Predator Hunting – A Few Basics

No tactics were involved the last time I harvested a coyote. In fact, I became excited when I first glimpsed hair moving through the brush thinking it was a giant Illinois buck. I slowly stood up and checked my mechanical release. Trijicon sponsored the deer hunt and I was one of a few select writers putting Trijicon’s first archery sight, the AccuPin, through its paces.

Normally, I may have let the coyote walk. A coyote is not worth disturbing the deer woods when monster bucks are due to start cruising, but the deer action had been slow the entire hunt and I wanted to chalk up a critter to the new sight. I zipped an arrow through the vitals from 17 yards and the song dog piled up about 20 yards later.

You can’t beat luck. It can be just that easy; however, most often it’s not. While that was an easy one, I must admit it did not bring near the satisfaction of calling a predator in at eye level. If you are looking for a little off-season action coyotes are not only fun, you’ll be helping out the local wildlife and domestic livestock.

The Right Setup

Coyotes are ripe year round. They can devastate local livestock and wildlife during calving season. Calves and fawn are easy prey for a coyote. Just as the deer or elk rut is prime season, late February through early March is the coyote breeding season and the best time to thin the pack.

Coyote hunting can be an all-day sport, but peak movement will be in the early morning hours and at dusk. Well, that is only half-true. Most states consider coyotes a varmint and unregulated. That means no tags and few restrictions. With the right gear, you can go all night long for a completely new experience for most. Imagine being out on the range, coyotes howling and yipping at each other on the hilltops and you are the hunt. It is an experience.

Coyotes depend on sight, sound and smell rather equally. If the coyote has a vulnerability, it would have to be the hearing, but the nose would certainly be its best defense. Once a coyote hears the call signaling an easy meal, it will normally try get a whiff from downwind to check thing out first. Cover scent will help, but a large rock or cliff base, river or steep embankment is better. If possible keep the dog from getting downwind. If that is not possible, keep one eye pointed in that direction.

Calling and Decoying

I received a real education on calling when I hunted with World Calling Champion, Al Morris. Beyond understanding the terrain, Al can speak the right language and brings ‘em in like they were on a string. The downside—if you are not hunting with a world calling champion—is your calling will bring the coyote right to your spot. That’s why I prefer electronic calls. You can place electronic calls several yards away. By using several calls, and randomly alternating which one you use, you can simulate wounded prey on the move to keep from being pinpointed.

There are several quality motion decoys on the market and where legal they work to add the motion that makes the noise seem real to coyote. However, electronic decoys are illegal in many areas, but here is a cheap alternative. Tie a couple of turkey feathers to an old arrow shaft or fishing pole. The feathers will dangle and blow, catching the song dog’s eye and keeping it away from you.

Share your favorite coyote hunting tips with us in the comment section and be sure to check back soon for follow-up articles about coyote hunting.

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  14. Wow Dave, thanks, and my favorite kind of hunting, Quail being next probably. You’re absolutely right about all you’re facts. You see ’em daily, when you’re not even hunting. As road kill. That’s wher you memories those areas, and mark the times (as close as you can determine if possible, maybe if it wasn’t there 3 hours earlier), the date, and keep these patterns in your head. Also, as soon as you see road kill, start looking off both sides of the road, providing you safetly can. They get as used to constant traffic sounds more than you get used to seeing their road kill evidence. I’ve seen them in areas where they cross like that within a mile and a half of my place many times like that among other places I’ve spent much time driving between smaller rural type crossings with a red light, and big cities. Sometimes, thet’re just ten yards across the right of way fencing, either slowing to re-c,ompose themselves and establish their next course of action. Sometimes, they might be that close or closer to the fence, standing still, erect, and very intent on the spot across the road they want to get to. Running 60ish, come on, be honest with yourself, and a Coyote standing broad side five yards over the fence, you have to be very alert.
    I was very fortunate to get to meet Murry Burnham once, more than twenty five years ago, of Burnham Brothers Game Calls. In my day, before Varmint hunting was cool, before it was all over the Sportsman Channel, before everybody hunted everything that didn’t fly with an AR platform, (well, that too, now.) I hunted with shot gun/handgun more than with .223 to ‘.06 bolt guns(remember them?). I used mouth calls, (electronics were just a new idea, not nearly as widely used, or avalable, like today.) Handguns usually meant my un-scoped Super Blackhawk, and the shotgun always had 28″ or more of barrel, with nice bluing, and real Walnut stocks. I understand your comments about deciding on either a deer or coyote. I can tell you that if you just walked 3/4 mile on a hot fall afternoon early to let the woods settle down, the last thing you want to do is climb 26 feet up in your folding chair in a Live Oak, catch your breath, take a drink……….and shoot straight down at a six foot Rattle Snake with your ‘.06. It’ll take at least 30 minutes for the rattles to stop rattling, and even 26 ft straight up, it’s so loud you could hear what sounded like constant Locusts, thru a P.A. one of those cherished hunting memories, and a lesson. I waited ’til his head was on top of a saucer sized slab of Limestone, held my 3X Bushnell about 2″ to the left of his head, and there was only about half an inch of hide keeping the head attatched to the body. My taidermist did a great job, so yeah Dave, been there, done that. One thing about the way I always hunted; I had always been taught not to over call an area, to move half a mile to caall again, and to let that area remain un-called for a few weeks. Most Predators learn very quickly and remember very well, when you make a mistake, I’ve also been taught that you usually see and call more males, that the females usually will lay back, letting males investigate for food. I have a beutiful female, a full hide that I salted on half a sheet of plywood, like a rabbit. I shot it in December ’83 when it was 4 degrees at night, and 10 to 12 degrees in the daylight…… For two and a half weeks. I chalked it up to her beeing desparete for food. About a 40 pounder. I wonder, about the rest of the readers, if they’ve experienced any of the same tendancies.
    The trick about thr Turkey feathers is a new one on me, thanks. I guess if you call it visual, i have taken a few rabbits I’d shot for bait, (around large metro areas, many of the rabbits you see have parosites, not fit to eat.) And just gut them, leaving the entrails hanging 2 or 3 feet from them, and tye them to Mysquite limbs, so it’s hanging about a foot off the ground, and use that as an attractant/odor masking scent.
    Oh, and if doing it at night, (new moon being best) be carefull to wear a hat you’re not to fond of. Somehow, a dark brown or camo tobogan looks just like a rabbit to an Owl, or Hawk. Both illegal to retaliate on, by the way. Still, after blow the call, and listening for brush noises, and looking up and down wind while feeling your heart pump, a 4 ft ceiling fan trying to take your hat off, will catch you rather quickly off guard.
    Yeah Dave, I’m dis-abled and don’t really hunt anymore, and I’m not sure I could kill another deer, although I could skin, quarter, butcher, and wrap 3 or 4 a day in my sleep, Predator hunting is largely considered an aid to the ranchers, and a pest, but I like to think of most of them as trophies of the highest order. Hunting Coyotes, Foxes, and Bobcats makes deer hunting about as exciting as shooting a cow.

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