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Predators: Offseason Action

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to could hunt all year long and not worry about time constraints? Seeing equipment sitting in the gun safe or on the garage shelves is frustrating, not to mention the pressure from short deer hunting seasons and the long period in between when skills deteriorate and time spent afield is simply lost. It has been said before, but if you have not taken up predator hunting, you are losing out.

8 point whitetail buck dead on the forest floor


Deer Hunting 101: Scouting and Selecting a Stand Site

Most deer hunters know the benefits of hunting agricultural land. Food sources are easy to find, utilize, and therefore, pattern. There are also usually a lot of deer in and around agriculture—in some areas, there are as many as 30–50 deer per square mile!

Hunter applying scent killer to his boots


ScentLok: Seven Steps to Scent Control

Since the dawn of time, hunters have battled the noses of the game they pursued. Several products have come to the hunter’s aid, but few with the results enjoyed by ScentLok. ScentLok brought the first activated carbon hunting apparel to market 25 years ago. In the years since, helping big game hunters get closer to their quarry by dramatically reducing their odor signature—the ScentLok Advantage—has become the driving force behind the ScentLok brand.

Bowhunter dragging whitetail deer through cornfield


Do Urine Scents Spread Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)?

Urine-based scents are a safe, effective, and important tool for deer management. According to experts that authored the most commonly referenced studies on this subject, the risk of urine-based scents spreading chronic wasting disease is virtually zero.

Whitetail buck eating mineral supplement

How To

10 Questions With a Whitetail Nutrition Specialist

Enhancing the general health of whitetails while attracting and holding them on or near a hunting property has never been easier, nor has it been more economically feasible. A range of affordable products is available, specifically designed for any project scenario or scope. Read this question and answer article to attract more deer with better antler mass.

Wild Boar peeking from behind a tree


Helicopters, Hunting, Hot-Air Balloons, & Hogs

“Texas hog hunting is wide open with few restrictions. It’s more or less hunt when you want, with whatever legal weapon you want, in whatever style you want,” attorney Cooper said. “But that’s not to say you can’t run afoul of the law and Texas game wardens—arguably the most powerful law enforcement officers in the state. To stay on the good side of the game wardens and wildlife laws, you still need to be in the know and within the rules.”

Bowhunter dragging whitetail deer through cornfield


8 Things Your Taxidermist Will Love You For

Anyone who plops their money down at the taxidermy shop wants and expects a great looking mount. Hunters expect a lot from their taxidermist and that’s reasonable. But remember: the taxidermist can only work with what they’re brought. Your actions in the field impact the quality (or lack thereof) of the finished mount, so following these eight tips will thrill your taxidermist, maximize your own gratification when the time to pick up your completed trophy arrives, and save you some money in the process.

Mule Deer taken with a Compound Bow

How To

Archers, are You Making this Common Mistake?

Becoming a skilled bowhunter takes some time. Just ask any veteran bowhunter to recant some of the mistakes they made over their bowhunting career and chances are some of those mistakes will seem so simple you might find it difficult to believe they even happened. There is one common mistake often made by rookie bowhunters…are you guilty? Read on to find out.

Downed buffalo


Tackling Bison

The story of the American buffalo is one of triumph and tragedy. Today, buffalo (bison) numbers have soared back 500,000 thanks to private ranches and management. These private as well as some public lands are the best opportunity to relive America’s greatest hunt while channeling the spirit of the pioneers and Native Americans. Tag along for an overview of the history and hunt of America’s shaggy brown monster.