In the beginning, we thought cheese was the ticket. It seemed to work well enough in the cartoons, and we didn’t know any better. It didn’t take long to realize our mice were not fond of cheese. We decided that if we wanted to be successful, we were going to have to do some experimenting on our own.

Calling Coyotes

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Gizmos & Gadgets: Coyote Juice

When a coyote comes to a cal like its tail was on fire, its nose will be working overtime as well. ‘Ol Wily’s tactic is to circle downwind to see if the nose is telling the same story the ears heard. This is where Wildlife Research Center’s deadly predator attractor scent—Coyote Juice—will tip the odds in your favor.