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Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder


Nikon Releases Latest Laser Rangefinder for Archers

Nikon recently unveiled its newest archery laser rangefinder (LRF), the Nikon ARROW ID 3000. The ARROW ID (Incline/Decline) 3000 is tailored to the rangefinding needs of archers across the globe—whether hunting, shooting 3D, or any other competition.


Whitetail Tree Stand Placement for the Rut

Movement patterns, feeding, activity periods… they are all bust when it comes to the rut. The rules no longer apply—or do they? If you are looking to maximize your days hunting the rut, you need to read this article.

Downed buffalo


Tackling Bison

The story of the American buffalo is one of triumph and tragedy. Today, buffalo (bison) numbers have soared back 500,000 thanks to private ranches and management. These private as well as some public lands are the best opportunity to relive America’s greatest hunt while channeling the spirit of the pioneers and Native Americans. Tag along for an overview of the history and hunt of America’s shaggy brown monster.

Woman in camo jacket and hat shooting a bow with a gray fence in the background.


Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Be an Archer

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshops are conducted around the country throughout the year and typically offer a half dozen or so individual classes in a workshop weekend. There are lots of fun things to do and different activities from which to choose at BOW workshops. One of the most popular courses women sign up for is archery. Check out this post to discover the advantages or archery.

Meopta Meopix smart phone adapter


Summer Scouting Tips — Make A Plan

I cut my G2s in the big woods of the Allegany region of Pennsylvania. In the big woods, you’ll want to key in on mast such as acorns, persimmons and wild apples. Read this article to learn a few valuable summer scouting tips.

Deer feeding in snow.


Cold Weather Shooting

You are different physiologically in the cold. Your blood flows differently. Your breathing will change. You may shiver or hunch more when shooting in cold weather. Tasks that were extremely simple at 70 degrees, such as taking your time, drawing in a deep breath, and slowly squeezing the trigger are all downright unpleasant at 10 degrees. Read this article to learn how to overcome cold weather shooting obstacles and have a successful hunt.

The number of whitetail deer now exceeds 36 million.


Get Out Now for Consistent Hunting Success This Fall

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does (the other guy) get a nice buck every year when I do all the right things, and hunt where good bucks are known to be but still come up short?” It’s a tough question. However, we have the answers you are looking for.